Price of the leather!

85 Night Elf Druid
Something is wrong about some prices in the AH, don't you think?

Lets talk about heavy savage leather.
2-3 week ago it was like 35 gold -45 gold each, now 25 gold -26 gold! But why?! Because of AH Addon! Every time you use your add-on to sell something on the AH.... -5% every time! God damn it!

So please:
- change your settings to like 1% or something like this.
- Do a scan before selling something

Thank You.
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78 Blood Elf Rogue
Could also be supply has increased due to Blizzard making more mobs skinable (I know the mobs in GB became skinnable, as did the spiders in Tol Barad) while demand has fallen as the initial rush to level LW and get crafted items has subsided.
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85 Human Priest
Plus with the introduction of the honor and justice point vendor's selling leather, cloth, herbs, ore, and so on.. People may be buying them there trying to sell them causing the price to further drop down.
Everything currently is steadily going down (materials-wise) from what I have seen.
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85 Draenei Shaman
This happens every expansion. For the first few months, the price of everything is inflated while a few people power level their gathering professions, and everyone else buys those goods to level their crafting professions. As more and more people reach max in their professions, more and more gathered goods are available, driving the price down to approximately where it will stay for most of the expansion.
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Whats the best addon For AH priceing
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100 Human Warlock
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90 Human Death Knight
02/07/2013 06:11 PMPosted by Falinari

Best part is, he's not even on medivh... though neither am I. I guess I'm just pointing out that he asked a question more suited to general chat on the medivh forums for some reason... lawl.
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100 Human Warlock
This happens in every single market over and over at various points of every month. It's less often due to constant add-on undercutting and far more often due to a manually typed-in deep discount price from someone unfamiliar with the market who just wants to dump their supply of whatever it is they're selling so they decide to try a deep discount from the current low price figuring that will increase their chance to sell. Other people then come along and undercut their deep discount.

Yes, it sucks, but it happens constantly and there's no way to avoid it other than to whisper those people and suggest they do otherwise. If it really is someone dumping their inventory, whispering them probably does no good since there's no point in them learning their lesson since the odds of them selling again are low anyway.
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