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Thank you. I had almost given up on my shaman and was considering leveling my resto druid so I could be more useful to my 10man group.
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02/16/2011 10:43 AMPosted by Mescyn
You could at least compensate for the mana cost increase of PW:S by allowing bubbles to critically absorb.

I think you've misunderstood the purpose of nerfs.

That still doens't change the fact that bubbles should critcally absorb. Everything else does at this point.
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I notice little mention of Paladin healing in this post.

Does Blizzard feel Paladin healing is fine where it is, or perhaps that it's still too powerful?

Most likely still evaluating, as paladins have had numerous changes recently.
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Check my guild, I have a healer of every type. I was not putting out anything extrodinary with Disc comapred to Pally, Druid or whatever. When I get rolling we all put out the same HPS, which is around 9-11k. I can do this on Pally, Druid, Priest. I have yet to mess with Resto Shaman this patch, but your imaginary world where Dsic was doing 20k HPS in the same types of gears (Heroics) is laughably imagined.

You were doing something improperly especially if 25 man raids are what you're talking about. Disc priests were destroying other healers with 70%+ of their healing done being PW:S absorbs. That resto shaman change seems odd to me as I wonder what the effects will have on PvP. I personally would have liked to see chain heal's bouncing mechanic improved so that it would be much harder to fail bouncing a complete 4 times. Nothing makes me rage harder than seeing it just hit one person with others missing health nearby.
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So you have said that you know Restoration Druids are lacking.... but provide no way to fix that issue?
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A HUGE step in the right direction. This is going to help a lot.

There remains a couple of other issues to be addressed in the meantime though.

1) Mana Costs / Regen Adjustments:
Tide nerf in 4.0.6 has the side effect of hitting Shaman regen harder than other healers because everyone else has inherent self-only regen tools. We've been relying heavily on Telluric Currents and Elem subspecs - a talent that devs admitted isn't intended for legit regen use - to make up the difference in any fight that has healing lulls and gimmick damage bonuses.

Perhaps IWS proc rates, or mana costs themselves should be adjusted to account for the lack of any self-only regen tools.

2) Healing Rain Mobility:
This spell needs to be instant cast. There's just no way around it. It already has a cooldown and the effect area cannot move. It doesn't need to be any more immobile than it already is. Lets take the cast time out and allow us to cast it ahead of a raid during mobile fights.

3) Chain Heal Design:
Riptide consumption is archaic and not useful.

It'd be a bit ridiculous looking for the jump range to be any higher than it already is, but it's not cutting it with the current encounter design. It feels like we're back in Ulduar with an 8 yard jump range. I can't really think of how to address this without having absurd 100 yard long strands of light in a boss room.

I think the issue is just the core design of the spell itself. It's a relic of the old days, when we had Healing Wave jumps from Tier 1 set bonuses in MC before we got CH. It's designed as a single target heal with spillover (as evidenced by the fall-off per jump), and not a legitimate AoE heal. I hate homogenization as much as everybody else but it feels like it's time to turn CH into a PoH analogue.



I'm encouraged by the blue post that you guys are working on this. That gives every one of us hope that we're not going to be stuck being miserable the entire expansion.

But it also needs to happen with the realization that there are factors that limit Shaman healing that go far beyond just the spellpower coefficients or the base healing of our spells. The method with which developers approach Shaman design should change fundamentally, because the game changed fundamentally. The class cannot and should not remain burried in the early stages of the game like it is now.
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I approve of giving the shaman a bit of love.

One thing I will bring up (That will likely get me guffawed at) is Resto Druid's spell usage. Going into Cataclysm, i seem to recall talk of getting away from PW:S blanketing as well as Rejuv/WG blanketing. Based on what I see on various logs and meters, and from our own druids, Rejuv and wildgrowth seems to be covering anywhere from 50 to 80% of their healing on any given fight, Especially considering the recent buff to WG. If we're sticking to the guns concerning PW:S blanketing, why not HoT blanketing?

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Please at least make the CDs unique. It seems that the arc of balance is long but it bends toward homogenization: players ask for what other players have, intangibles like Chain Heal's unique potential effect on the flow of health bars are lost on people, and balancing for spreadsheets is much easier than balancing for awesome.

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So when 1/3 rd of the Talents in Disc tree are tied in some fashion to Power Word Shield, you don't want Disc Priests to use it as much? You don't want it to be their "Go To" spell?

Do you plan on completely overhauling Mastery for Disc? Disc is a mana conservation/shield spec, with less powerful thoroughput than Holy, always has been. So now Holy will cast a spell in the Discipline tree, not feel any different than what it was for them previously? You are going to punish Disc Priests for casting the spell thier spec is built around?

^ x1000
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In response to the Shaman changes:

Thank you! It's great to hear that the devs seem to be on the same page as a lot of us on this boards.

Even without immediate implementation, it goes a long way to assuage us by letting us know what the thought process going on is.

I think there are still some clunky mechanics, but those 2 changes go a long way to addressing the current deficiencies.
Thats a huge mana increase to power word: shield and honestly I think its a terrible fix. Once again Blizzard is using a bandaid to fix a much deeper problem. The problem is that while disc cooldowns are nice, their actual heals are pretty bad. Disc priests were using Prayer of Healing too much so they nerfed it and gave us a buffed power word: shield instead, now that is getting nerfed as well. The issue is that disc doesn't really have any good second or third choice options for options so we are stuck using our best heal again and again. They say they want us to use penance, but if they really wanted us to use it more then it would be getting a serious buff. Look at the difference between circle of healing and penace, circle of healing is much more powerful so the cooldown is warranted, penance is terrible. If you want us to stop spamming shield then please give us something else to use instead!!!!!!
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OH OH Oh, shaman cool-down,

i always thought it would be awesome to have a cool-down where the totems get bigger and do stuff, like pew pew, or heal or something.... at least awesome shiny graphics and a buff.

maybe different effects based on spec...

summary: Giant Totems FTW
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