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<Legends of Tristram> (guild level 25), is currently recruiting for Mists of Pandaria raiding. We are currently looking for skilled, quality raiders to strengthen our Mists squads. We will be running two 10 man groups, and have already started with group 1 as of 10/02/12.

We are seeking active, friendly members who can contribute to the guild in any number of ways.


Current Priority - Everything

Current Priority - Everything

Current Priority - Everything

Our guild currently raids 2-3 nights per week (possibly a 4th for progression), roughly 2.5 - 3.5 hours per raid night. Our current raid nights are Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday with invites beginning at 7:30pm and the raid starting by 8:00pm, ending at 11:00 - 11:30pm (server time). Our raid schedule is subject to change as we adapt to any new content. Notice will be given to any schedule change.

The guild also schedules things like Guild PvP and Retro Raids events around other nights of the week to help keep guild members active and involved (raiders and non-raiders alike). We also run a raid squad that gears up potential raiders and alts to help "feed the system" and continue to promote within and help people that become interested in raiding and want to get some gear whenever we have any free nights.

We are looking for people that can commit to our raiding schedule and perform their roles consistently. We want dedicated people that are serious about raiding successfully. Whether we are tackling progression raids or doing a relaxed, who cares retro raiding night, our goal is to have FUN. We all have RL responsibilities and we want to log on here and get away from that and have a good time. And kick a little a$$ doing it.

Also worthy of mentioning: LoT provides raid repairs, food, flasks, enchant materials, and first chance at raid BoE drops to our raiding members.

Who we are:

We are an atypical raiding guild in that we strongly consider people's real life commitments, such as family, work, and school. We facilitate raiding without having to ignore those commitments. We are also one of the longest standing guilds on the server, with many officers, members, and raiders that have been with the guild for as many as six years +. We also have a strong background of progression raiding dating back years, with many members having been raiders since classic. I am only the 2nd GM in the guild's 7+ year existence, having taking over for Mists due to previous GM's RL commitments, and only after I had served as assistant GM for the duration of Cataclysm.

We also focus strongly not only on the skill of our players, but the quality of the people!. You could be the greatest player since sliced bread but if you are a total monster in g-chat, trade, etc, we won't have you. If you want to join to be a serious raider, that's fantastic! If you want to join to run some 5 mans or just hang out in a friendly guild environment, we have that too! We welcome all type of players, from casual to hardcore, PvE raiders to PvP arena to people that just want to quest or chill out and relax.

With our guild being around for 7+ years we have a large contingent of players that have been in the guild for many years. One thing we do have that many guilds do not have is a track record of stability. We've been around a long time, seen a lot of things, and made it through it. Stability in membership, and leadership, is important to us.

To apply simply visit our website at http://legendsoftristram.enjin.com/ and sign up for a forum account and post an Applications. If you have any other questions or concerns, I also suggest speaking to or mailing either myself or another guild officer in game (while not in a raid, please :D).

Thank you for your time and hope to see you in game. Take care.

Sindrelauris, GM
Legends of Tristram
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Updated 02/21/11.

Strongly seeking 1-2 Resto Shaman and possibily 1 Holy Paladin healers.
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updated 02/23/11

still strongly seeking 1-2 restoration shaman and 1 holy paladin
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updated 03/01/11

still seeking 1-2 ready to raid restoration shaman. in addition elemental shaman and enhancement shaman would also be greatly welcomed.
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update 03/02/11 -

currently seeking 1-3 healers, including 1-2 resto shaman for our 25 group. also seeking 1-3 dps, particularly interested in elemental and enhancement shaman, as we do not currently have any our 25 raid.

thank you, take care...
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updated 04/22/11 -

actively recruiting for all raiding roles. looking for serious raiders that can commit to our schedule and help us grow and succeed.
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update 06/23/11 -

actively recruiting with a focus on tanks.
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updated 07/15/11 -

actively recruiting for all roles to fill in for multiple 10 man groups and possible future 25 group
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updated 10/05/11 -

actively recruiting, with a very big focus on tanks and healers
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85 Tauren Druid

Currently have 2 groups going 7/7 in FL. Looking for skilled players of all classes/specs to compliment our lineup. Throw a whisper at Zael, Thraxmundir or Bustahnut ingame for details
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update - 01/09/12:

current recruitment focuses heavily on tanks and healers, but also interested in strong dps applicants. feel free to send a tell to sindrelauris in game while not in an instance/bg or raid with any questions. thank you.
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update - 01-18/12
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updated for 01/28/12
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updated for 02/01/12
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updated recruitment for 02/15/12

seeking 1-2 tanks and 1-2 DPS
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02/22/12 - updated guild progression and recruitment needs.
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02/29/12 - updated recruitment needs, and two 10 man groups currently running.
Edited by Sindrelauris on 2/28/2012 9:21 PM PST
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updated - 02/29/12 - guild progression
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
are yall looking for heals still if so lemme no send me ingame mail or message me if im on i dont really look at forms much thank u
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@ gienelle - always looking for quality raiders, will make contact in game.

03/31/12 - upated 03/31/12 - guild progression and recruitment
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