Server Transfer a Good Idea?

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I am the GM of a fairly small guild on one of the worst servers (in terms of progression) in the United States. I and three real life friends run it as well as our 10-man raids. We have reached somewhat of a stall in progression, and we have realized that many of our current raiders (to put it bluntly) simply aren't very good. While my friends and I realize that we certainly aren't the most elite players, we know that we are carrying a huge portion of the load in our raids. Recruiting skilled players is like finding a needle in a haystack on our current server, and pugging usually awards us someone who seems to have bought his account the day prior.

My question to any current or past guild leaders is this: Is a server transfer a wise idea? What would most of you recommend? Have any of you ever successfully server transferred for the sole reason of progression and been happy months later with your decision, or is a server transfer simply a short-term fix to a long-term problem?

And advice and/or insight would be most appreciated. Also, any other possible suggestions for a solution would certainly be considered. Thank you for your time.
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I'm stuck on a horrible server too. The main thing keeping us here now is a few key members that are tied to the community here and the fact we are guild level 14 and starting over would be a huge loss. The cost is also a concern.

If Blizzard would give us an option to move our entire guild to another server and keep our guild levels I probably would consider it right now, no matter what the cost.

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I know a lot of people who have transferred for the sake of progression, but a lot of them came back.

If ever you do consider it, make sure you check out the servers you want to move to first. Nothing's worse than jumping from the frying pan into the fire.
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My guild just went through a server transfer a month ago. It was a very hard decision to make. We had just reached guild level 10 before the move, and this was something we would regret giving up, along with the rep each of us had earned with the guild.
Ultimately, we kept the thought process low-key, as with you we had MANY people we were carrying, and we didn't want them coming with us. We had 3 people looking at various servers over the course of a week, taking notes of activities we saw happening in trade chat, than compared the notes with each other, and ones that were liked by one person, the other two would look at also, this way we could look over as many servers as we could.
When we reached the decision to move, and found a server we liked, we notified our officers, and a few raiders that we enjoyed raiding with and we felt would be a welcome add to what we were already moving. Naturally not everyone was thrilled with the idea, but some people did agree to it. Some people are still on the old server in the guild, waiting to decide to move or not.
On our new home we are trying to rebuild our numbers and mingle with the denizens on our new realm. This is a hard process, as being we had to restart at level 1, and do not have as many people earning xp, we are now a much lower level, trying to compete with high level guilds, that have had this time to continue their raid progression.
Overall, there are many difficulties that we are undergoing, but we are happy with our move, and happy on our new server. There is nothing we have lost that can not be gained again with time, and while we did lose some friends, we will find new ones as we continue to recruit.
If you take anything from these experiences, than just remember, it is up to you to weigh the pros and cons of moving, and decide for yourself if the pros are the better thing to go for.
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I started on a backwater server myself many years ago with IRL friends. When those friends left for other games, I stayed and found new ones on that same server. To give you an idea, I started in near the end of Vanilla all the way up to the end of WotLK, that's how long I had been on that one server with my pally being my main the day BC broke out.

Progression sucked, talent pools were shallow and shinies weren't as abundant as on other servers, but I had friends, right? Not to mention that from starting out as just an ordinary member, I had been promoted steadily up the ranks until I had reached Co-GM of the guild I had been apart of for the majority of my time spent there.

After much frustration, I made a realization that I wasn't having fun and that I wanted to play the game in the way I enjoyed with like minded people. As it happened, much of the hierarchy was in agreement, so it just came down to testing the waters with the rest of the raiding core. I was hopeful I'd also still be alongside some of my friends after the dust settled, but as it turned out, nearly everyone in the guild x-ferred and to different destinations of their own.

I did my homework on which servers were good and which wanted a ret pally at the time. So should you find an appropriate server / guild that's in need of your class / spec. I x-ferred with just one friend and while that friend burned out, I'm still going strong and still enjoying Hard Modes. I don't regret my choice, I only regret needing to remake all 4 of my profession mule alts instead of paying for 5 xfers.

Do I miss the old server sometimes and the old community as well as the reputation I had there? Sure do, but I'm much happier now that I've got little to limit my personal progress and can still keep in touch with my close friends through RealID.

Your experience might be similar, it might not. If you're considering, definitely look through and check to see if the listings are equal or lopsided towards either faction. Last thing you'd want is to move to a server where 2 out of the top 15 guilds are on the opposite faction that you enjoy supporting. Do your research, talk to some randos to find the reputation among the server of any guilds you're applying to and most important, remember to have patience.

I had to rebuild my reputation from scratch among many faceless minions, you will too. That's about the hardest obstacle you'll face, but also the first one. Once you start showing talent and a functioning brain, doors start opening, but just don't expect it to happen in the first week without some serious achievements already under your belt.

Good Luck
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Well we moved from Thunderlord to Sen'jin in Oct '10 to prepare for Cataclysm and tap into the talent here.

We haven't looked back since.
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If you research before doing the server transfer, it might be one of the best moves you've made to make WoW more fun. It can also blow up in your face and waste $50 to just round-trip back where you started.

If you reach the point that the game is no longer fun, I think the server transfer is totally worth the risk. If you're still enjoying the game, but think "it might be even more fun over there" I'd recommend much more caution.
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