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@Nethaera: iWhat about shadowpriests using PW:S? are they going to get the increase as well or will they also get some sort of talent buff to keep the mana costs are they are now.
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Yay! A nerf intended to fix a pve issue that hurts more in pvp! Shocking!

What a good, if not great, job, Neth!

Don't shoot the messenger...
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My concerns prior to 4.0.6. I chose to unsubscribe when I could no longer play my Disc priest. Don't go back to this nightmare:

Disc healing at 48:
As a disc priest I've found my healing on some boss encounters to be very scary and wipe worthy. In fact have had some wipes because I've gone OOM trying to save only the tank.

I try renewing and filling in with heal when I can and then shield, penance and flash heal when health is plummeting beyond what heal can do (often).

Disc healing is not good until we get divine aegis (I have an 80 disc priest too, he's ok).

Holy works in the 30-40+ level range much better than Disc. Holy has buffed healing and enhanced renew that will allow you to fill in with heal on most occasions and then you can fill in with flash heal when needed so there really isn't so much OOM issues at all.

Disc Priests need some fixing, they are painful at low levels just 5 man tank healing.

Should I not use renew until Divine Aegis...? it looks like spamming flash heal is more efficient than renew. Except that renew helps stop player health drop so fast that I can put in some "heals" before I need to penance or shield/flash when penance is on cooldown.

My old healing method was shield centered, but shields last for so short a time that I use them like I would use pain suppression as a mitigation tool in battle when off cooldown when needed since they have such a high cost.

At 80 with mastery, I CAN use shields the old way since they work the way they used to, I feel I can't at this level... that's my concern :(

Here are my Disc healing costs at 48:

Renew heals for 744 damage, 210 mana
PW shield absobrs 712 damage, 190 mana
Pennance heals for 1149, 156 mana
Flash heal hits for 1041, 210 mana
Heal hits for 533, 100 mana

Mana pool 4978

Disc may be ok in the lower levels but in the 30-50 range there is some really sketchy battles that Holy will shine just because they can be more efficient and Disc can't.

Once Disc gets divine aegis then those moments when shield/penance are both on cooldown aren't so dire.

I do use shields!

My full Disc rotation during run of the mill battles:

Pre-Battle Shield
Heal (shield usually breaks in the middle of cast...)
Flash Heal

Problem is on high damage encounters without divine aegis it becomes something like this:

Pre-Battle Shield
Heal (shield usually breaks in the middle of cast...)
Flash Heal
Flash Heal
Flash Heal
Flash Heal
Flash Heal
Flash Heal
Flash Heal
Flash Heal
Flash Heal
Repeat... OOM

(I'm guestimating the number of flash heals between shields... it's enough to cause mana issues when there's nothing to cast and damage is high and renew does squat for disc at low level)

The last big wipe that had that made me switch my horde alt to holy for a while was Dire Maul: Gordok Commons. Boss before the King (Fengus?).

I don't think a Disc priest can heal through that boss and his 3 adds in the mid/low 40s.
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Thank you devs, for once again providing insight into the thought process behind the balancing. I find it very enlightening.
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How is this change to the higher mana cost of PW:S going to affect Shadow Priests? We already have enough mana issues as it is.
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Looking at our disc priests' parses, PW:S is anywhere from 60-70% of their total healing, with the glyph being 10% and PoH being the only other major spell being cast.
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Yay! A nerf intended to fix a pve issue that hurts more in pvp! Shocking!

What a good, if not great, job, Neth!

They only want holy and shadow in pvp, obviously.
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While you're making healer changes, any chance of doing some stuff with Atonement? It's completely useless on fights like Al'aqir because his hitbox is so big. Also the fact that 2pc T11 is literally useless to Atonement-spec disc priests (except where Atonement doesn't work as above).
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This is the single greatest day of my life!

Kidding, but this is pretty awesome. Thanks for listening to us Blizz, and don't disappoint with the cooldown whenever that may be!
So in the next patch my cooldowns get nerfed, havn't played in 3 days, glad I checked the forums, that way I won't start.
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"Vegeta what does it say about the shaman hps?"

"It's OVER 9000!"

This is appropriate. :)
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^ Atonement isn't class or spec defining. it's not intended to be useful all the time, very much like Telluric Currents.

And i have a feeling that shadow priests casting effective shields was never intended by the Devs, so i can't imagine shadow won't see the PW:S costs go up as well.
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Couple of thoughts here.

1.) Are you making this change based on 5-man data or Raid data? Because while I've heard Disc Priests are back to bubble-napping in 5-mans I'm still using a variety of spells in Raids. But maybe I'm just an awful, awful player.
They were almost certainly doing it based off of both. Shield spam is extremely potent in raids, especially if you can be fed enough innervates/tides to circumvent the massive mana cost. 4.0.6 didn't quite put it at late LK levels, but you still could perform quite well by simply slamming your face against a single button.

2.) Punishing PW:S because the other Disc Spells don't shine as much seems... odd. Have you considered re-tooling our other spells that maybe we don't rely on as much not because PW:S is so "OMFGBBQ" but that these other spells are sorely lacking in one area or another?
They're not going to re-tool the other spells because the other spells are fine, it's PW:S that was way too good. When one leg on your chair is longer than the other three, you don't lengthen the other three legs, you chop off part of the fourth.
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making Power Word: Shield slightly more expensive

Slightly? You increased the mana cost by 1/3, that's quite a bit more than "slightly." Everyone knew this was coming, but I guess its the huge mana cost increase that is surprising to me.

I really can't figure out what you guys want Discipline priests to do when put in the position of raid healer though, its either spam PW:Shield or spam PoH to keep grace up on the group. i don't see what the difference is between spamming one or the other. Some clarification as to what your expectation is would be helpful. I really love playing as Discipline, but I feel like I'm going to be forced to go back to Holy for raid healing which I loathe...
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There were so many thread dealing with reasonable solution about bubbles and Blizzard decides to pick the worst.... As someone posted before, it hurts those who don't spam or have the gear to sustain the bubble blanket ( most base players ).

If only someone had read some posts of disc community ... Well. It doesn't matter. By next tier, when gear improves, that extra mana cost will again be meaningless and bubble blanket will start all over again.
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