Level 70 Twink guilds/pvp

90 Blood Elf Priest
Do level 70 twin guilds still exist around here? or do many people do level 70 pvp. I've been doing amazing as a disc priest (shadow off spec) and was thinking of shutting off my experience gain to do some arenas and rated bgs if i can find groups for them. Just want to get some of the sweet titles and such.
If anyone does or wants to do level 70 pvp, or knows of a level 70 twink guild that pvps, please let me know, either here or with a whisper/in game mail.
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96 Night Elf Druid
idk about rated bgs, but I know the 70(and it runs up to 74 >.>...) bracket is rather active. Cant say that the player quality is always good but the queue timing is.(for alliance anyways; 2-10min queue time max)

when it first started up I used to get about 50% wins back in 4.0.1 but now that the months have pasted people appear to have drifted away. Queue times were around 9-15min by janruary and winning became rare. But since the guardian vender is back -or rather sold by a new vender- queue times are better, but the losing still remains.

I looked at my stats and from 270 games played since november'ish I have dropped to 32% winning percentage T_T. I win about 2/3 times in wsg, 1/5 times in AB and Strands, and have about a 10% chance of winning eye of the storm.....currently. Those numbers used to be better haha.

But half the time, when we win, the horde suck balls... relaly bad. So it goes both ways.
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70 Blood Elf Mage
<The Burning Crusade> is a guild composed soloely of 70 twinks. We are recruiting people interested in BC content, specifically raids, who are committed, and active players. We are a layed back guild that raids Saturday nights.
Our guild only has a few rules: show respect to guild members, and loot rules. Our loot rules are as follows: When an item is dropped, the highest roller, pays a fixed fee, which then is trade for the item. ALL proceeds collect are donated to the guild bank, to help fund enchants/professions/gems free of cost. We offer a minimum of 5 free gems per member.
We accept DK's, allow LK content, and recommend you level your professions to 450.
Our raid progession is currently on 25 man raids. We hope to be starting Mount Hyjal, and Black Temple very soon.
PvP - We are going to essentially organize guild PvP nights soon as well. We have many organized arena events, and often follows up with prizes for the winner. In our guild, we have constant promotional offers, as well as spontaneous dungeon (Regular and H) runs.
Our guild is almost 2 months old, with a total count of 125 members, and a level 5 guild.
<The Burning Crusade> Rexxar
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85 Human Death Knight

There are a few members of The Steel Brotherhood looking for more level 70 twinks for bgs and raids. We are a level 23 casual alliance guild of friends and family. All of our members are adults and we only accept adult applicants. There are a number of level 85s. If there is any interest in the alliance side please contact a TSB officer to get things started. We would be interested in accepting new members or just having an alliance with other guilds.
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71 Night Elf Druid
Victorious Secrets on Laughing Skull - Alliance is always recruiting more 70 twinks for RBG's, Arena, battlegrounds, and raids. Once the largest twink 70 guild with 130 active members. Passing out invites everyday and growing large once again. Whisper Blueberiez, Ltx, or Ithulol for invites.

We are NOT an oldschool BC guild meaning nothing from WoLK and beyond. Only requirement is that you are 70-74. Any other use of professions, items, gems is just good use of game mechanics. More power to you. Looking forward to seeing you.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Used to be a Hordeside guild called Brutal Gladiators that did 70 twinking. Methinks they might have gone inactive.
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85 Human Paladin
There is a guild on a server that I forget the name of, They are an alliance level 70 raiding guild called <Revival>, They have alot of members and they only raid with minor glyphs, If you join their guild its like LK and Cata was never invented.
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70 Night Elf Warrior
im in charge of a level 70 pvp/raiding guild we are brand new and plan to do rated bgs and raids hit me up if your intrested
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70 Undead Mage
Just here to Bunk up Saber's guild. We dinged lvl 20 awhile ago with all 70s no boosting. Have atleast 12+ 2200 rated players and a few 2400 rated players as well. We are setting up RBGS and if you're good but need tazik we can help you with that to.
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1 Orc Warrior
Well Im looking for a twink guild for my 70 pally twink .
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70 Draenei Death Knight
The guild I'm in <Player vs Player> on Bleeding Hallow, is always looking for 70 twinks. At the moment we only have about 6 lvl 70s.

We welcome any and all classes
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90 Tauren Druid
blazing drakes, on aerie peak. real good 70 twinking guild. raiding like 3 times a week and lots of pvp partners. ita all about the 70s brah!
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76 Human Paladin
Awww yeah I wanna 70 twink guild but none on my server /: might xferr I am 2400 in 2's 2200 in 3's.tell me if you have a guild for me.Im holy and working on ret set
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85 Dwarf Paladin
im thinking about xferring my lvl 70 dk to any realm with a good 70 twink guild, the dk does 3-5k dps and has all the pvp gear with enchants send an in game mail to "killintime" on realm: Aegwynn
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70 Gnome Death Knight
Within the next month im going to be looking for a permanent guild for my 70 dk twink, I play as a tank and sit at around 30300 unbuffed hp so tanking raids is real easy with full BiS blood, have done it in the past for my old guild Brutal Gladiators on Dalvengyr. As far as PvP gear goes ive done RBGS with the same guild as the FC for wsg, atm sitting at 744 resil and 17k unbuffed hp with the blood pvp set but ive been told you can get to about 1.2k resil for blood so imma be working on that, offspec atm is d/w frost but still missing some dps pieces. Have tanked all of BC with this toon with all 70 raids as MT so if someone is looking for a blood dk with these current stats hit me up with a in game mail to Rédor (alt+130 for the é) *apologies if it looks like a guild app for these forums but id really like to get back into 70 raiding/rbgs/arenas =P
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70 Human Priest
lvl 60 priest LF permanent 70 guild im on tichondruis but im up for cross realm RBGs and raids i will be holy/disc most likely and yea my skype is marcus.landon1 add me if you wanna talk about your guild maybe :)
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We still are recruiting hardcore pvper's. Guild is still very active as of 5/10/13. Reach us in game if you have any questions.
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