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90 Blood Elf Priest
02/19/2011 11:48 AMPosted by Cidèr
I want to play the game rather than world of logs. Stop trying push my play style! Whether from Blizzard or a handful of forum warriors, if I want an ability used more than others that is my choice!

Nailed it. I just stood up like you scored at a footballl game. That's exactly how I feel. I've got all of these cool spells and I'm supposed to spam prayer of healing or people die. Or I'm supposed to be using ordinary heal and let people die - both of which bore the crap out of me. I miss casting what I want depending on what I see. Not only am I put in a pipe with my wrists tied - I'm now shoved down a talent tree I used to love playing around with that is BORING. The talents allow for no individuality, no deviation or fun. Speaking of fun - healing isn't at all lately. It's stressful, frustrating and suffocating. Add my frustration to constant mana issues and I'm just a little bent lately. Why else am I suddenly on the forum? I'm freaking trying to understand where my joy for the game went after years of addiction. And you nailed it. Shoved in a chakra state and overly oppressed.
90 Draenei Priest
it really sucks having to research my class for 25 mins before every raid to see what spec I need to use to have good results.. Can we just pick something and stick with it for a week or two..
100 Blood Elf Priest
I'm not sure if this was brought up or not, but one thing they could consider doing with the increased PW:Shield cost is tack it onto Soul Warding at 16%/33% increased cost for a 1/2 second decreased cooldown. This way, rather than increasing the base cost of PW:S for everyone, it's only being specifically increased for people that plan on spamming the spell.
89 Undead Mage
so your making PW:S cost more mana that sucks i can barely keep up in dungeons as is with my disc priest i'm running out of mana almost every pull so your just going to make it harder you people suck
89 Undead Mage
this is no longer WORLD OF WARCRAFT this is WORLD OF COMMUNISM let us choose our own play style not what biztard wants us to be
85 Orc Shaman
We actually spent a bit of time talking to the designers about this very topic, and it's something they're well aware of and realize isn't always ideal.

A few really great points came out of that meeting, though:

  • Some changes in 4.0.6 and/or 4.0.6a were just wrong. For a myriad of reasons the changes made in 4.0.6/4.0.6a either did not pan out as expected, or were simply mis-calculations/interpretations. Which is the reason for a number of the quick reversions and changes in hotfixes shortly after the patch.

  • While there was feedback from the PTR on what is broken, overpowered, underpowered, etc. there simply wasn't enough data and real world proof for us to make changes. Forum posts always make a lot of noise. It's difficult to separate the seed from the chaff. Yes, it turned out a number of reports proved to be accurate once the 4.0.6's hit the masses and we were able to get a sample size that showed us what needed adjusting.

  • The third point discussed was that we have an obligation to deploy hotfixes when we feel we're making quality of life-improvements, fixing errors, or simply making good balance changes. Good balance is very much debatable among who you ask, of course. ;)

  • Fourth point really struck home with all of the designers, and that's that they also have an obligation to not use the live realms as a balancing laboratory. That while the changes being made have seemed very quick and sporadic at times, that there is thought and planning going in to them, and they are consciously avoiding throwing out changes and seeing what happens. While some changes have been implemented and then reverted, it's not because a lot of thought and effort didn't go into them, but that simply they didn't work as intended.

I know a lot of us remember the old days where classes would sit without changes for months, in some cases years for specific mechanics. A class would dominate for 6 months, and that's just how the game was. While we think good, measured changes in patches is far more visible and understandable, that hotfixes allow so much more to offering immediate relief that we'd be remiss in not using them to offer a better game experience to you, the players. There's an agreement that 4.0.6 and 4.0.6a have been pretty chaotic with hotfixes, and that's due to a number of issues that we don't consider to be 'usual'. We fully expect them to slow down substantially from this point, and we really appreciate everyone who stays on top of the hotfix blog, and relates the changes as they're made to their guildies and friends.

A blue post in a different thread i thought id share.
89 Dwarf Shaman
When is this comming out.... Still is 10% was announced couple days ago
85 Tauren Warrior
Im leveling my shaman and the toolip still shows 10%. When is this update coming up?
100 Draenei Shaman
Finally some help for us shammys Put us back at least somewhat on even ground with Pallys and Priest Healers!
85 Draenei Shaman
Has the +15% Pruification buff been implemented yet?
85 Dwarf Paladin
+15% for Purification has been in for days. Keep in mind that tooltips are client side and require a patch for them to reflect the changes.
1 Draenei Priest
So tired of all this nonsense.

Fix the damn class to your 'fun' loving satisfaction and LEAVE IT ALONE.
For gods sake, I'll take wrath healing over this 'nerf this, buff that... major content patch' blah blahblahblah garbage.

This has been going downhill since Cata launch.
Sick and tired of it. Forget you and micromanaging healers.

Loved this game for the last 4 years. Love my priest. I've never been so close to telling you to cram it in all my time here. Like you're fumbling around in the dark swatting flies with a tuna or something.

90 Night Elf Hunter
Doesn't surprise me that healers continue to get good news. Always getting buffs when thier abilities are already too good. They never get nerfed without gaining something else that makes up for the nerf.
85 Night Elf Rogue
IDK it seems like there's less freedom to play to your own liking and preference, with this Cata xpack, err i mean $45.00 patch. It feels like blizzard wants people to play with one style that's based primarily around penalties, that force you into a very narrow one-sided play-style with no room to experiment or grow.

They lost their community from this approach also. They're focusing too much on micromanaging, when the content is what's lacking the most.
90 Pandaren Priest
Thank you Blizz again for another nerf to Disc Priest.
Trying to think of our last buff......
Shields were finally put back to the absorb they should be.
85 Night Elf Rogue
02/20/2011 4:32 AMPosted by Ellysa
Should the game truly cater to just what YOU individually want?

Yeeeees, it should. That's what makes a subscription based game successful.

02/20/2011 4:32 AMPosted by Ellysa
As for content, we're at the beginning of a new expansion. Did we have Arthas at the beginning of Wrath? Noooo. More fun stuff is coming, I hope.

I don't understand comments like this! How much content has there been added with Cata, when compared to any expansion ever.. in existence? This feels more like an update, then an expansion. The Cata changes didn't necessitate an expansion. There's hardly any new content. leveling is more streamlined I suppose.

We're already paying $15.00 per month for updates on current/forthcoming content! So why did Blizz have to charge $45.00 for a shrink-wrapped 4.0 patch?
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