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85 Night Elf Druid
*Deleted by author*
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85 Night Elf Druid
*Deleted by author*
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30 Gnome Warlock
In Game: Thevenin
Full Name: Johann-Fourier Laplace-Greenbeard Thevenin
Nickname: Thev, You Jerk, Big Daddy Thev
Title: The Mad Doctor, The Demonic Scholar, You Jerk
House/Tribe/Clan: Thevenin

Current Home: Lions Pride Inn VIP Suite
Birthplace: Gnomeregan

Race: All Gnome babby, and you love it.
Age: The Gnomish equivalent of human middle age.
Sex: Absolutely.
Height: About the average for a Gnome.
Weight: Slightly pudgy, his penchant for ice cream and prostitutes is legendary.

RP Flag: Rollplayer ;)
Active Times: Rarely. Too busy studying the Demonic Texts, unlike you loafabouts, that's why so many Warlocks don't know what they're doing.

Short Physical Description: His Gnomish Boisterous Sayings Detector (GBSD) whirls and clicks. It goes off as you approach and Thevenin furrows his brow at you. You begin to speak but a rude guffaw cuts you off. As you protest the laughter only gets louder and faster. You step away and go to another part of the inn to share stories of your conquests with fellow adventurers. Suddenly the GBSD on Thevenin's head begins beeping and pointing at you, all the while the Gnome underneath it continues to mock you.

Brief History:
Thevenin was born into a family of Gnomish diplomats. Rather than go into the family business of fluff and hand shaking Thevenin decided he would rather reach into the Nether and pull out some idiots to do his work for him. His favorite demon is the Felguard Zurilrike. Thev refers to him as Z-Nasty and allows the demon to do most if not all of his dirty work. Thevenin decided to be a jerk to everyone he met when he realized that he was radically superior to everyone else. Words used to describe Thevenin have ranged from obscene and crass to unpleasant and obnoxious. Some are even too filthy to repeat here.
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85 Human Warlock
In Game: Sorodil
Full Name: Sorodil Drakkurgardt
Title: Associate Professor

Current Home: Actively traveling
Birthplace: Silverpine

Race : Human
Age: twenties
Sex: male
Height: average
Weight: average

RP Flag: in character about 90% of the time
Active Times: unpredictable

Short Physical Description: Of average height and build, and with black hair, Sorodil barely stands out from the pack. It's his trappings that mark him as noteworthy - scroll cases, vials - both empty and filled - and an unwound bit of bandage decorate a satchel he keeps at his side. These belongings easily identify him as both a student of the arcane, and an alchemist.

A red whelpling is often close behind him, or perched on his shoulder, and something - be it a pendant or cloak clasp - is always present to show his dedication to the Light.

Brief History: For as long as he could remember, Sorodil wanted to be a mage. His mother encouraged him with stories, his brother encouraged him by challenging him, and his father even went so far as to send the boy to Dalaran one fateful day.

Sorodil returned home to find his home in ruins after apparently having been shelled by alliance siege teams - who predictably claimed that they were just following orders to prevent the spread of some undead menace. Sorodil searched the town late into the evening, but found no sign of life amidst the rubble. Eventually, he was met by several disenfranchised paladins who took pity on the boy, and watched over him as they traveled the land offering their service in exchange for food and shelter. Sorodil became quite the accomplished apothecary during this time.

Eventually, the boy's latent talent for magic awakened, though it was twisted and impure. He was left at Northshire Abbey by his paladin companions in an attempt to 'cure' him, but his untended anguish for the loss of his loved ones continued to feed the shadow and flame that welled within him. Sorodil left to become an adventurer, but he took the Light with him.

Since then, he has become an accomplished physician and historian, traveling the land in search of secrets, and doing whatever good deeds he can. He's borderline obsessed with concepts of rebirth and reincarnation. He fights only those forces that would threaten the light so that one day men like him will no longer be needed to bind demons to their will, and he can retire. Possibly to Lakeshire. He kinda likes it there.
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90 Human Mage
In Game: Beardoktor
Full Name: Bear Doktor.
Nickname: The hermit.
Title: The deranged
House/Tribe/Clan: Steelmill

Current Home: Stormwind
Birthplace: Elwynn

Race : Human
Age: Forty something
Sex: Male
Height: six five.
Weight: One Ninety.

RP Flag:
Active Times:

Short Physical Description: A tall yet lean man whose eyes usually peer out ominously from below the brim of his hat. Within those eyes are contained a deranged aura, one which has possessed he who calls himself the 'Physician to bears' since his early teens. He is a man who walks with a limp and talks with a twang, often hunching over in place of walking out of sheer laziness. With a scent of formaldehyde and a constant whispering coming from beneath his hat, he often stays by himself, striding across fields with said limp and often an animal carcass in tow.

Brief History: At age unknown, Hermil Schmitt - soon to be known as Bear doktor - encountered an ursine creature within Elwynn forest. He was attacked by it and unbeknownst to him the bear would almost take his life, forcing him to flee and leave behind the food he had gone to Goldshire for. Upon arriving home he found that his father was waiting with whip in one hand and belt in the other - a dual wielding warrior - who gave him the leathering of his life. He was sent to bed without supper and awoke the next morning to a Bear in his house, one which had taken his fathers life.
He killed it swiftly, though the monstrous gore which so now decorated his house was so terrible that it drove him insane. From that day forward he had nightly terrors of bears stalking him, of their barbaric features roaring in his dreams such that he could not escape them even in the - to most - sweet sleep of temporary death.
And thus he grew up, turning to become a physician of bears in order to cure his madness, though the act had no positive outcome as it simply drove him further into his incessant madness, to such an extent that he often took to hunting down bears and ice lancing them to death or simply turning into an ice block when they were upon him such that they would become trapped within the cool crystallize stuff, suffocating with expressions of rage on their features.
Sometimes, now, he operates on bears, sometimes he operates on people. But he is, for all intents and purposes, so far gone from sanity that the concept has long since been lost to him.
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In Game: Whilt
Full Name: Dahlia "the Whilted One" Clovenston
Nickname: Kooky Spice
Title: Assistant Professor (IG), Keeper of the Lost (RP)
House/Tribe/Clan: Guild - The Solace Coalition, student of the Kirin Tor

Current Home: Dalaran
Birthplace: Tarren Mill, Hilsbrad Foothills

Race: Forsaken (formerly human)
Age: Died in her early 20s
Sex: Female
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 90lbs

RP Flag:
Always IC, always up for RP!
Active Times: Anytime really, she pops into existence sort of randomly depending on the player's mood.

Short Physical Description: Pretty much exactly how she looks in-game. Her eyes are filled with what looks like a shiny black substance instead of hollow, the exposed boney areas looking to be charred to a degree along with the crispy edges of flesh around them.

Hair is stuck in a spiked out manner as if indicating that she was close to an explosion of sorts (likely the one that killed her), it tends to shed tiny bits of ash and soot when ever she fidgets or makes sudden movements.

Mostly seen wearing something on the gaudy side of fashion, which may attribute to her very strange sense of perception attached to the world around her.

Brief History: She has no real issue with sharing these details in person, though the means to which she communicates is indeed quite fragmented, often times leaving the listener far more baffled than enlightened on the subject.
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42 Human Mage
In Game: Draeleon
Full Name: Draeleon Torino
House/Tribe/Clan: None

Current Home: Stormwind City
Birthplace: Stahnbrad, Alterac

Race: Human
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 200 lbs.

Brief History: Born to a family of Syndicate members in the ruins of the Alterac Mountains, Draeleon Torino was not destined for greatness. After a fight with his brother when he was only 12, he left home and moved to Southshore with his aunt. She passed away a few weeks after he arrived and he spent the next few years doing odd jobs around the town until he was arrested during an attempted robbery and sent to the stockades in Stormwind. Upon his release the following year, he was sent to work as an apprentice to Mazen Mac'Nadir of the Academy of Arcane Arts and Sciences, and quickly showed aptitude as a student of magic. Upon reaching age 18 he was free to go, as the terms of his probation expired and he decided upon taking up adventuring and serving the Alliance out of gratitude for the Academy's guidance and teaching in turning his life around for the better.
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90 Night Elf Monk
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100 Dwarf Warrior
In Game: Bockpounder
Full Name: Banin Dunadrin
Clan: Clan Bronzebeard

Current Home: Theslamar
Birthplace: Kharanos

Race: Bronzebeard Dwarf
Age: 80
Sex: Male
Height: 4' 5"
Weight: 200 lbs.

If you are a Wildhammer dwarf from the Highlands (Kirthaven/Thundermar), a Stormpike Dwarf from Alterac, or a Bronzebeard Dwarf from Khaz Modan, you may already know Banin!

Rumors you may have heard about Banin:

-He, at some point, worked as a Deepwarden for Ironforge.

-He's a bit of a racist towards non-dwarves/gnomes.

-He once held his own against a small platoon (Some accounts are larger, some are lesser) of Orcs in the Alterac Mountains.

-He supposedly outdrank a giant! And then slew said giant. Reasons unknown.

-He has created masterful works out of gems and ore.


Brief History:

-Fought in the Second War against the Orcs, along with the other Dwarves having joined the new "Alliance". Fought in the battle of the Dark Portal, ending the Second War.

-(Vanilla) Stationed much in Alterac Mountains, though has roamed around Dun Algaz / Wetlands fighting the Orcs.

-(BC) Moved through the Dark Portal with much of the Ironforge Infantry, doing most of his time in the tunnels and caverns of the Blade's Edge Mountains.

-(WotLK) Fought from the beachhead at Howling Fjord up through Grizzly Hills, Zul'Drak (focusing on fighting the Trolls), into the Storm Peaks and finally Icecrown. When the battle with the Lich King was ended, returned to station at Dun Algaz.

-(Cata) Took up his arms once more, fighting against the Dragonmaw anywhere they would take the field, specifically in the Thundermar Region. Was present at the fall of Humbolt (and has some burn scarring on his face, mostly hidden by his beard.)

-(Pandaria) Originally mobilized to take and hold what is now Lion's Landing, when support arrived, he was pushed further into the land beyond the mists. Continued to advance Alliance and the Allied Pandaren interests until units were stood down in Kun-Lai by the Shado-Pan. Has since returned home to Loch Modan once again.
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90 Human Warlock
In Game: Cathrynal
Full Name: Cathrynal Shadowstar
Nickname: Cathy
Title: Zen-Master Tailor/ Chef Misstress of Demons
House/Tribe/Clan: The Shadowstar Family

Current Home: No specific home, wanders mostly
Birthplace: Hillsbrad

Race : Human
Age: 23
Sex: Female
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 135

RP Flag: In-Character most times, Light to Medium RP, can do Heavier RP
Active Times: Late afternoon to Evening hours, work varies, and Life likes to interrupt

Short Physical Description: Small and frail-looking, she is generally overlooked as a possible physical threat by many, and with good reason. Almost always wears well-made clothing, most by her own hands either a mix of red and gold, or a deep purple, sometimes shot through with green. Her clothing while not always outwardly screaming -warlock-, would not help to deny her actual practices.

Despite being small, she carries herself upright, rarely slouching or keeping her head low. Either stubborn or prideful, she does not try to hide what she is, will not deny it, and one might assume proud of it.

Brief History: Born and raised in Hillsbrad, her mother was a trained markswoman in the Alliance Military, and her father a Righteous Paladin of the Holy Light. Being a man of the Light, he shunned his daughter and disowned her, forbidding her from his presence forever. Shunned and hated, she set out on her own.

Rumors are told she once had a brother that, despite his father's declaration, went after his beloved little sister. He was never seen again, and Cathrynal always wears a golden badge under her robes with his name etched into it.

None have heard from Cathrynal's mother in years, herself having vanished shortly after her son went after Cathrynal. Her father, a powerful paladin, was last seen in the frigid fields of Icecrown battling the undead legions.

And so, Cathrynal wanders, seeking something...Always searching...
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