Hello Hakkar! Shieldadin here with my friend Waddams. We got bored a few days ago and felt like attempting to 2-man a heroic, so we chose SFK. While we managed to kill the trash and the first boss, along with all the trash leading to Lord Walden and Lord Walden himself, I only posted the first boss because, well Lord Walden didn't feel like much of a challenge. The trash was more difficult than him.

A few notes here, we did not put this together via. the dungeon finder so we do not have the "Luck of the Draw" buff, also we do not have any other outside buffs from other players (ie. fort etc). Feel free to give it attempts as its not that challenging once you get a solid pattern down.

Not well with posting code etc. so I would do the video here without having to use the link, if anyone could help me with the code to do this I'd appreciate it. =)