In Honor of Moonberry!


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Salvaged this Gem from the old WoW forums before they died! Mauh haha!

(It will not be allowed to die a healthy and natural death with dignity. It will cling to the forums til the bitter end. Also, the calendar isn't quite done yet so that's actually the real reasoning behind it. You may troll at your leisure, again.)

As no doubt most of you faithful trolls are aware, our Captain Remaerd is a staunch advocate and salesmen of Moonberry Juice and related products for the Moonberry family, and is issuing a publication meant to boost sales of the same.

Linnea Tyler of Knights of Dusk has graciously offered to illustrate and provide us with a Moonberry Calendar for our very own mad masked paladin! Also illustrating in our guild is Inkie the pink-haired warrior gnome! Much hilarity ensues. They have both done a variety of illustrations for the Knights, which you can view in our gallery here:

Or you can simply go to and check for yourself under the gallery titled "Character Portraits." Check back often as images are regularly added as they are finished. Some of the calendar pictures that are already done should be up in a day or two.

If you are one of our friends or foes and would like a chance to be featured in it, or possibly get your own portrait done, do these girls a big favor and leave a character description here or screenshot here. Some of you have had the good fortune to be subjects already (Laef, Verite and Dorian, I'm looking at you!) but don't hesitate to leave more info on your character appearance even if you've been done once.
Feel free to browse the gallery and say hello on our site while you're there.

On behalf of Linnea Tyler and Inkie. By no means do I advocate or encourage the use of Moonberry Products. The only service I provide our dear Remaerd is that of warlock kidney removal.

Linfae Orestes
Dusk Warden



April-Remaerd/Dorian's Mom







Cameos and Misc:

Colbor collectible card!

They really actually love each other.

Also a little comic featuring Juwn's thoughts on all of this madness.
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80 Night Elf Hunter
u no log mai keyz!
85 Blood Elf Death Knight
April still makes me go WTF.... I mean seriously!?
85 Blood Elf Death Knight
I really thought this was lost. I already told you in-game, but thanks a TON for saving this. It made me emo to think those pictures were gone forever.

Perfect timing with the Moonberry Rave too ;)
85 Human Death Knight
Oh. My god.

YES. :D THANK YOU RETT, I wondered what happened to this. :DDDD
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