Hardcore raider LF hardcore guild

85 Tauren Paladin
Long story short.. I have been playing WoW since day one, played many toons, raided since molten core 40 man 1st in Tichondrius yada yada... Before cata, friend asked me to join his super casual friendly guild.. big fkn mistake.. casuals = noobs.. now I wanna raid and do my best for a guild that deserves it.

Here's what I offer:

3 of the toons I geared to raid for this particular expansion, I gear up my toons according to their usefulness in the expansion (BC loved my shaman). Feel free to armory them. They are specced, glyphed, reforged, gemmed correctly ready anytime to be called into raid.

Manajer - Hunter (frostwolf-US)
Fisker - Holy Pally (frostwolf-US)
Henifer - Resto Shaman (jubei'thos-US)

Super flexible raiding hours.. I schedule my work according to my raid times.. thats right.. raid > work. There won't be any problem with attendance.
I bring my A-game to every single raid attempt. I have raided with top guilds before so I am very familiar with the attitude, performance, and knowledge that are required.
my current toons + a bit of upgrades from 1-2 nights of raiding should be raiding for maximum performance.

Here's what I am looking for:

In order what character I would like to raid with: Hunter > Paladin > Shaman
Must be a top guild either 12/13 or just starting heroic modes.
A guild that knows he's recruiting a badass player and an awesome raider for the long term.. you want short term? go poach other guilds raiders.. good luck with that, this is a start of an expansion no one is breaking up or leaving any top guilds (fact).
Alliance or horde - doesn't matter (prefer horde)
Nationality of the guild doesn't matter.

For contact purposes I will not be listing my email
But you can drop a quick in-game mail to any of the characters I have listed as I play them all daily.

Thanks and looking forward to being an asset to your guild

PS: willing to transfer or faction change.
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85 Human Death Knight
Why are all the best players @ Horde?
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02/06/2011 4:49 PMPosted by Sealcub
Why are all the best players @ Horde?

he said he would faction change derp
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85 Worgen Hunter
? i'm alliance
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85 Undead Mage
I'd like to talk to you about your hunter. I tried to mail you in game but it appears your character is unavailable. Whisper me in game sometime so we can talk.
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