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85 Orc Hunter
We are currently closing our recruitment. We have decided to drop 25 man raiding from our schedule and focus on 10 man progression. Now back to the needless trolling!
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85 Tauren Druid
This makes me sad actually! Was looking foward to having another 25 man on Horde side.

Not for competition between eachother, but b/c I'm a believer in guild vs game designers, not guild vs guild....well maybe when it comes to Horde vs Alliance :)

Superfluous, Omen and Methodical are all ronery!!! SO RONERY!

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Haha, tell Arygos Horde to stop switching servers or factions and stop leveling alts so more 25 man guilds can actually get some recruiting/killing done.
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85 Goblin Shaman
OG was a guild of some minor accomplishment, we cleared Karazhan regularly and even managed to down The Lurker Below on a couple occasions, but because OG had originally been formed mostly as a social group, with little regard toward raiding, there were certain problems regarding the roster makeup. Some wanted to raid heavily, some people wanted to raid only when it suited them, some didn’t want to raid at all, and others expected to be carried along without having to put much effort in. Our glorious leader, Demerol, in a fit of inspiration, though some call it a drunken haze, solved that problem one night by disbanding OG. Reminiscent of The Night of the Long Knives, most all of us went to bed after an exasperating Kara run and logged on the next morning only to find ourselves guildless.

We did not remain guildless for long. After much soul searching, some would say sobering up, Demerol reconsidered his hasty act and reformed OG that same day. It was during this time that it was decided to break away form the past and reform the guild again, this time with a new name. The origins of the guild name are shrouded in both mystery and secrecy, though some suspect that the idea was germinated that very morning when Melerinia, also sobering up, was heard shouting “I need Plan B” while running toward the bathroom. However the name was arrived at, re-forming the guild turned out to be the best thing that could have happened to it. While we lost some good players, the players who stuck with the guild formed a much stronger core and have since gone on to progress far more rapidly than could have been expected. In our first night back in SSC we downed Lurker with ease. We now focus more on progression and have successfully defeated Void Reaver, Solarian, Magtheridon, and Hydross, on the first night that we attempted each of them.

I think it important to say that Demerol has a slightly different story as to what happened that fatefull night. He claims that he was simply trying to disband an old guild that one of his toons was the sole remaining active member of, just so he could delete the toon and re-roll it. “It was late at night, I had just taken some cough medicine for the flu, I was tired from a long Kara run, and I didn’t realize I was on the wrong toon.” He says. While this may be true, he has yet to explain what prompted Melerinia’s mad dash toward the medicine cabinet that next morning.

Now some may ask “how do you know Demerol won’t do it again?” Well I don’t. I can’t guarantee anything in this world, or the next. What I can tell you is that during the Intervention, Demerol was shown the rather substantial Legal Defense Fund that we have pro-actively established for Melerinia, and it was made clear to him in no uncertain terms that should he ever do such a foolish thing again, he would be left envying John Bobbit. So I ask you, do you know any other Guild Masters with such a strong motivation for their guild to succeed?

..... haha.. Good times were surely had <3 you guys!!!!-- To the Originals Still Here You remember where this came from Thought I'd give you a good laugh back from the past, also a friendly hello ;)
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85 Undead Warlock
^Guess I should have posted from this toon =P
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02/27/2011 12:25 PMPosted by Flimflamm
I heard you guys are imploding, confirm/deny?

Septin, this is where you just respond to him with.
"Thanks for the free publicity"

Hell, his trolling got me to notice the post.
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90 Troll Priest
Although Plan B is currently 10 man focused, we still welcome applications from exceptional players, especially if you can raid on Thursdays. We could particularly use a good hunter, since work is owning Nitz in the face at the present time.

Feel free to visit our forums for more info!
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60 Human Death Knight
can i join if i'm pro-life?
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