We are a progression guild that was recently formed out of the ashes of drama in another guild here on Greymane. We are a group of people from that guild that still wanted to raid together. We have a semi-strict, yet laid back attitude when it comes to raiding. We BS, we have fun, we joke outside of raids and on trash pulls, but when it comes time to fight a boss, we shut up and get to work.

We have a late night raid group (11:30 pm est-2:30 am est) that raids twice a week. We are looking to expand to 2 teams, one in evening hours, and the current late night hours. We will be forming the second raid group around the beginning of March. There might also be a third given enough people.

When it comes to new recruits, we are looking for anyone, and any level. But, if you have the intention of raiding, we require you know how to read up on your class, to watch videos on fights, and to strive to be a better player. People wanting to raid joining at 85 and in mostly heroics will be considered more than someone still leveling (unless it is an alt and you can prove it).

We are also looking to set up a rated BG team. All PvP-savvy players and classes are welcome.

If you would like to join, or have questions, please whisper Næt (alt 145 for the crazy character), Jekerdud, Kukukaju, or Pineage in game, no need for application craziness. Also, World of Log parses, while not required, would be helpful.