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sanctify are now 12/12 normal i dont know why this hasnt been updated yet please update we have been 11/12 for quite some time but now 12/12
Updated, and ty for being so patient with my ineptitude, there were a lot of guilds to integrate and I missed a couple of the boss kills.
100 Human Warrior
BRITISH EMPIRE are currently sitting on 10/12 for Normal(10)

BWD: All bar Nef

BoT: All

ToFW: Only Conclave
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Hey aer, thanks for the regular updates i know you must be swamped getting this all sorted, just quickly, in the explosion that is everyone's update posts you missed mine for us killing Alakir on 10m, ty once again.

ZS 10m Al'akir
90 Draenei Priest
You missed the Nefarian kill for <Sanctify> in the "10 Man Ranking", However it was credited in the 10 and 25 Combination rankings.
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Frostwolves has Cho'Gall down on 10 & 25
Al'Akir 10 man normal downed by Syndicate.
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Nef has been penetrated
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Cho'gall 10man normal down for Seraphic. Good job with the thread :)
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Heroic Maloriak down
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Nef down for ZS - 10m
90 Draenei Shaman
Cho'gall down for Entity

10 Man
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Atramedes (10 Man Normal) Down for VVN
Updated, thanks for your patience guys.

A couple are still missing the raid size on their postings :) I can work it out for most of you given most guilds only do one raid size but it is very helpful if you can include it regardless.
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25man heroic magmaw for lords of war

P.s. Aereth you are like an amazingly speedy speed demon with updates on this thread! Thanks again! <3
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H Chim down
100 Human Paladin
Heroic Magmaw is dead, along with a certain rogue skeleton in the lava lake.....
85 Orc Warrior
Halfus, Magmaw and ODS 25 man down for VVN
90 Goblin Warlock
Been ages since I made an update post, but here it is:
(H) Tenloss(10) |X- ■- ■- ■- ■- X| |■- X- X- X- _ | |X- X|
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