Mouse not working in WoW only


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This is what happens: I start up the launcher. Mouse still works fine at this point. I click on play and the game loads up. Then I'm stuck on the EULA agreement with my mouse in the same position every time and it wont move. The scroll wheel lets me scroll through the EULA but I can't click the accept button because my mouse won't move. When i alt+tab out to my desktop the mouse starts working again just fine. This is a very odd problem.
This just started happening this morning when i woke up. I've never had this problem before.


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Try to delete your WTF and Cache folders in your World of Warcraft directory, and try again.

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02/11/2011 12:24 PMPosted by Giresse
Try to delete your WTF and Cache folders in your World of Warcraft directory, and try again.

Ty for your suggestion. But i figured out what the problem was. Apparently if you change the display setting in windows 7 that allows you to "read what's on your screen easier" from 100%(default) to 150%(Larger) it makes it so your mouse won't move at the log in screen. So I changed it back to default and everything is working fine now.

some kind of bug i guess.
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Hah! Thank you! I was going mad, mad I tell you! Then I read this thread.
How do I change those settings? I am having the same problem.
never mind i figured it out. now i just cant see anything cause its too small now /facepalm
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Try this post:

"In the file, make sure the following line appears, including the quote marks:

SET gxCursor "0""
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While your feedback is appreciated to help Yoss, you should try not to necro older threads, that were already resolved :)
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