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85 Undead Priest
Dear Blizzard,

You've already ruined shadow spec as far as I am concerned, I'm not a hardcore player . . . just a casual one with a bit of extra time to throw around. I have decent gear for pve, and even when I try my best with all my addon's going for dots and dps and such i usually get mid rank dps, now you have gone and cut that mid dps down about 10%. Thanks for that. Now you want to break our disc bubbles.

First off, what did you emphasize about disc in cataclysm is that you are mitigating damage. That means using power word shield. For awhile it was a nice 10k little 1 shot shield that barely helped, now that you have raised it up a little bit and increased the mana cost, so that it ACTUALLY DOES WHAT YOU DESIGNED IT TO DO, you just are going to make it cost so much that it wont even be worth casting.

Please use some intelligence, would another 33% increase really do what your wanting it to do, or would it just break the class that you FINALLY MADE FIT THE DESCRIPTION of what you said it would do.

Also, as you seem to think all disc preists just bubble spam, you must be looking in the wrong places, because I utilize almost every spell I have at my disposal in raid fights, and sure my HPS is around 12k, yeah keep looking at that, because I'm using LAST in overall healing done. That's as a tank healer helping a bit with raid heals.

These "tight spots" that you speak of, happen A LOT, because once the tank starts to drop, hmm whats the only "mana efficient" spell I can cast to get him back up to a decent amount of health? Oh,m that would be greater heal. Guess how long that takes to cast when all most of my gear enhancements are aimed at haste, yeah that 2.1 seconds lets the tank die.

If you actually read this, thanks for the consideration.


one concerned preist with no alts
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85 Gnome Priest
Here is the problem with this change from the viewpoint of a top 25 US guild's healing coordinator and long-time Disc priest.

First, compare the HPM numbers with half-372 mastery-favoring gear:

PWS: (31k absorb + 6k heal) / (5k mana [postnerf]) = 7.4 HPM
GH: (25k heal + 5k average increase from crit) / (5.5k mana) = 5.5 HPM (with ZERO overhealing - a rather optimistic assumption)
PoH: 5*(7k heal + 2.1k DA)(1.2x increase from crit) /( 5353 mana) = 10.2 HPM (Note no glyph - PWS/PWB/Penance is required for healing spike damage on the raid, for keeping Inspiration on one tank, and for keeping up 4t11 so I can spam more shields.)
Heal: Worthless HPS (<5k), not even worth considering for heroic encounters.
Penance: Has a cooldown, severely limiting its contribution to total throughput.

Note that typical overhealing amounts for PoH are in the 20%-40% range. The *best* candidate as a replacement for Disc raid healing is on par with the HPM of PW:S still, accounting for those 2 members of each group who will have been healed by CH or the Holy Paladins, or who didn't get hit by the last Chain Lightning.

Now consider HPS:
PW:S: 37k healing / 1.24 s GCD (BT will be up) = 29800 HPS
PoH: 45500 healing * 1.2 (as above) / 2.3 s (BT won't be up if spamming it) = 23700 HPS (0 overheal AND full consumption of DA assumed - can you see why this is unrealistic?)
GH: obviously less than PoH
FH: ~20k healing / 1.24 s = 16000 HPS

So what am I doing as Disc after the nerf? I Penance the tank for Inspiration, FH the tank in emergencies, pre-shield and use PWB when the boss does his scary AoE, and then what? Sit around doing absolutely nothing until there's a better time to cast Power Word: Shield again. I have found myself wanding the boss just because there wasn't really anything else worth casting when PW:S wasn't needed. Blizzard has forced us to cast less shields, but has not filled the gap with any meaningful alternatives.
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90 Dwarf Priest
Good to see you guys care so much about our play stlye!

Maybe you can get to fixing all the quest bugs and glitches that make the day to day absolutely annoying. TB escort anyone?

Try caring less about what I cast.....
85 Draenei Shaman
02/17/2011 10:26 AMPosted by Kyruus
Keep your 15% buff... just give me some cooldowns. I'm already top healing done in my guilds 10 mans.

just looked at your "activity" and youve done ONE BH run and ONE single halfus kill, not much to base things off of. also, if youve BEEN topping the meters pre-hotfix, thats just some really lame other healers.
85 Goblin Shaman
I still don't get the argument against using a few abilities. When you have more than one healer, why would you overlap, with no strategy or coordination? Makes no sense. Results for shaman are a good example. They usually have their chain heal, healing rain, or greater healing wave with the most usage depending on how they coordinate. So what if a priest uses a shield more than other abilities. They are coordinating with other healing abilities.
89 Blood Elf Priest
Bad Horse is in charge and to blame for these "fixes" from the dev team.
85 Undead Priest
02/17/2011 11:02 AMPosted by Karock

No, but in raids it's a real pain for me just for it to be only 31 seconds, but it is good to use just to top off the tank and group if you get into a jam. Why did they take away the original form anyway?
This is also why I believe it's funny that Blizzard states that Restoration Druids doesn't seem to have defensive cooldowns when they have the most powerful defensive healing cooldown in PvP out of any of the healers.

It's evident that pvp is on the backburner for blizzard. Their focus is pve, just look at how awful priests were for the first couple of months. Now a pve issue destroys my arena viability by making me the oom class. I'll monitor this for another week or so, but if this is how it is going to stay then I'm quitting.

I refuse to continue to wait an additional couple of months to have fun. I put up with this crap since the release of cata, I won't do it any longer.
85 Goblin Shaman
thank bliz for the buff its a step in the rite direction for shaman.
tbh iv never really felt like a shaman until we got our new healing animation,
i never felt shaman we were really set apart from everyone els in the way we heal
like priests with there bubbles and CD's, paladins with there strong focused heals and again awsome CD's, druids with heal over time healing and well no CD"s but still a unique way of healing, iv always wanted shamans to do what there meant to and be intune with the elements, to call upon them for aid in healing and aiding there allies in battle
i would have thought shaman would have to be intune with the elements more so then ever during the cataclysm i thought of some cooldown idea's like a water elemental for healing tree's, a wind elemental for general use it could be a wind shield a fire elemental for elemental tree's with totemic wrath tied into it another resto idea something like druid's typhoon animation but a much slower moving animation with more sets of waves and look more like actual waves crashing across the ground could be a heal over time aoe CD

just some ideas xD

02/17/2011 10:26 AMPosted by Kyruus
Keep your 15% buff... just give me some cooldowns. I'm already top healing done in my guilds 10 mans.

really no offence if your toping meters as the game currently is your other healers just arent doing there jobs properly... other healers would just have to roll there face over there key bored to beat a resto shaman on HPS imo...
Edited by Kitsomi on 2/17/2011 11:51 AM PST
85 Orc Shaman
I mean if you are on top of healing for those few bosses you've killed, then that also means that A) the other 2 healers are bad
B) they are also druids and shamans
C) the other healers died to furious roar on halfus and you managed to survive and kill the boss.
85 Draenei Death Knight
Wow 2 months of saying Shaman healing is fine only to increase it 15% in the blink of an eye. Might as well dust off the shammy and get her to 85 before Bliz "adjusts" the buff and shammys are dead last again.
85 Troll Priest
02/17/2011 12:04 PMPosted by Darkestevil
Wow 2 months of saying Shaman healing is fine only to increase it 15% in the blink of an eye. Might as well dust off the shammy and get her to 85 before Bliz "adjusts" the buff and shammys are dead last again.

be prepare they tend to overnerf things... you gain 15% now... but will lose 30% soon D:!
85 Draenei Shaman
not sure why you guys wanna keep buffing resto shaman, i feel overpowered as it is.

but thanks i suppose
85 Draenei Shaman
Well with all the goofy changes re-spec this, re-spec that, rob a class of their base ability, CONSTANT LAG, DC'S, boss glitches etc, and the huge and impressive add campaign of this new Rift game, i see Blizz loosing a bunch of people who are sick of the ineffective and illogical content changes. Nerf this class oh wait that wont work buff this part of their tree to compensate. I understand new content and all but I also understand rushing something to market before it is ready because of a shopping season, then all the current customers need to deal with the fallout. I hope they get it together because all in all I like this game, but the continuing frustration of the general WOW public will soon result in a net loss for Blizz unless can get their act together. I like the shaman buff it was severely needed but why nerf classes that are currently not top end classes like balance druids for example. These type of things are what in my opinion are cause huge frustration in the Wow public. In conclusion please think through your class changes completely before you implement them and concentrate on dealing with the general everyday performance issues before tweeking something that already works. The old adage if it ain't broke don't fix it.
90 Blood Elf Priest
As a discipline priest, I want to be rewarded for using shield, but it's ok to punish spamming it. Arcane blast style stacking debuff please, or limited active shields would be good. I don't want to be thinking "avoid casting shield where possible" as a discipline priest because all usual spells are more efficient...
85 Goblin Shaman
not sure why you guys wanna keep buffing resto shaman, i feel overpowered as it is.

but thanks i suppose

take it u havnt raided much?
85 Draenei Shaman
nah, ive raided the last 7-8 weeks
85 Goblin Shaman
Ok as always I am happy with a buff but am not understanding it really, shams did not need this dunno what buttons you people are pushing to not do well, I have healed with very good people of all classes, and I have always come out on top or dam near close. Our current raid structure for our 10mans is Sham/Druid/Pallie and between the three of us we are only ever off 2% from eachother (unless someone croaked) So to be honest I personally do not understand why this buff is coming in but will be glad too see any improvements. The current problems I do have with the class are mana re-gen, atm it just seems pretty low compaired to other classes, I myself always find myself having to play mana games IE at 75% drop totem regardless to make sure I can use it a ton during fights, and not in clutch siuations like before (perhaps thats how it was inteneded) however compaired to all other classes it just seems like there at full mana when I am at 20% (unless I am premptivly saving mana IE totems trinkets so forth.) And the only other issue is the other specs enchance seems fine but elemental just seems really really weak.
85 Goblin Shaman
02/17/2011 12:19 PMPosted by Xardon
nah, ive raided the last 7-8 weeks

and u feel that resto is overpowered? lol.....
86 Tauren Druid
People are forgetting disc is not a healing spec. Its an *Offensive Healing spec.
Its a mix of healing & dps. Sooner everyone realizes it, happier they will be.

I pull 6-7k dps sustained & 7-8k hps with Atonement smite healing through heroics and I never run oom and I have a blast doing it. Its the funnest dps healing spec, its the only dps healing spec.

I beat 1/2 the dps in heroics with dps, and they don't understand what I'm doing because noone does it.

Before tank even pulls.
Shield, Penance, Prayer of Mending, Prayer of Healing on Group, Renew. Drink.
Tank is now ready to take 2-3 hits before going down in hp while taking 24% additional healing to him.

Tank pulls, Power infusion, holy smite skull, smite 5 times, angel, shield/penance/pom/renew tank inner focus prayer of healing, holy fire smite 100 times with holyfire on cd. Win.

With holy fire/smite glyphs & in full dps gear reforged for minor spirit, smite hits for 15k to 22k crits ramped up. Which means it heals for about 25k to 40k.

Smite that hits for 22k damage, heals the tank for 40k & puts a 20k bubble on the tank for 2k mana cost with a 1.7s cast speed 1.3/1.4 with power infusion is better then any heal you will dish out.

Think about it.

Easy fix, same philosophy as homogenized lifebloom. PW:S Single target at a time only.
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