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As a long time GM I find myself frustrated by the lack of granularity in the current WoW guild rank system.

The current guild rank system, as improved as it is, isn't as elegant for managing one's guild as it could be. A relatively simple concept occurred to me which I would like to share to the community in hopes that it makes it way to the development team via our community reps & liaisons.

I find myself using guild ranks to delineate players by roles within the guild as a typical GM would. I have a rank for alts, casual members, raiders, pvpers and leaders. Each rank has a certain level of guild bank access. Some players warrant more privileges thus I have more ranks to accommodate such requirements.

Unfortunately when we promote a player, whose earned higher levels of access to our guild bank for example, to a new rank the functionality of the in game event calendar suffers.

Event creators are forced to either a) invite all the members of the new rank(s), who aren't necessarily participants of the given activity or b) attempt to maintain some sort of invite list per toon which is most unwieldy in larger guilds.

Also some players participate in more than one activity such as 10m and PvP which we are unable to account for under the current guild rank system.

Basically we may as well simply invite the whole guild to make sure the right folks get invited to the right activities.

Proposed Solution:
Adding a new layer to the current guild rank system, perhaps called privileges, employing the popular 'tagging' concept used in website information architecture.

A 'tag' should exist outside of the current guild rank system (yet function like a guild rank in terms of how one sets its permissions) and be assignable to individual players functioning essentially as either an override of the general settings of the guild rank and/or merely as a new level of categorizing members by say, activity (pvp, 10m, 25m, etc).

All 'tags' should be available to the event calendar system as a invite option per event just like a guild rank is currently.

Ideally we would be able to assign more than one 'tag' per individual.

Granted this adds a new layer of complexity to the current system however it wouldn't be a requirement to manage a guild.

I strongly believe the functionality and benefits of such a system would be numerous greatly improving the tools already provided to us thus making for a strong return on investment and thus a business case for such a proposal. I hope many other GM's would agree.

Thanks for your time and consideration of this suggestion.

- Ceno.
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85 Draenei Mage
This is an outstanding idea. Please review this Blizz.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
I also like this idea. I have guildies who have different interests - a lot of the guild likes to RP, but some like to RP and raid, some like to RP and PvP, some like to do all three. Some people, despite having Cata-level mains, are having more fun leveling their alts and so are more interested in the lower level activities we have. Tags that interact with the calendar for invites would be a GREAT tool!
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
I assume you are talking about mass invite and having to pick a lowest rank as to start invites from, if this is what you are talking about, you can can right click the names of the people you do not want included and remove them.
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85 Night Elf Druid
The guild permissions system does need an overhaul, and it should apply to all permissions.

Instead of ranks, there should be "permission groups". The default permission groups are "initiate", "member", "officer" with the ability to add new permission groups. Each member can be in any number of groups they wish.

Each group has 3 settings for each permission, "allow", "deny", "unchanged". You can then assign each player to certain group and their total cumulative permissions determine what they can and cannot do. Choosing "deny" will prevent them from using that permission, regardless of if its "allowed" elsewhere. Its an explicit deny.

If, after going thru the permissions, it is still "unchanged" it will default to deny.

If anyone has ever worked with permissions on Windows Server operating systems, they'd know what I mean.

A person with correct power can view a new option when you choose someone's name in the guild panel called "effective permissions" where they can see what they're exact permissions are according to what is put into effect.

Example: GM of Guild has a few permission groups.

STFU, newbie, member, pvp, raid10, raid25, lead, officer, co-gm

STFU has an explicit deny on guild chat
newbie has guild chat privs and allow on basics
member has guild chat privs, other basics, and some guild bank access
raid10 has allow on certain bank tabs, and a repair withdraw quota
raid25 probably has the same, maybe a couple changes depending on what the needs are
pvp might have access to certain PvP-related things
lead has access to the guild calendar for posting raids, raid mat tab for withdrawing flasks and food for the raid
officer and co-gm have access to various officer things

If I'm in the "member" group, I have access to guild chat. However I start a ruckus in guild chat and an officer puts me in the "STFU" group with some other people to stop some drama. Even though my member rank lets me use guild chat, its being denied because I'm in the STFU group.
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85 Tauren Druid

That works but i make multiple groups/week and it's seriously time consuming to do it this way:(
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90 Tauren Hunter

That works but i make multiple groups/week and it's seriously time consuming to do it this way:(

You posted this just to reply to someone that last posted in this thread nearly a year and a half ago? Pretty sure they aren't checking this thread any longer after this long a period of time.....
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90 Goblin Warrior
I would like to see all Permissions removed from the concept of Ranks. Ranks should be a badge that a player wears to rank them compared to other members. Ranks should really act as a Reputation Signet that Guild Leaders can set personally.

Real permissions ought to come from something that resembles network user groups. I would much prefer to be able to add players to a "Mastercrafter" group, giving them permissions to the materials tab. Another group would be "Recruiters" with invite permissions. Another: "Reviewers" (silly name, must be a better one) who would be responsible for promoting or demoting the symbolic ranks. The basic idea is that a player could be a Mastercrafter, Recruiter, AND Reviewer at the same time by belonging to all 3 Permission Groups. There are only so many combinations like this you can create with 9 different ranks.

Edit: why are you people digging up old threads? This is sucky.
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