Indonesian World of Warcraft players.

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Hi there, I'm Indonesian on Saurfang(US) on Horde side. There are about 10-14 Indonesian players here on Pants Optional. We already form a raid team here (full Indo run), already 8/8 Dragon Soul Raid. Currently we are trying to do Heroic DS.

Untuk Orang Indo lainnya, salam kenal y. Kita biasa raid Tiap hari kecuali Selasa (pas maintenance) ato kalau udah clear raidnya. Sekarang ini sih udah mulai 2x run DS dengan alt2 yang ada. Jam raidnya klo hari biasa jem 5 sorean mulai sampai selesai. Kadang kalo weekend dan hari libur ato lagi santai bisa mulai jam 1 siang... Biasa sih janjian mau jam brapa mulainya. Kalo lagi berhalangan ya ditunda pas hari itu..

Kalo tertarik untuk bergabung bs lansung join.. tidak usah malu2.. wkwk
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apa ada guild indo ally di gundrak?
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anyone on frostmourne horde? been looking for indo guild since activate my acc last year.

coz im probably back for good this year, anyone know what ISP should i used when i playing wow in jakarta ?
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01/09/2012 10:19 PMPosted by Avante
apa ada guild indo ally di gundrak?

kita buat guild indo yuk??
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come and join us in andorhal .. we raid casually at 11pm - 2pm WIB Indonesian time .. currently at 6/8 DS
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Everyone is in oceanic servers?
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Im From Bandung Indonesia. Server Blade's Edge
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any indonesia on blackhand at all?
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halooooo...juragan2...hayuuu lah urang kumpulkeun jawara2 indonesia di satu guild...klo bisa mah di server ILLIDAN...urang ngalongok deathwing...
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bisa ikut raid beda server ga ?
invite lewat real id bs kan ?
gw server illidan neh salam kenal
dr bandung tea
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Hello there!

<Tribo> is a 3 night 25man progression raiding guild of the GMT +8 variety on Nagrand. We've been around on this server for 5years+ and have a very very strong Casual base of previous members and friends of families of guildies which complement our Raider members. Many of our members hail from SE Asia, with a significant group from Australia as well as some from the USA. If you're still looking for a home, take a look:

We run several raid teams:
Progression 25man team on Wed/Thurs/Sund at 11pm-3am ST (3/8 HM DS25)
Progression 10man team on Wed/Sund at 8-11pm ST (2/8 HM DS10)

We're currently recruiting DPS and Healers for our 25man team.
We're recruiting 1 DPS w/ Solid Offtank set for our 10man team.

Looking forward to seeing you around at!

Officers that you can contact in game for a chat :


PS. We have quite a few players in our roster from Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia :)
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Ada yg maen ally healer ga?
Buat cross-raid nih
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90 Human Mage
ada ^_^
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ada yang main di wildhammer ga?
atau ada yang suka rbg ga? nanti kita rbg cross realm aja gimana?
tapi banyakan horde nih yah orang indonesianya :(
gw dari bandung nihh...
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Indonesian here @ Jubei'thos server mau bikin group ke Fireland khusus indo susah bener ngumpulin orangnya >.< ada yang minat?
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100 Orc Warrior
Ohai Indonesians! You guys are GMT+8 too yeh? Our guild (Western Australia/Singapore/Malaysia) are looking for more peeps to raid with. Recruitment page is listed below:

If you wish to have an in-game chat, you can contact myeslf, Keyoke or Sunday.

Also, apa khabar? :)
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hello, for those who want to cross realms raid, pm me in game your email address, me and friends currently planning to form a solid raid group for normal DS :)

yang mau ikut cross realm raid, pm ane ye di ingame, kirim alamat email nya ke ane, ok ok :0...
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gw bisa ngtank nih haha tapi lebih focus di pvp gw
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ada tank (pali), heal(pali/priest) and dps(mage) here, kasi tau ya kalo interested ^_^
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Lama pensiun dr WoW....
Coba masuk lagi....
Realm Nagrand

Bandung tea.....

Mohon bimbingan para master
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