[H]<Thunder Bluff Steak Co> recruiting - 10m

<Thunder Bluff Steak Co> is currently recruiting for our 10m raid team. We are not a hardcore guild, the focus is on fun as a group. We expect members to have a mature attitude and be willing to do their part forthe success of the team, and so drama is not welcome. We have guild repairs for members, guild feasts, And guild flasks/pots, all we ask is that members contribute to ensure the stockpiles remain filled for raiding.


TUES / THURS @ 8 - 11PM server time (central time)


HEALERS: We are currently recruiting a permanent restoration druid or holy paladin for the team as a third healer working with a Holy Priest/Resto Shaman team.

TANKS: We are currently looking for another Blood DK and/or Prot Warrior for the team. As with DPS below, you may or may not be slotted in a given week, it just depends. If you have a DPS offspec it increases your chances. However, for warriors, we are full on Fury Warriors in the raid and will not be slotting two of them, so if you are dps, please be arms.

DPS: We are currently accepting dps applicants, particularly Balance Druids, Shadow Priests, or Frost DKs. Other DPS are welcome to apply. All DPS may be slotted on the main team or may be on standby until needed, it depends on the needs at the time, in particular, if we have an absence that week that we need to have someone step in for. We try and rotate DPS into the raid to ensure everyone has a chance at loot, however.


TBSC utilizes a NEED BEFORE GREED system for loot, with the type of loot that drops determining who is allowed to even roll on the item at all. After that, individuals /random 100 and the winner gets the loot. If an item is a massive improvement for one raider over the other and both can use it, the one for whom the item is a larger upgrade will win the item. The improvement of the gear of the whole guild is more important than any one individual.

Universal Need Rolls may be used for items such as Chaos Orbs or certain raid tokens where all who can use it roll on it unless the orb/tokens were being given to a particular individual and in that case, would have been declared upfront at the start of the run by decision of the raid leadership in consultation with the whole team.


We welcome all applications, please apply at TBSTEAKCO.ENJIN.COM and/or in-game by contacting one of our leaders (Wyktin, Afeawen, Aruua, Elaelida, and Wittgenstein) or recruiting officers (Kelendron and Takeyla). Expect any of them to potentially direct you to the website as part of the application process. If any of them are busy at the specific moment you inquire, they may refer you to another on the list. Feel free to send an in-game mail to Wyktin directly also with times you would be available to talk about your inquiry and application.
Edited by Wyktin on 3/9/2011 4:34 PM PST
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Edit: Changed recruiting class list for healers to reflect current recruiting needs.
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Edit: Updated post to show new guild website host and information on transition from ventrilo to mumble. Recruitment is still open as listed above, apply today!
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Updated post for current recruiting list, reformatted post, clarified change to loot system (removal of SK in favor of direct NBG system)
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