[H] <Overated> is recruiting

Overated is a level 12 guild looking to start raiding. We have been quietly gathering a select few players to take officer positions within the guild and now we want you to join us.

We are interested in first building up our 10 man raiding team to start raids quickly. If you are interested in joining our 10 man team we are looking for the following make – up of players.

1x Protection Warrior for a main tank position
1x Protection Paladin for an off tank position
1x Feral Druid for an off tank position
1x Restoration Druid for a raid healing position

If you are a druid that is specced for both Restoration and Feral tanking, with Restoration as your main spec you can fill both positions giving you more raiding opportunities.

If you do not fill one of these positions do not be afraid to apply anyway as we are filling up the guild for our 25 man raiding team. However, as this is a long distance goal, if you decide to join <Overated> in anticipation for our 25 man team, we may not be raiding for over a month with this team as it’s still very underdeveloped. This does not mean that you would not raid with the 10man team, however, your raiding opportunities would be limited until the 25man team gets off the ground and regularly raiding.

If you are interested in applying for our 25man team in efforts to begin raiding 25mans we are actively seeking the following players.

1x Protection Warrior for a main tank position
1x Protection Paladin for an off tank/main tank position
1x Feral Druid for an off tank position
1x Blood Death Knight with a DPS off spec for an off tank/Melee DPS position
1x Holy Paladin for a main healer position
1x Holy Priest/Paladin or Restoration Shaman for an off healer position
2x Restoration Druid for raid healer positions
1x Feral Druid for Melee DPS
1x Enhancement Shaman for Melee DPS
1x Elemental Shaman for Range DPS
1x Shadow Priest for Range DPS
1x Warlock for Range DPS

If you do not fit any of these requirements we are still always looking for casual raiders and subs to fill in any gaps when they are required. Though when the core raid spots have been filled, your raiding opportunities will be very limited. Your presence will still be appreciated.

<Overated> raids on Wednesday Thursday and Sunday at 8PM Server Time until whenever. If you cannot regularly make these times please do not expect to obtain a core raiding position as our core raiders maintain near 100% attendance.

As we are looking at starting to raid, we require all applicants to have at least ilevel 340+ so that they are nearly raid ready, only a few pieces of gear left from heroics/reputation rewards. Previous raiding experience is not required, however, it is beneficial to your application.

If you are interested in applying please whisper Mispelt in game for more information.

Thank you.
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85 Tauren Druid
Hi Mispelt.

I am an ilvl 347 Feral druid (main spec) with an on-par Restoration set (Alt spec)

I would like to apply for a position in the guild.

The ingame name is Aaerul

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Thanks for showing interest. I'll get back to you in game when I get a chance, probably tomorrow afternoon sometime. Looking forward to talking some more then :)
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90 Blood Elf Paladin

I'm a 345 Holy Pally interested in applying
I also have a 336ish resto druid i'm in the process of gearing up
Pally's name is Blonkers, Druid's name is Optimist
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
I'm a 349 prot paly. Have dps off spec but geared as high. (still 340+ but.)
Interested in joining the 10man group. Contact me in game or in here.
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