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GUILD: EVERLASTING SALVATION // Alliance // Alexstrasza
STYLE: Christian, Family Friendly Leveling and Raiding guild
Raid Times (all times server time): Wednesday 8pm, Thursday 8pm, Saturday 7pm (Guild Achievement runs), Sunday 5pm (Old world and fun runs).

What we are currently looking for:

Raiders, any class and spec for our 10 man teams. Specifically, looking for Ranged DPS and raid heals. All applicants of any class or spec, however, will be considered.


Everlasting Salvation is THE Christian guild on Alexstrasza. If you're tired of the drama in your guild, or just want to meet some great new people, give us a look. We are currently level 18 with over 550 members, 7 Guild Bank tabs, a great looking tabard, website, Facebook page, and Vent. This is a Family-Friendly, Zero-Drama fun guild. We have weekly raids, leveling help for lower level toons, and helpful players across the board. It's more about the relationships we have with each other than the game, and we're mostly on a first name basis in guild chat. We have a dedicated Vent server, and use it for raids and instances. There's always plenty of help and a friendly environment. We actually have several parent-kid and husband-wife teams in our guild. Several dozen of our members have realm or faction transferred to our guild to be a part of us.

Everlasting Salvation is NOT a hardcore raid guild, but we are a guild that raids consistently. The main difference is the way we treat players in the game. So many guilds will rip you a new one if you're having a bad day, or can't pull 10K on the DPS chart. We are NOT like that, since we know there's a real life person behind every toon. When you give us a try, you'll see how we treat everyone in the guild. As Guild Leader, I don't tolerate anyone treating others with disrespect for any reason. The player is more important than the toon.

We've recently begun our progression in Cataclysm raid content and are currently 2/13 as a guild. We are looking for exceptional players to fill some key raid team spots that understand what we're about as a guild first, and as a raid member second. Now is the time to find that guild that treats you like you're an important part of the group, and has the resources to actually conquer the new material. We have a solid group now, and we're looking for more!

Rules are simple:
- No profanity or sex talk is allowed in Guild, Raid, Party or Vent chat. Ever.
- No drama, period. It's a game! Have fun!
- We ask that you be at least 18 years old to join, or have a sponsor or family member over 18 that's already in the guild to vouch for you before you join.
- If you're a non-Christian (we have several) we just ask that you respect the beliefs of others and play the game, and we don't get preachy or force religion on anyone.

Let me reiterate....this guild is NOT going to force any religious beliefs on anyone that joins. We have athiests, Jews, Christians, and even a couple of Islamic players....and we all seem to get along fine. Our toons come from all walks of life...old, young, and everywhere in between. Ages range from 12 to 70 years old, so there's players of every demographic! As a Christian guild, we're here to provide a safe, fun, and respectful place to play the game, and not have to worry about the smut, filth and offensive content you find in trade chat. Once you join, you'll want to stay! We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Any questions, feel free to ask in game - Pernik - GM. Ask my officers if I'm not online... Jaelraziela, Ruthlessa, Ryzen, Thundore, Tyrint. I'm on my mage alt a lot as well - Baalthazar. Please mention you saw this on WoW Forums. I will try to check this thread as often as I can. We're looking forward to playing with you!

Thank you.

Pernik - GM
Everlasting Salvation
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PLUS!!! we have cookies!!! >.>
hopefully it was Jael baking them..... cause if its me, u wont live long.

Pls, join us.... we have lots of fun, and definitely feels more like family then a guild or game.
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27 Tauren Hunter
Pernik, could we please have a chat? Like on the old ES Vent @ zinc.typefrag.com? Please see me there sometime.
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I'm logged into vent most of the time.... If you're horde only, you can send mail to my Horde alt AMASIAH and let me know when and where to meet up in vent.

Looking forward to chatting with you.
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85 Gnome Rogue
I'd like to join. The thought of a helpful guild where I don't log in one day and find everyone's left would be a nice touch too. I have 5 level 85s but only 1 is on the alliance side. I usually quest and do instances, but I've started doing raids when the looking for raid function was activated. I used to use vent when my son and I did 2v2, but I didn't like that kind of PVP and it didn't take him long to find a better partner. :D I usually play a little wow everyday just to relax and unwind.

Eat is subtley/assissination rogue, ilvl ~384, maxed mining/engineering/cooking/first aid.

My other 85s are mage, warlock, priest, and pally.
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Im sorry to say that Everlasting Salvation has disbanded & is no longer functioning.
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