Remember <Sin> or <Puppy Power> from BC?

85 Orc Warrior
Looking for old friends, seeing if anyone is still playing. I used to be named Rit on BF horde, raided in a guild tagged <Sin> with some peoples in <Puppy Power>. Dodgy, Litori, Physics, Sparkles, Koala, Tom, David, and any others I'm leaving out...if you're still around send me a tell.
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85 Goblin Warlock
I remember both.

- Takanit
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85 Goblin Rogue
PP ftw?
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90 Tauren Druid
Lol Puppy Power.
Sin is still around tho isn't it?

-Nobb! :D
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85 Tauren Druid
Sin still exists, reformed recently, though its likely dieing, I found this post whilst looking for recruitment threads.

I have held <Sin> guild since you and and Vit left years ago

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88 Blood Elf Paladin
hey, vit, rit, physics, dantar, whoever still plays, this is "Litori". "Dodgy" and I are still around and have been playing WoW as well as a couple of other games over the years. we've played across different factions chars and even games, and are still active gamers. at the moment we're playing both WoW and Rift at the same time and trying to decide which game to play as our main game, perhaps if any of you are around that might sway us one way or the other. I seen this post a while back but couldn't reply as I was not subbed to WoW at the time so it wouldn't let me reply. Now that i'm subbed to both games at the moment, thought I'd come here to see if any old friends are still around and playing after all these years. I hope to hear from any of you if you are still around and let us know what you guys are up to these day and if you're still playing! :)
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46 Blood Elf Warrior
I'm looking for long lost friends from <Puppy Power>

Anyone remember:


I was Santanna, way back when...
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100 Human Paladin
are you still playing? this is "Litori" and "Dodgy"
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100 Troll Druid
Holy crap. I can't believe I found this thread. Sin was my first raiding guild. Likely don't remember me but I had a hunter way back when I think named alliancebane.
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