145,000 Guilds vs 41000 Guilds

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Yes im aware that i got the release date wrong, for some reason i was thinking it was released in November so some of my numbers are off. just subtract a month from the start and add 4 more weeks to the end!

As for the Naxx Numbers i dont believe they are available on wow progression as the data only goes back to tier 8. :)

((all numbers taken from wow progression))

These are how many guilds have downed the first boss in ICC vs the 1st Boss in Cataclysm.

145,000 (combined 10 & 25) guilds downed Marrowgar.
41,000 (combined 10 & 25) guilds downed Magmaw.

This is World Wide.

More people downed the LK 59,000 (combined 10 & 25) than have downed the first boss in the first tier of this expansion.

In all fairness these numbers are going to be slighly skewed as ICC was out for over 12 months, Yet here we are going into our 5th month of Cataclysm. and less than 7000 guilds have completed all the content. (only 28 guilds have competed all the content on heroic modes, 28 guilds people... out of how many servers?)

Think about that.. only 14% of the RAIDERS .. not ALL guilds.. but RAIDERS have completed Normal Mode Content. and we're 8 weeks away from being at the 25% mark of this expansions life. (roughly 2 years as per the others) and only 7000 guilds have been succesful in completing normal mode content.

Blackwing Descent
Magmaw: 41694 (93.10%)
Omnotron Defense System: 37159 (82.98%)
Maloriak: 29926 (66.83%)
Atramedes: 23763 (53.06%)
Chimaeron: 22371 (49.96%)
Nefarian: 6605 (14.75%)

The Bastion of Twilight
Halfus Wyrmbreaker: 38050 (84.97%)
Valiona and Theralion: 31041 (69.32%)
Ascendant Council: 20726 (46.28%)
Cho'gall: 13289 (29.67%)

Throne of the Four Winds
Conclave of Wind: 27960 (62.44%)
Al'Akir: 10201 (22.78%)

if i was a developer.. and i had a player base of 11 million.. yet only 70,000 - 80,000 players were capable of doing my content.. i would be rather alarmed that less than 1% of the player base is capable of doing the things you've designed. i dont care about baddies, or learn 2 play issues or who's epeen is the longest and heroic modes are easy.. in the end the numbers speak for themselves. 1% success rate is abject failure from a design standpoint.

(yes i know not everyone raids, yes i know that these numbers probally dont represent 100% accuracy becuase blizzard is the only one's with the hard numbers)

Im not calling for nerfs, or buffs, im simply stating a point. the overall design as of this point in the expansions life has failed to engage the majority of the players or even the majority of the raiders that raid.

I have never seen the player base so angry both in raids and in heroic pugs as i have these last 4 months im not sure of the goal blizzard is setting for us.. but i think its safe to say that 99% of the players wont get there.

I would like to hear from the blues on what they plan to do before 4.1 comes out to fix this rate of failure. is the content really designed for 1% of the player base?


added by Faelyne

Current total Magmaw Normal Mode 10/25: 41740 GUILDS

Total Anubarak (ToC) Normal Mode 10: 84044 GUILDS
Total Anubarak (ToC) Normal Mode 25: 52903 GUILDS

This is from wowprogess like the OP, but you have to consider that these are Guild achievement rankings (chars in the guild before 4.0 guild changes).

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Can we have number of guild that downed....

anub rekhan?
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While I agree with this post, I'm having trouble believing that those numbers are accurate
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ICC was out longer, ICC had the buff, Cata had us start 5 levels below cap and had us work through heroics.
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You gotta remember, ICC was the last tier of raiding in Wrath and it was much easier for casual guilds to get geared up for it because of the epics you could get by doing heroics.

We're only on the first tier right now and the you can only get blues by doing straight heroics. You really have to rep grind and craft to get pre-raid epics and that takes time (and gold).

And you said it yourself, we're only 5 months in. ICC was out for an entire year.

All that being said, I'm sure the hardcore raiders would be happy about the numbers...
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Cataclysm was released on 12/7. It's been out for 2.5 months.
02/23/2011 7:24 PMPosted by Missdakid
Yet here we are going into our 5th month of Cataclysm.

We're 2.5 months into Cataclysm...
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You're comparing the bosses in the last tier of raiding of one expansion with the first tier of bosses in a new expansion.

There's your problem.
We're only in for 2 months and a half now...
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im not really sure weather i care if its last or first.. the point is succesful completion. its obvious at this point that somethings wrong, and i would like to hear from a blue one what they plan to do to fix the issue. this has gone beyond a l2p issue as less than a 3rd of the people who were raiding in icc can even down a single boss in cat.

either players are capable of doing this. or they arnt. if they arnt. then the obvious solution is to lower the difficulty or give them better tools to do the job.
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02/23/2011 7:24 PMPosted by Missdakid
Yet here we are going into our 5th month of Cataclysm.

Hmmm...Cata was released on 12/7/2010...today is {looks at watch} 2/23/2011. 5 months? Actually, slightly over 2 1/2 months.

I assume the other numbers you've posted are equally as accurate and well researched...

02/23/2011 7:24 PMPosted by Missdakid
In all fairness these numbers are going to be slighly skewed as ICC was out for over 12 months

Slightly skewed? ICC was released on 12/8/2009...1 year after Wrath was released. Everyone had 12 months to get to max level, work on dungeons, heroics and prior raids...in other words, many guilds were already geared and ready to go when ICC launched.

Sorry, your argument doesn't work at any level.
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Cata has been out 3.5 months? vs half of an expansion?
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02/23/2011 7:38 PMPosted by Khafiyya
We're only in for 2 months and a half now...

November, December, January, Febuary.. thats 4..
02/23/2011 7:40 PMPosted by Missdakid
We're only in for 2 months and a half now...

November, December, January, Febuary.. thats 4..

In what universe did Cataclysm launch in November?
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I think you might be barking up the wrong tree a bit.

The number is far lower perhaps because of less attempts?

Meaning less people want to jump through the bogus hoops they created in order to get to the front door or maybe even Millions of people have quit.
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