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This is just a place for anyone to share a short profile for their RP characters here on Kirin Tor. With it is a little layout to go by. Remember to try and keep it a bit brief and short. Would also help for a sticky. =^.^=

In Game:
Full Name:

Current Home:

Race :

RP Flag:
Active Times:

Short Physical Description:
Brief History:
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In Game: Mikisha
Full Name: Mikisha Stormhoof
Nickname: Miki
Title: Champion of the Stormhoof
House/Tribe/Clan: Stormhoof Tribe

Current Home: Ashenvale, Kargathia Keep
Birthplace: Mulgore

Race : Tauren
Age: Young Adult
Sex: Female
Height: Slightly taller than average
Weight: Undisclosed

Short Physical Description:
Tall is the Druid, the fur upon her form a slight tan, much like the desert sands of Tanaris. Brown mane falls about broad shoulders, two long braids framing her bovine face. Three silver rings adorn each large ear, small in size, yet always shimmering, sparkling as surrounding light dances across the metal's surface.

Large green eyes shine bright, a slight twinkle as the all to familiar smirk plays upon her muzzle. Still in her prime, the young Tauren's confidence is matched by few. This is clear in her stance, the way she wears the soft leather armor and carries her weapon. The daughter of Trawyn Stormhoof, Mikisha has now inherited the title of Champion of the Stormhoof. This of course, has done nothing to temper the Druid's headstrong nature.

Brief History:
The daughter of Trawyn Stormhoof, the Druid was once thought dead, kidnapped from her parents at a young age. Rather, she was hidden away and brought forth to combat the darkness her mother had become as the Lich King rose to power.

Under the guidance of Overseer Gorthak, a long time friend of Trawyn's, Mikisha inherited the title of Champion of the Stormhoof, as well as the leadership of her Mother's Order, Saevio de Tempestas. As of late, the child of Trawyn drives the order towards a more active role against the enemies of the Horde, taking the battle to those she feels stand in the way of their dominance.

Though now, with the defeat of the Lich King and her mother seeking the path of An'she, the question is if Mikisha will turn control back to Trawyn.
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In Game: Itsott
Full Name: Itsott Owlweys
Nickname: Madame
Title: Adventurer
House/Tribe/Clan: No affiliation

Current Home: Stormwind City
Birthplace: Thelsamar, Loch Modan

Race : Dwarf
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Height: 3'10"
Weight: 120 lbs.

RP Flag: In character
Active Times: Weeknights, Weekends

Short Physical Description: She is constantly dying her hair. There are freckles on her face. Her skin is tan. She is always wearing dark red lipstick. On a rare occasion, she will wear make-up.

Brief History: She grew up with her mother, a fellow shaman, at Thelsamar in Loch Modan all of her life. She never knew of her father. She has no siblings but a ton of relatives. Her family helped to cast away spirits from the town and use their abilities to aid adventurers. A few years ago her mother went on a treasure seeking expedition to the Wetlands and never returned.

Not aware of her mother's whereabouts, she seeks to investigate and discover what happened to her. She also is looking to make friends along the way. She is a hardy adventurer, always up for a good laugh at an inn and a keg of ale.
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100 Night Elf Druid
In Game: Calafas
Full Name: Calafas Ashryn Featherwind-Darkmoon
Nickname: Cal/Cala
Title: The Gunpowder Raven

Current Home: The skies of Azeroth
Birthplace: Unknown, even to her

Race : Night Elf
Age: Human Equivalent of 30
Sex: Female
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 125 lbs.

RP Flag: Mature Roleplayer
Active Times: Always In-Character, though rarely RPing these days :/

Short Physical Description:

Short for a Night Elf, Calafas already stands out to a degree. Physically, she is lithe and lean, but with her own womanly curves. Her skin is a melon pink and her hair is a clean silver. Oddly enough, she was born with clover-tinted eyes and as with most females of her race, sports purple markings around her eyes. However, she must have been branded with these at an early age because she does not remember receiving them. Recently, small ivory antlers have begun to sprout through her bangs due to recent training with the druids of Hyjal.

As for her clothing, Calafas is no stranger to the steampunk fashion and prefers gear and gadgets wherever she can put them. Often times she can be seen with goggles, and tubes of maps hanging from her waist. Her robes are standard druidic robes with touches of clock pieces and gaudy, old mechanisms from machines far past their prime.

Brief History:

Calafas was born in an unknown origin, though likely somewhere near a Night Elf settlement. At the tender age of 3 (human equivalent), her parents abandoned her with a group of traveling rogues and gypsies, who payed her little mind throughout her childhood. With nothing much to do other than to entertain herself, she began to delve into the Arcane arts and eventually stumbled upon Druidism. The art itself being taboo amongst her race for females, she kept her new talents hidden and claimed to be incapable of magics.

The group of travelers one day ran into a rather large band of goblins making their way to some unknown destination while traveling through Tanaris. With little real skill of their own, Calafas' group began to fight against the emerald creatures, slowly falling to their trickery and cheap tricks. Seeing her comrades fall, the now adolescent Calafas began to use her, until now, hidden powers. As a few of the goblins were slaughtered by the unexpected druidic spells, the rest began to retreat, leaving behind a few cargo wagons and a rather large zeppelin-airship at a nearby camp. As a reward for saving the band of travelers, they honored Calafas with the ship and the title "Gunpowder" for the suddeness of her abilities.

Throughout many years in her young life, she altered the ship so that it was suitable for flight and to her liking. At the age of 25 (again human equivalent), Calafas began to pilot the ship and fly her "family" to their destinations. Along the way, she began to pick up odd jobs, eventually earning her profession: Airship bomber and Mercenary.

Today, Calafas pilots her ship, the Ravenous, alongside her husband, Valare Darkmoon, and her crew of random travelers. Look to the skies, because you might just be her next job :)
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85 Tauren Death Knight
In Game: Shimala
Full Name: Sh'mala Ragetotem
Nickname: Shim, Shimmy
Title: Deathbringer
House/Tribe/Clan: Ragetotem Clan

Current Home: Acherus: The Ebon Hold
Birthplace: Among the nomadic Tauren Tribes

Race : Tauren
Age: Undead. Or late 50s
Sex: Female
Height: Tall
Weight: Heavy

RP Flag: IC, Looking for contact
Active Times: Weekends

Short Physical Description: Large and big and scary-ish.

...Okay, fine.
She's rather tall, white furred, and is almost always wearing armour. (I had more in my MRP that was better, so I'll look att hat and copy it here when I get around to it)

Brief History: Decorated Veteran of the Alteric Valley battles, she met her demise at the hands of a Harpy Storm-Witch while saving a dwarven Priest-the Daughter of her longtime Rival and Nemesis, Gadrem Bronzehearth.

Awoke from death at the hands of the Acherus Necromancers, and was shanghai'd into the Lich King's service, ending when they were used as cannon fodder in the battle of Light's Hope Chapel-served the Highlord Darion Mograine to bring the Lich King's end for not only betraying them, but for slaying her own mate Dzanji, who was one of the Argent Dawn prisoners, while in his Thralldom.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
In Game: Teveriel
Full Name: Teveriel Amberdawn
Nickname: "Tev," to a select few.
Title: Blood Knight
House/Tribe/Clan: Amberdawn

Current Home: Silvermoon City; Ashenvale
Birthplace: Starbreeze Village, Quel'thalas

Race : Blood Elf
Age: 185
Sex: Male
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 165 lbs.

RP Flag:
Active Times: Sat. - Wed. 8:30pm - Midnight EST
Thurs. - Fri. When able.

Short Physical Description: Somewhat taller than average, with the telltale fel-green glow characteristic of the Sin'dorei. Fairly well built, his visage is marred by a jagged scar that runs down the left side of his face.

Brief History: (I prefer to divulge detailed info in the course of RP, but here's a very brief in-a-nutshell bio.) Teveriel Amberdawn is a Holy Paladin and a veteran of the Second and Third Wars. Although outwardly reserved and stern in demeanor, this stoic mask hides a thoughtful and kind soul that yearns for peace even as he fights in the name of his Horde allies. He currently holds the rank of Knight in the Blood Knights Order and maintains strong ties with the Argent Crusade, having served as a liaison between the Horde and the Crusade during the Northrend campaign.
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14 Orc Warrior
In Game:Gurkash
Full Name:Gurkash Steelglow
Nickname: Gurk

Title: None
House/Tribe/Clan: None
Current Home: Orgrimmar
Birthplace: Draenor

Race : Orc
Age: 38
Sex: Male
Height: 6'6''
Weight:290 lbs

OptionalRP Flag: Full Time
Active Times:Weekends : early morning, late nights Week: Late nights

Short Physical Description: Several scars, well built and extremely muscular, a middle aged orc always clad in Iron wearing proudly the Horde insignia on both of his armband. His skin is a darker green, and you can see the gray stripes slowly creeping up in his hair and beard.

Brief History: Was part of the orcs liberated from the internment camp after the second war. Installed himself in Orgrimmar with his mate and his 2 child afterwards, and lived a peaceful life as an armorer for the Horde afterwards.

The cataclysm claimed the life of his wife and his children went missing, convincing him to take arms and find them, while doing what a normal horde citizen can to prevent other events like the Cataclysm.
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85 Blood Elf Warlock
In Game: Delvelius
Full Name: Delvelius Varro Degniso
Nickname: Del, Doctor, PitA (Pain in the A**)
Title: Doctor
House/Tribe/Clan: None

Current Home: None
Birthplace: Southshore

Race : Blood Elf
Age: 327
Sex: Male
Height: 6 foot
Weight: 140 pounds

RP Flag:
Active Times: Just about every day

Short Physical Description: Looks kind of old. Clothes kept neat and tidy. Nothing special at all.

Brief History: ((Ugh)) Was a Human who decided to cheat death by placing his mind into a device he created. After a series of events he wound up trapped inside a Sin'dorei warlock. ((OMGZ I BROKE LORE!!!))
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In Game: Vikuri
Full Name: Zufli Vikuri
Nickname: Viki
Title: Zandalari Priestess
House/Tribe/Clan: Zandalar

Current Home: Varies
Birthplace: Zuldazar, Zandalar

Race : Troll
Age: Middle Aged
Sex: Female
Height: 7'8"

Short Physical Description:
Like others of her tribe, the Zandalari Priestess is tall and rather domineering in appearance, just under eight feet in height. Yet, as with her brethren, she is merely content with dedicating her life to studying and preserving the history of her race, as well as their culture and society. This is clear by the fact the blue skin covering her lithe form is smooth, unmmared by scars or markings common amongst those who serve upon the front lines in battle. Vibrant red hair hangs loose down her back, save for a few strands braided and twisted, left to frame her face. Matching eyes glow bright, shimmering slightly as a sly smirk forms upon the youthful face, showing off the twin tusks within.

Brief History:
Do not allow such an appearance to decieve or fool. Many a battle the Priestess has seen. A skilled Alchemist, the few warriors amongst the Zandalar have found her concoctions most helpful. From violent, unstable brews that could be hurled amongst the ranks of her enemies to potions that when taken grant the warriors added strength and increased reflexes. As well, she grants such warriors blessings before battle and healing their wounds. And if necessary, she has made her way into the fringes of the fray, enemies often finding themselves under the effects of rather debilitating spells cast by the Priestess.

As of now, the whispers coming from Zandalar Isle do not bode well for the Priestess. She currently may be found amongst her Ally Mikisha Stormhoof and the Druid's military order (poo on Blizz for messin with the Trolls xD).
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In Game: Mahui
Full Name: Mahui Wolfheart
Nickname: None
Title: Frostwolf Scout
House/Tribe/Clan: Frostwolf

Current Home: Ashenvale
Birthplace: Alterac Mountains

Race : Orc
Age: Young Adult
Sex: Female
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 227

Short Physical Description:
all is the Orc, somewhat lean for her kind. Her skin is a soft green, her face betraying her youth. Small tusks emerge from her mouth. She files the set, keeping them at a sharp point.

Each ear is adorned with rings, though the left ear holds a small scar running from the lobe into the side of her neck, the reminders of a foolish mistake made in her training.

Often she wears her dark black hair pulled back, keeping it from her face in the heat of battle. Her eyes are a piercing crystal blue, constantly sizing up those before her as a constant threat.

Often she is found in the company of her Frostwolf, Rogash. Large and muscular, the form of the Howler is lost beneath his thick snow white coat.

Brief History:
A young Orc, Mahui is of the Frostwolf clan. She serves as a Scout in the battle for Alterac Valley amongst her people, aided always by her faithful companion Rogash.

Born shortly after the first war, Mahui grew up in the Alterac Mountains. She remained there until called forth by her clan to fight in the Third War. Afterwards she returned to the mountains with the rest of the Frostwolf.

Recently however, with the attentions on the recent Cataclysm and emergence of Deathwing, focus on the battles against the foul Stomrpike has been diverted. In an effort to gather more aide, Mahui requested the aide of Mikisha Stormhoof and her Order. In return, the Orc Hunter serves the Tauren Druid and acts as a liason with the forces of the Frostwolf.
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27 Goblin Priest
Hunkydori lost controll of his hyper active ADHD and combusted into a small mushroom cloud over Ratchet. He had lost his meds and just contain the power.
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31 Tauren Paladin
Furamos has been lost to the world and has gone into hiding.
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90 Worgen Priest
In Game: Masquerade
Full Name: Jackalynne Von Grimm
Nickname: Masquerade/Jackie
Title: Raven Priestess of Gilneas
House/Tribe/Clan: De LaCree
Current Home: Stormwind
Birthplace: Gilneas

Race: Gilnean
Age: 24
Sex: Female
Height: 5'3" Human Form, 7'2" Worgen
Weight: 114 lbs. Human, 225 lbs. Worgen

Optional RP Flag:

Visual Aid: http://bit.ly/e3DBZ7 (or http://tinyurl.com/43nhcca)

As of recently, Jackie has been seen with a rather imposing figure of a Night Elf. It is quite common to find her near to the green-haired individual. One could come to the conclusion that they are close, if not in a relationship.
A typical Gilnean, Masquerade appears to be a bit stockier than a normal human female found in cities like Stormwind. Her figure is full with curves that give her a womanly charm, and yet at the same time there is something about her that draws the eyes.

Somewhat tanned skin is accented by pools of mahogany tresses that cascade down her collarbone and shoulders, waves and ringlets forming is just the right places. One might note that her eyes are almost animalistic in that they hold an odd burgundy tint. Masq's pupils almost seem wolf-like if caught at a second glance. Full lips compliment an almost sculpted face devoid of makeup. She prefers to keep her nails manicured with a soft baby pink coating and the only type of enhancment that would ever be seen on her is likely to be a simple blush on her cheekbones.

Masquerade has an obvious accent to her voice that gives her the foreign charm. The sharp pronounciations of the Gilnean people are very much present with each word.

One might note an odd scar on her left collarbone...something that appears to be a bite mark from a large animal.
Masq prefers to not give her curse much stock. When she is not in the midst of battle or angered by something, she will remain in her original form, however there are times that she must don the guise of a werewolf.

In her worgen form, her fur is a rust-colored brown accented in places with a rich cream color. Having a relation to her human form, her fur is kept sleek and shiny due to the care of her actual mahogany locks. Burgundy still makes itself present within her wolf-like visage and a discoloration on her collarbone signifies her scar.

(She is about 7'2" and 225 lbs. in this form)

Her namesake comes from a small masquerade half-mask that covers her right eye only, a reddish glow coming from the darkened eye circle. The mask itself is richly detailed with gemstones, filigree, and crimson feathers from a Hawkstrider.

When not in her Worgen form booking it on all fours, she can often be seen on a camel she discovered in Uldum named Cairo. Also, she will never be without a small fox kit which she has lovingly named Aesop.

Active Times: Almost always when I'm on, which lately has been everyday.

Short Physical Description: See above.

Brief History:
Here is the story of her transformation here: http://bit.ly/eToBTE.
You can also find a short story of her meeting a dear friend before the Curse here: http://tinyurl.com/3jhh66d
Edited by Masquerade on 7/3/2011 8:53 AM PDT
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86 Gnome Death Knight
In Game: Frostspark
Full Name: Trixie Frostspark, formerly Trixie Boltspark
Nickname: Trix, Frost, Spark
Title: Knight of the Ebon Blade
House/Tribe/Clan: N/A

Current Home: Acherus, the Ebon Hold
Birthplace: Gnomeregan

Race : Gnome (Undead)
Age: Died at 56
Sex: Female
Height: 3'
Weight: 38 LBS

Active Times: 5:30 PM EST - 12 AM EST.

Short Physical Description: Trixie seems to be nearly average for a gnome, albeit a little tall for a female. Her hair, bleached white from her rebirth, hangs down to her shoulders, framing her somewhat pale face. Most notably are her piercing, icy blue eyes, a trait shared by most, if not all Death Knights. She bears a few scars from combat, most notably one on her left cheek, but otherwise appears to be in good condition.

Brief History: Trixie once served the Alliance during the Second War against the Orcish Horde. A reconnaissance officer, she was frequently sent over enemy lines to note troop movements and encampments. Sent on a mission that took her through the Alterac Mountains, her flying machine crashed, knocking her unconscious within the snowy peaks of the mountains. Not geared for the weather, she froze to death.

Some time later, Trixie awoke in Acherus, risen to join the ranks of the Lich King in his war on life. Among those that were at the spearhead of the battle against the Scarlet Crusade, she helped slaughter hundreds of civilians and soldiers. It wasn't until the Battle for Light's Hope that she was knocked back to her senses, the control the Lich King held over her and her fellow Knights broken. Trixie now works to undo the ravages of the Scourge, wherever they turn up,
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90 Human Warrior
im killstreak i was born to kill the horde thats all u need to know
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
In Game: Katychla
Full Name: Vindicator-General Ambassador Katychla Dreuth (yes she considers that her full name)
Nickname: Kat, Katya
Title: General
House/Tribe/Clan: N/A

Current Home: Falconwing Square
Birthplace: Undisclosed

Race : Appears Blood elf
Age: Appears early-to-mid 20s human equivalent
Sex: Female
Height: Slightly taller than average
Weight: Athletic build, average

RP Flag: Always in character, looking for contact
Active Times: Weeknights, weekends

Short Physical Description: Katychla is slightly taller than an average blood elf. She has thin battlescars up and down her arms, as well as a scar around her throat and one over her left eye. Her eyes are more white than fel-green, and her teeth seem to have been filed flat. She speaks with a thick accent.

Brief History: Background will have to be learned ICly. Currently leader of a band of mercenaries based off of Murder Row in Silvermoon
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100 Night Elf Warrior
In Game: Karuvar
Full Name: Karuvar Ravenstar
Nickname: 'Kar'
Title: The Lonely Warrior
House/Tribe/Clan: House Ravenstar

Current Home: He never has a 'home', but frequents Stormwind quite often.
Birthplace: Near Astranaar

Race : Night Elf
Age: 120
Sex: Male
Height: 7' 2"
Weight: 190 pounds

RP Flag: Casual to mature Roleplayer
Active Times: random usually

Short Physical Description:
Karuvar Ravenstar is much like many Night Elves you may meet except for a noticeably muscular frame from years of dwarven warrior training. His most noticeable feature is his wild mane of green hair. Unkempt but seldom dirty, it is but a mark from his many travels across the lands. His golden eyes marked him as a hero as a child, though his wandering ways and choice to become a warrior have cast that into doubt among the surviving members of House Ravenstar. His neatly trimmed beard belies his grizzled appearance seeming to show some pride in its upkeep...
He has a carefree, independent, and sociable nature at times, a feature learned a little from his years as a trader and even more so while receiving hi dwarven training. Karuvar has a tendency to appear klutzy while approaching battle, yet this is merely a ruse. He is a master of confused combat and feints idiocy to fool his enemies. He is very cautious when approaching combat unless if he knows the outcome of the fight, in which case he will actually be somewhat reckless. Karuvar shows a deep sense of honor and he has sworn to defend those he has charge over to the death, risking great injury to do so

Brief History:
A rather young and ambitious Night Elf even by Darnassian standards. Karuvar Ravenstar was born to Jarod and Melian Ravenstar in the city of Astranaar. Jarod was a Druid of the Claw and Melian a sentinel captain who were both dedicated in the highest sense to their works.
He was groomed to become a Druid of the Claw, but never showed any real talent for it and he resigned shortly after starting. A simple elf, he managed a living for himself as a craftsman and trader, having little interest in military arts during a time of peace and solitude. He did learn much about martial combat from his mother as a young elf, but never pursued or pressed it further at that time.
With the intrusion of the green-skinned foreigners, both the Sentinels and Druids responded, including his parents. Karuvar, having no useful ability besides his trade skills and amateur military skills, stayed behind, acting as a scout for Astranaar lest it fall under siege. His parents never returned, nor were they ever found, much to the Karuvar's anguish. His guilt of not being able to protect his loved ones drove him to seek out warrior training with the sentinels. The Sentinels, a female-only caste denied him training. It was by pure chance that Karuvar met a dwarven diplomat and learned that they would take him on to train. Karuvar went to Ironforge and trained under the best warriors the dwarves could offer. While there he became fascinated with metals and how to manipulate them as a blacksmith. With all the recent events in the past 8 years, Karuvar's skills have been put to the test time and again. He has sworn to protect those around him and to make up for his perceived failings years ago.
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90 Dwarf Hunter
In Game: Mîm
Full Name: Mîm Silverhide
Nickname: None yet :)
Title: the Low Dwarf
House/Tribe/Clan: Wildhammer Clan

Current Home: Stormwind
Birthplace: Farm in Wetlands, near Menethil Harbor

Race : Dwarf
Age: 54
Sex: Male
Height: 4'2"
Weight: 215lb

RP Flag: Full-time Roleplayer
Active Times: whenever I'm on lads!

Short Physical Description:
Mîm is a rather unimpressive dwarf physically. He is not ugly nor is he a looker by dwarven means. He is simply your run of the mill, fun-loving dwarf. Of course, you cannot have a dwarf male without an impressive beard, and Mîm is no exception. Twin braids and a rather large moustache mark his face and a stylishly short haircut define his face. He has bright green eyes which, if you take his hair color in to account, is indicative of his Wildhammer ancestry, though he has no tattoos indicating his connection to the culture within the clan. Mîm is a stocky, well muscled dwarf, slighly taller than some, raised on one of the farm settlements below Ironforge in the wetlands and not unused to physical labor. He is a very practical dwarf that loves to explore.

Brief History:
Mîm was born to a Wildhammer common farming family below the mountain of Ironforge in the Wetlands. His mother passed giving birth to Mîm, though he tells this information to no one. His father was a farmer and free spirited dwarf. Though very poor, Mîm and his father worked on the farm and with odd jobs mining coal and ore for the dwarves of Ironforge to make ends meet. Mîm eventually came to learn the craft of saddlemaking, making equipment for the alliance soldiers stationed in Menethil Harbor and Ironforge. To supply his needs, he took up the mantle of a hunter and befriended a companion bear named Kenai as well as a wolf named Carcharoth. Before the last war, Mîm's father grew sick with fever borne upon a foul wind from the east. Try as he would, Mîm could not revive his father, nor could he enlist the aid of a physician as he was unable to find or pay for their services. His father died on a rainy night and come the morning, Mîm set out after having sold the few remaining rams they had raised together to a neighbor and friend.
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