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How many of your are having issues trying to make a new guild from scratch this exspansion? It seems like its difficult to get members. Most players won't join your guild unless its level 9 plus. And if they do join. They leave for a better the min they see a higher level guild advertise. My friend and i have pretty much given up on the idea of having a leveling guild of our own. the benefits of joining a already exsisting guild just outways the struggles of trying to make a new guild.
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I agree, it's an uphill battle, but there are other reason's to join a guild. Figure out what you can offer that others don't or can't provide.

I am slowely growing mine.
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I actually posted about this in the general forums before I found this place. I was actually pretty frustrated. What i've realized is you have to 1. offer people something.

I have a level 1 guild and wanted to focus on old school raids for retired raiders (short description). so i changed my recruitment message from the generic

We are a casual guild looking for member to level and raid with


Do you want to see more content? Offiering repairs and organized activies.

I think as time goes by players will realize they are xp batteries and move on, guild perks or no. If you're truly serious about being a GM of a leveling guild I would stick to it. Also it occured to me no reason you can't do dead mine runs or help organizes randoms and post in trade for unguilded players to join.
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pfft, this discussion has already partly took place

If you make a serious raiding guild, and that is your goal, and you have friends/good players with you. who cares about the stupid guild perks from a lvl blah guild, they ArE NOT GAMEBREAKING nor will they help you down a boss in any manner that will have you saying "MAN we HAVE to have that to down this boss!!"
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