Civil Discussion, Juggernaut nerf.

90 Human Warrior
After playing around with arms following the damage buff, I find it still difficult to do well. However the buff has put us in a bad place, since big numbers are starting to show and even though warriors still suck hard, these numbers will provide fuel for complaints and ultimately get us nerfed.

Warriors need much better uptime, and less damage.
1 Orc Warrior
less damage.....

ignoring pve will get you nowhere
90 Orc Warrior
wow, just looked at the 4.1 patch notes

good to see their idea of giving us 'utility' is a piss-weak aoe 'last stand' ability

thanks for pigeon-holing us into arms again but refusing to do anything to assist our mobility issues besides a small adjustment on hamstring
90 Pandaren Warrior
# Juggernaut now reduces the cooldown of Charge by 3 sec but no longer increases the stun duration.

slowly getting there
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29 Blood Elf Rogue
Silly,worgen >slaps with rolled up WoW magazine<The Fury is unleashed.
All is fair in love and Worgen,Give em all hugs in BG............see ya!
90 Troll Shaman
we wanted to take PvP back to a place where cast time spells could still have a place on the battlefield. We feel this approach introduces more choices in PvP both for the casters and melee in terms of what abilities to use, when to close the gap, when to make space, what to interrupt, etc. Rather than give casters yet more tools to generate breathing space and perpetuate that arms race, it made sense to take a second look at melee mobility instead.

As a caster that relies on spells with casting times, I totally agree with this. The best ranged caster class right now is the one that never really has to use a spell with a casting time (Frost mage).

The big question though, what about the rest of the melee classes? I don't know about any of you, but I've always had a harder time getting Rogues off of me than Warriors. Can we expect similar changes to other melee classes that allow spells with casting times more viable in PvP again?
85 Blood Elf Mage
The 3 sec cd lowering is nice but honestly not needed, the change to charge DR is all that was required. I actually preferred intercept and 20 sec charge cd to the lower cd charge because of the nice moves (focus intercept -> charge back to target to interrupt heals etc) that you could do with it. Technically it's possible to do similar stuff with heroic leap slightly less often, but heroic leap is so unreliable that I don't even bother trying it.
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85 Orc Warrior
I think i have the solution to charge jumping daxx the problem with ppl jumping charge is creating that small bit of distance while stunned, if warriors got lets say a 3 sec speed boost following charge like the felguards pursuit spell it would solve the problem since theyd be on their target even after they jumped the charge.
85 Orc Warrior
wrecking crew talent should cause our Thunder clap to cause a desecration effect in the 8 yard radius where you slammed down on the ground its alot more rage then hamstring and it has a 6 sec cd so it wouldnt be spammable.
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