Archaeology Items' Cooldowns

02/28/2011 5:17 PMPosted by Dave
what doesn't -- and why--
it feels bad because you spend 30 hours leveling a profession and collecting the materials to get a cool item that is active for like 30 seconds once every 2 hours

not to mention the BoA weapons that .... dont scale as you lvl.. so your lvl 60 shammy helmet... worthless unless you twink... which blizzard hates you doing.. lol
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100 Blood Elf Priest
I love my all Archaeology toys that took so very long to dig up and solve. I don't carry them around though nor my other old vanity items - it's a lot of bag space waste. Especially when you can only invoke them once in a great while.

Would love it if we had a key-chain like toy box for our vanity items. I know you're still working on a tabard holder but a vanity case would be SO MUCH more useful. Please please!

Also the Last Relic of Argus should be like the engineer Northrend portal (4 hours?) and the Relic is random! I do enjoy ending up in some weird-ass places I've never been before - it rarely actually sent me anywhere useful and I had to use my hearthstone. Last night it sent me inside a tunnel full of shadowfiend-like mobs. Yeah, they were only level 25 but it scared me into insta-hearthing and didn't even read where I was. ¬_¬

I'd like to play follow the leader with my scarab gang more often please. It's a pet collector's fantasy come true to have a gob of vanity pets follow you around. It's sad to see them disappear so fast though.

The cooldown for these Archaeology toys should be more in line with the amount of time it took for us to obtain them! (Fine, they don't have to last for 30 days per toy but 10~15 minutes would be nice).

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85 Orc Warlock
What I'd like is slightly longer durations(Maybe 5 minutes, similar to the Wolvar costume) and usable in combat. I'd also like temp graphic changes like meta/tree form to not cancel costumes too, but that's probably expecting too much :P

Scarabs are whatever to me. Raise or lower the cooldown, I prolly still wouldn't use them often.

Actually, I don't use any of the archaeology items outside of waiting on people running back from a wipe or something. If I could do anything except stand there with them I feel like I would enjoy using them and wouldn't dread getting a Rare besides the weapons/mounts/pets.
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85 Worgen Hunter
Anyway, summoning a harem of scarabs can be pretty taxing on some systems, so there were some initial concerns about putting the pendant on a short cooldown. Based on the feedback we've received, though, we're looking into reducing it. We agree that the effect is pretty cool and would be nice to use it more frequently.

I know this thread is about the cooldowns on archeology items, but while we're on the subject maybe you could lend an ear to the many other concerns the community has about archeology, as expressed in this thread:
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100 Draenei Mage
I'm kinda shocked that anyone finds the items crafted from Archaeology even remotely useful.

I've vendored everything I've crafted, except 359 epics.

The coolness/usefulness factor of them just isn't worth the bag/bank space.
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85 Dwarf Warrior
Who woulda thought that cute novelty items could ever be OP even a little- let alone OP enough to necessitate massive restrictions on their usage.
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100 Undead Mage
"-take out the grim batol digsite. "

Removing it isn't the correct response. Fix the phasing so that when we've done the quests to kill all of the hostiles, THEY ARE NO LONGER THERE! They aggro way too easily, and you can't even loot them after you go through all the trouble to kill them (and all the freinds they call over to help them).

There's no problem with the location. It's just the phasing issue.
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90 Gnome Warlock
In regards to the Naga bones,

Why can't we fight as a Naga? As far as I can tell Naga have a full set of combat animations, and i just want more things to cover up my silly gnome appearance.

edit: oh, and longer Naga, but again I think this falls under my "id rather not look like a gnome and the other alliance options are as bad if not worse" category
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90 Gnome Warlock
02/28/2011 7:01 PMPosted by Taggthemage
it feels bad because you spend 30 hours leveling a profession and collecting the materials to get a cool item that is active for like 30 seconds once every 2 hours

not to mention the BoA weapons that .... dont scale as you lvl.. so your lvl 60 shammy helmet... worthless unless you twink... which blizzard hates you doing.. lol

The shammy/Hunter helm is a level 70 epic you can wear at 60. Very useful for that trek to 73 or so when it gets replaced
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85 Tauren Druid
I'd love to have the Relic of Argus with a really short cooldown... something like five minutes. Then I could go world hopping near constantly, like some sorta Warp Spider.

"We sting, then disappear."
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100 Human Paladin
The furbolg wand can practically be spammed Dartol's Rod of Transformation. I don't understand why something that is just a toy has to have a long cooldown? What possible reason could there be? Server lag? Performance issues? I can't think of any good ones.

That one is meant for a specific quest. That's why it is spammable. You wouldn't want to wait for a 2 hour cooldown if you had to answer a phone mid-quest.

We're not meant to have kept it in our bags forever. In fact, I am surprised they haven't already changed it.
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90 Draenei Paladin
I've really enjoyed archaeology and proudly display my "Professor" title. I do wish I could get more consistent use out of my artifacts. It would be nice if the cooldowns were aligned more with long spell cooldowns (1 min, 2 min, 3 min, 5 min, 10 min, etc), so I could just macro some of them with cool spells.
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85 Draenei Mage
I'd really find the transformation items more useful if they were more like Iron Boot Flask, Savory Deviate Delight, and Gordok Ogre Suit, etc. where you can use them in combat and they last 5-10 minutes. Heck I wouldn't even mind if they made the cooldown a 24-hour duration, just please make it so when you do use it, it's as awesome as the previous transformation items in the game.
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11 Troll Hunter
Sometimes it can be difficult to find a good "sweet spot" when choosing cooldowns for groups of similar items such as those obtained through Archaeology. We don't want all the cooldowns to be exactly the same,

And we don't want cool downs at all - but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do - so reduce them, ok?

but we also don't want it to feel like the numbers were chosen totally at random. We may not always get the values right initially, so knowing what feels good to you and what doesn't -- and why-- is really helpful.

Especially with Archaeology items, most feel the skill is taunting (and insulting) it its total randomness requiring nothing in the way of skill only time (I've been digging every day since a week after release and still haven't found what I'm looking for - fun - on yeah).
And then when you do come across some little gizmo that might be amusing, it has ridiculous cool down, so you feel that yet again Blizzard is taunting you: "Dance for us slave"

I think if its something that transforms your look there shouldn't be any cooldown on it - why in gods name would there be?

I don't know what the thinking behind the cool down on the scarabs was, if it was because someone feared too many players would summon them all the time and lag a server, well that seems a bit unlikely it takes a long time to get so few would have it for one thing, and those who have one can still coordinate an "attack" and all summon their scarabs at the same time.
If there is some sort of server crash fear i suppose it should have a delay, but generally i see no reason at all for any gimmick items to have any kind of cooldown on them - with the possible exception of the trainset smasher, since the people who build train sets arguably have a right to annoy the rest of us for a couple of minutes.
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11 Troll Hunter
Btw, if its a question of spending time on cool downs OR allowing us to fly on our own mounts over Silvermoon City, then I take the latter!
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