Sisters of Elune RP-Dying Out. [Horde Side]


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Now, let me explain my purpose for this post before I get too far into my own rant. People left and right who do enjoy the simple act of Roleplaying, those who are very deeply into it, and those who are looking to start fresh here, often get turned away from the lack of -Everything- from what it used to be here. Granted, I've been on SoE for a little over two years now--And the problem wasn't even really around then, but now, it's gotten much worse. Maybe i'm just not around at the right time, or i'm -really- not getting the memo about the newest RP Hotspot, but, I'm honestly confused when I say this---

Where in the Fel did everyone go?

Not -Every- Rp'er just went up and left over to say, Wyrmrest Accord-Although for a good majority of the more active ones, it was that case. The active ones I used to see, aren't regularly seen anymore, as well as the quality of the RP has decreased incredibly.

It may be the lack of RP guilds as to a year back,or three years back, but i'm just trying to figure it out. I miss the RP community,and I miss the people, the variety, the Walk up RP. I know that this is no New subject, but--I created this post in hopes that people would read it, in some kind of perspective in mind that they may miss that part of this server, too.

So i'm sorry if this post may come off as ignorant, or just common sense, but, I've been wanting to post something like this for a long time now.

You, yeah, You! Come out of the shadows, And make Sisters of Elune look AWESOME again!

I mean, c'mon now...Moonguard having the Best RP Server Rep, really? I hear more disturbing things than -that-, any day.

I'm sure this one post ain't gonna fix the server, but aye, I'm trying. :3

Best regards~A sad, sad, Role-player.
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I am glad that you posted this.

I've been a player since WoW came out originaly. I used to be on a PvP server, and not long after I moved to a RP server, where I could quest peacefuly and PvP when I wanted to by flagging ( remeber there were no BG's at the). Then I met some RPer's and was introduce to the RP world. I've met some great people and had lot's of fun. I participated in all events I could.

A year ago I quit the game, not really intending on coming back. But the tides have turned and here I am again... looking for the old RP and not even remotely finding it.

For reasons out of my control, I do not have access to my old toons, wich were on Horde side, mostly. As I've started fresh, I may have lost some of my old contacts in the RP wolrd. But I agree with you Velianna, where is the walk up RP? Where is the bar full of RPer's greeting eachothers? Where is that guild meeting you stumble upon in the middle of nowhere?

So this is what I've done so far, and I suggest it to anyone who wants to support RP. I go around the cities RP mode. I greet people, I interact with them, all that ICly. And to my great surprise, I have been answered in the same way more often than not.

This means RPer's are out there, maybe old timers or new comers, and are either too shy or dont know with who interact to RP.

So this is what I do. If any of you come up to me, feel free to do the same.
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If you see my toon around town feel free to interact. I'm Viloche on Alliance (duh) and Menetnashte on Horde. We are here and there are more of us than you know.
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I feel the same way you did once too, Mac. I also started on a PvP server, but really just got fed up with the ganking, and not being able to level. So, once I came over to SoE, it was something completely different, and I loved it.

The main reason i'm really posting this, is because people shouldn't have to -server- change to get that RP going, in fact, it's right there in front of them if they choose to lead, or take part in creating a great environment again.

And thanks, Mene/Viloche! I know you're saying there's more than I know, or rather, Alot of people know, because I know i'm not the only one that feels this way about our server's RP--The question is. When? :P
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lol...All the time..I'm mostly on Mene during the evenings since I do alot on Alliance side..but if you see me on Mene whisper and I can tell you where to start networking
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*Laughs* Yeah, I can see that! The whole Storytelling thing, is cool. I remember I think--Talibah used to do some sort of event like that on Hordeside for a while, but, it doesn't seem to be up anymore. It could be a way to bring things back to life over here. I am aware there's things going on often, but, just not how it used to be, which may be the part that's stumping me. And, I will!
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I hear you, Vel. It can be tough to find RP, at least Hordeside. The raiding scene is very active, which I think has drawn a lot of people away from RP, myself included.

I think there are still a lot of roleplayers around, but the ease of access to walkup RP that you get on big servers like WrA and Moon Guard is appealing for a lot of heavy roleplayers - thus the transfers.

The SoE roleplay boards ( are still a great way to network with other RPers, though that's something that requires out of game coordination, obviously. In terms of RP on SoE as a whole, a lot of people are still exploring the new Cataclysm content, leveling alts, and doing other stuff than hanging around in accessible places for RP. Not that it's an excuse; I do think it'll get better, though.
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Yeah Vaarden, I agree. SoE has become a raiding scene,although..most guilds nowadays seem to think they're ontop of everyone else, but really,should take a look at the reality of it. Cry of Luna is great, and I had one of my 85s in there for a while,but I had to drop out for School reasons.

It's true though, that's how it was near the end of Wrath, too. A -lot- of people were around and very active, but people are still getting into it. Which I guess is something I didn't really think about until now. It may not be an excuse but it certainly may be a reason why. 'Cause I know people get sick of SMC, but, it's always been the center of it, although I dont really think it should be...ANYWAY.

I hope it does. I'll probably go and check out that site, and possibly try to hinder my way into some things, or create some of my own.

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My two cents (copper!?), for what it's worth.
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To support Vaarden and Bella, the site is quite interesting. I've been there myself and you have a bit of everything.

And read Bella stories, they're really well written ;)

It gives me good insights on where some RP events might be going on.

Te leveling guild system might be another reason for the RP silence. Everyone wants to get the most perk as fast as the can. Thus, they raid and quest and BG and everything alot.

Hope you find what you seek, if you do let me know... my GOD this helm is ugly...
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This expansion has the potential for some of the best RP, ever. Bar none.

Yet it isn't happening, and the real reason I think it isn't? Attunements. (I HAVE LONG ASS THEORIES COMING)

When you had to do 5 heroics, three raids, grind five reputations to Revered or Exalted, finish up entire zones worth of quests that were long and boring and -really- required a group (unlike current and wrath quests), and -then- zone into a different heroic and reclear it to turn the damnable quest in, all to do tier -5- raiding (let alone tier 6), a lot of the people who -would- be PvE players and raiders said "Ah screw it all!" and RPed while waiting for groups.

Wrath saw the beginning of the end. Early on, you could find RP in Dalaran, mostly due to raiding burnout (in quest greens and blues, you could down Naxx. I know, I did it). Malygos on the other hand was too hard, badges were plentiful and quick and easy, and there was no dungeon finder, so your real options were "look for a five man group for another damn dungeon that you're already sick of" and thats about it. So there was RP.

Ulduar was similarly too hard- yeah it was easy towards the end of wrath, but even in ToC gear, a lot of people couldn't get past Mimiron, let alone hard modes. So there was RP.

Icecrown broke everything, because you had a raid with easy-ish intro bosses, a scaling buff that made you do better every week regardless of comp or gear, and three new dungeons.

Yes, there was RP towards the end when people got sick of Icecrown, but Cataclysm was pretty much designed to get rid of the timesinks inherent in the game. There's a series of dailies that you have to do... or you can run more dungeons, without even really looking for a group (yay dungeon finder). You have six or so reputations that you should grind, a bunch of achievement grindy things, but doing an almost unthinkable (since ToC) series of 12-18 dailies is now less than an hour of your time.

And they made alt levelling so stupid easy that a friend of mine managed to go from level 1 goblin, no heirlooms (but a 10% levelling boost from being in a guild), to level 85. In two months. Less, since it was mid-january I think he started. So yeah, there's no real limiters in place to keep you from the -game- itself, and so more people are enjoying that rather than RP.

Despite this, it will calm down and the game will become RP friendly again (moreso- look at the damn troll area in Org, its SO PRETTY AND I WANT TO RP THERE SO MUCH) but for now, there's just -too much to do-.

That said, I no longer need to do dailies, I've got raiding covered and I've done all the dungeons I care to (except a few lingering achievements here and there). So if you see me, toss a tell and if I'm not busy I'll gladly RP for a bit. Haven't really done it since wrath, y'know. Before then, honestly.
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I've fully accepted that I'm different than alot of people, but I'm ok with that. People wonder why I use OOC brackets in whispers. They ask, "Um... you do know that you can't RP in whispers if you're not standing next to each other, right?"

Well... let me ask you this: In a <fantasy> world where people can cast spells that portal themselves or others to locations near and far, in a world where a single tormentor can corrupt your mind across an entire zone (Heroic Deadmines or the Lich King with the DK starter questline), in a world where the weak in numbers but strong in heart are destined triumph over Dragons and ancient Titans who plot to destroy that world, why oh why can't I RP through a "whisper on the wind"? It's just magic. To me, this is a world with endless possibilities for RP only limited by the players themselves.

Sure, you prefer face-to-face RP, as do we all, but there are pros and cons to open RP in public places.

[Con] You get griefers: people who dance naked or sit in the campfire while you and your friends are enjoying storytime, people who have names like Aarthas or Kaaelthass (seriously?) who say they're just RPing their character as an @$$.

[Pro] You get potentials: people who have been looking for RP for who knows how long, people who just needed a break from their endless dungeon grind like Malakoji explained, people heard about RP but had never seen it before or even knew what it was until you opened their eyes to the creative opportunity that is "online story making".

Obviously the pros should outweigh the cons, but maybe I've adjusted my RP to fit my gaming. Of course I still RP face to face when I can, whether it's walking in Stormwind (I've seen others do it too) or coming to the rescue of somebody near death who is out questing and talking to them in character (they say "thx" and I cry IRL), but as I'm trying to finish out my Reputation with the new factions, do my dailies, learn the new dungeons, professions, this and that - I haven't forgotten why I came to an RP server in the first place. I'm gonna RP. I hope you will too. It exists when you create it. Others will join in time if you do not give up in your pursuit of such an experiance. :D!!! (big happy smile)
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02/22/2011 1:06 PMPosted by Velianna
*Laughs* Yeah, I can see that! The whole Storytelling thing, is cool. I remember I think--Talibah used to do some sort of event like that on Hordeside for a while, but, it doesn't seem to be up anymore. It could be a way to bring things back to life over here. I am aware there's things going on often, but, just not how it used to be, which may be the part that's stumping me. And, I will!

The horde storytellings are still very much alive and have been hosted by the Broken House, previously by The Crimson Phalanx. Anyone is welcome and it is not guild specific. It takes place at 7PM server time in Thunder Bluff on the third tier every Sunday night. We have not missed one yet. Here lately they have been very active. Send an in game mail to Eleya if you would like to be added to the invite list, for reminders. As pointed out below me no invite is needed it is an open to all event.
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For more than three years, the rest of the Broken House and I have tried to keep face-to-face RP alive on SoE Horde side. As part of that, we've continued to host the storytellings, which are open to all serious RPers. No invite is required to attend. We just ask polite and respectful behavior, OOC and IC.

Briefly, we were part of a cross-guild RP alliance, which is how Talibah became involved. Though the Broken House parted ways with that alliance, that never dampened our own efforts or enthusiasm for preserving the great tradition founded so long ago by the Crimson Phalanx. When CP dissolved in 2008, many of their members found their way to the Broken House, including Celinthia, my fellow BH officer who posted above. Since that time we have been honored to continue their legacy as a force for quality RP on SoE.

You can always find out more about us at our site:
Edited by Eleya on 2/24/2011 8:00 AM PST
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I realize this is an old thread. Has the RP gone completely? I returned after a little time away to find a barren wasteland with not a single MRP in sight...
10/25/2011 07:32 AMPosted by Teir
I realize this is an old thread. Has the RP gone completely? I returned after a little time away to find a barren wasteland with not a single MRP in sight...

While Horde RP has been hit hard, it is not down and out for good. There was a mass RP Community meeting last saturday and a lot of stuff was put on the table. It is just a matter of getting up and working on said things or doing newer things.

With that said welcome back to the cause, Brother Teir
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Just going to throw this out here, but we JUST had a server meeting regarding the state of RP. It was posted on the FB group for WEEKS, and I believe there was even a post on the O-boards. We had tons of wonderful, dedicated people show up and lots of wonderful ideas were thrown around.

It just goes to show that RP is alive and well. There's no way that this server is dying. A lot of people, myself included, are probably just experiencing new content still. RP always picks back up once the raids and such aren't that "new" anymore.
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A lot of us transferred over to WRA a year or so ago and recently we've been getting another wave of transfers from Moonguard. The most you can do about the situation here is just keep things going and hope for the better or do the same as many have before you and search the waters for better times. Either way, the game will be very much lacking in RP once December hits anyways.
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10/25/2011 07:32 AMPosted by Teir
I realize this is an old thread. Has the RP gone completely? I returned after a little time away to find a barren wasteland with not a single MRP in sight...

I'm around! I still have MRP! It's rare that I get a chance to roleplay these days. Not because I don't want to, but because work has me so busy that I'm usually just on either raiding, or doing something for one article or another. If you, or anyone else, happens to see me idling away in town however, do feel free to start something -- I do RP back if people RP at me.

I've noticed the lack of MRP descriptions myself -- I figured maybe people had moved on to a different roleplay addon.
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