Members. Looking for top end raiding guild.

85 Dwarf Paladin
Handful of players, looking for a guild who gets it done. Couple of us have been raiding together for years, and some but a few months. We all have experience in raiding, and have completed new content when it was released, not when it was nerfed to 5-man levels.
The players make-up consist of:
Player 1-Prot Pally/Hunter
Player 2-Rogue/Resto Druid
Player 3-Holy Pally/Prot Warrior
Player 4-Spriest
Player 5-Disc/Holy Priest

We all have 350+ iLevels and experience with the new content. Please contact in game to either, Velentria, Gloriöus, Donuts.
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90 Night Elf Death Knight
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90 Night Elf Druid
Tun Tun Tun...
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85 Blood Elf Mage
Well , the posts from your guildies looks odd. But overall we have holes to fill but some of the things you posted on your post are wrong,not all of you are 350 ilvl and according to the dates on your achievs. (For those of you that even have them,the poster doesn't even have them.) It wasn't as early as you are claiming. But that aside we have spots to fill you can pst me if you want further info.
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85 Goblin Rogue
On a separate note, a lot of guilds don't really recruit groups as a whole due to the possible fall out and drama.
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94 Draenei Paladin
LOL ^^ Amen
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100 Human Warlock
Sounds like your familiar with these types of things...
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85 Troll Mage
Pretty much what Isil said, we tend to avoid package deals like the plague. GL with that guild hunt btw.
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