Razer Nostromo issues

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I have not experienced this problem. I have a pre-order unit, no lag at all. I've not heard of anyone else with the Nostromo having this issue either. Have you updated your driver and firmware lately?
I've been uising the Nostromo line from the n52, n52te, and now the Razer version, and so far the Razer version has the best hardware and profile options.
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@Grendalsh. I just got the Razer edition Nostromo. It seems to work well in game, really well, but I am having problems in vent. It seems I can tell vent what hotkey to use to speak, but when I map that key on the Nostromo it will not work correctly.
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1. What key value are you using for your Vent PTT?
2. To which button on the Nostro are you binding that?
3. Do you have that keyvalue bound to anything in WoW?
4. I suggest using a mouse button (ie scrollwheel click) for vent, rather than on the Nostro.

For more on integrating the Nostromo with WoW, check out my YouTube channel, The 2 Ring, at www.youtube.com/user/grendalsh.
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My Razer Nostromo has a different issue.

It sticks in a certain mode of action. For example, my toon will stick running straight ahead, or backing up, or turning in circle.

Then, after 60 seconds or so, it seems to fix itself. It is very annoying in a dungeon.

Anyone else seeing this?


I dont believe this is something to do with the nostromo as much as a problem with wow itself and how it handles commands. This has happened to me many many times even before i got my n52te
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I've had the same problem with stuck keys and the same problem with Razer support. Yet they pretend they've never heard of the issue and keep asking me about the drivers. Duh! I tried multiple driver/firmware combinations before contacting them in the first place.
From what I have noticed, the problems occur in the 'shift' states. i.e. if you plan on using more than one key profile and use a key to switch either permanently or temporarily to another mapping layout (the little colored lights under the thumb button change for each), then if you are holding a key down as you switch, the key remains in a 'pressed' state. This includes the thumb direction control even if the mappings are identical in the mapping it is switching to.
There was also a problem with the switch states themselves not switching back but I have at least a partial fix for this by adding a force switch back to my main mapping whenever a 'shift' button is released. The problem was if you pressed one shift state then pressed a second before releasing the first, it would switch back to the first upon releasing the second. This partial fix just means that whenever this happens you just tap any one of the shift-state keys to return to your main profile.
I've found a possible hack to fix the thumb and other stuck key issues, but it's a lot of work for what amounts to bad driver programming. I've noticed that, depending on the type of action you are looking for (constant press or one shot) you can use macros instead of a direct key mapping. This is especially helpful for shift-control-alt combinations that may step on one another.
I'll report back if I come up with anything, but I have a feeling my 'fix' is going to be the vertical file and then I'll just go to the logitech one or ebay a couple of n52te's to keep on hand in case one fails. Razer really ruined a great controller.
(I can't say as I have experienced the lag issues)
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im haveing all of the above issues pluss my keys are actualy sticking it feels like they are rubing on something and if u dont take ur thumb off of the round buton just right it just stays down ... this thing is only like a month old and im finding my cheap keyboard to be way more reliable ..it was a gift and i have no way of returning it .. think ill try to take it apart and see whats what
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Reinstalling the 1.02 firmware and the 2.02 drivers appears to have fixed it for me. Thanks for the suggestion, this had been driving me nuts!

Drat, no, maybe it hasn't.

Specifically the problem that I'm having is this: I have the profile shift key set to toggle to the Red profile whilst I have it held down, which swaps my keys from the standard number keys to the Numpad keys. Occasionally this key (and only this key, as far as I can tell) will stop responding for anywhere from 10 seconds to a minute, and then when it recovers it will rapidly flash from the Blue profile to the Red and back, as though it were caching the commands.

Reinstalling the 1.02 firmware SEEMED to fix the problem, as I played for several hours yesterday after my post without seeing the issue crop up. This morning though it's back; I checked the firmware version just to make sure it hadn't auto-updated - nope, still 1.02.

It's definitely something to do with WoW and the Nostromo, as I'm also using the same Nostromo set-up in The Secret World without any issues at all. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

[edit2] Just tried rolling back to the 2.00 driver bundle rather than the 2.02 bundle that is openly available on Razer's site, I'll see if that helps at all.
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The Lag issues are known, and unresolved. I personally avoid building my profiles for regular shifting between color modes to avoid this issue.
Regarding keys getting 'stuck' between when swapping modes..My theory is this has to do with keyDown and KeyUp events. If you press a mode toggle then press a keybind you send "keyDown". If you release the mode toggle before the keybind, when you do release the keybind, you send a KeyUp event for a different value, and not the value you previously pressed. and so the software driver still thinks the key is down until the system times it out or you press other keys to push the event off the key buffer.
Regarding the dpad being 'stuck'.. this one I've personally experienced, and the solution is related.. You press Forward.. you release the dpad, but keep running forward (or any other direction) It appears the 'keyUp' event isn't sent when you release the dpad. If you press in the direction you're stuck and then release, it finally sends the KeyUp event, and unsticks movement.
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Thus far rolling back to the 2.0 drivers has appeared to resolve the problem with the profile shift key failing to register. I say 'thus far' because reinstalling the 2.02 drivers appeared to fix it as well for about a day; I'll update this comment later tonight to say whether the problem comes back.

Of course, that means I get to deal with a different issue from the older driver - while pressing forward with the dPad it'll occasionally just stop registering and I'll stop moving. Annoying, but not nearly as annoying as not being able to get to my second profile for little things like heals and such. ;)
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I have the Razer Nostromo, had it almost for 2 years now.
I don't have any lag issues. Not one bit.

I used for my druid tank, my paladin tank and my priest healer.

Driver version 2.02 Firmware 1.02

People here talking about 1.03...
I don't know where you got it from, but it is not in the razer page.


So if you are having issues, just go to that link and install 1.02

Have you tried your keyboard properties?

Repeat Delay / Repeat Rate ?
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That stinks! Sorry you guys have this issue. I was a looooong time fan of the n52 and went to the Razer last year with regret (I have no idea how I would play without a gamepad - hats off to those who do it)

I haven't experienced anything with lag on mine, but I have one major difference. I'm on a Mac.

I wonder what capturing the load on the Razer process would look like, especially when you see these issues?

It's been a long time since I went this deep into Windows, but two things to perhaps check are:

(Note well - document ANY changes you make here with a pen and a piece of paper so you know what you did before you do it. Also, test slowly - change only one thing at a time, in only one increment at a time. Test, rinse, repeat. Changing a bunch of things is a million laughs when you are trying to figure out why your whole system is now borky - not)

1) Open up Task Manager - as it happens, I had it installed on my 7 test box (which saved me time writing this up!) - look for the process called RazerNostromoSysTray - right click on it.

Select the priority - bump this up one notch. Mine is at normal. Try it to Above Normal. See how it goes. If you are daring, next set it up High. Make sure you have the horsepower for this one! and never, NEVER, set anything to realtime, unless you enjoy system lockups.

2) If you really want to get into it, get some stats from Performance Monitor (start menu, run box, type in prefmon)

Now, this way is a bit hardcore, but if you are desperate, this can let you know what's up - take a look at http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc749249 for a walkthrough of perfmon. Run a couple of reports then post them back here for analysis.
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i figured i would post this here... after a search

i just bought a new nostromo. I use to have the belken n52. I have been trying to set up my new device. I have the latest drivers and firmware. I have one big problem. it seems to stick in shift states. If i make a key to shift to red state... [return to previous state when released]. It sometimes get stuck in that state. Is there any work around.
It is really frustrating...to be in combat.. and realize you are in your healing button state. I hope autoattack kills it! LOL.

Or sometimes it just remembers the modifiers i am pushing. Such as if i switch states.. and hit a key that is alt+control+1... the rest of the presses have alt+control on it. I hope someone has a solution besides return it. i love my nostromo.... almost reliant on it [6 years of use]
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@Offwhite May I suggest a different framework for your keybindings? Rather than toggling color modes and modified value keybindings (Ie hold b01 for toggle to red, press b02 for Ctrl-2), bind modifiers directly on blue, and use those to modify your other keys. So, bind Ctrl on b01, 2 on b02.. press b01 and b02 same as before, get Ctrl-2 same as before.. no sticking. This allows you to control up to 5 actionbars from Blue mode, and leaves the other 7 modes open for custom bindings..

The mode toggles have a tendency to introduce lag issues and sometimes crop keypresses, leaving your system thinking you're still holding a button down after release.
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I'm using newest software and drivers as of 8/28/2012 and am plagued by all these problems with the Razer Nostromo. See this vid from a tester. My comments to his vid are below.


I reviewed both of your videos before upgrading from my Belkin to the Razer, hoping that the issues you had seen on the Razer wouldn't be a problem for me. My Belkin was aging but had always performed rock solid. My upgrade to the Razer was to help with some finger fatigue (Razer keys have less resistance), to benefit from the easier programming software, and move to what I thought would be a longer-term software support for my gamepad.

While I conclude that the ergonomics of the Razer are superior, they cannot outweigh all the problems I experience that are the same as yours and more. The problems I encountered with the Razer began leading to character deaths and WoW raid wipes. An additional Razer problem is with the portability of the profiles and macros. Each one has to be exported, then imported, to the secondary machine. With the Belkin, the profiles (with macros) could easily be folder-synced between two machines. Until Razer comes out with a software update that addresses all the critical problems, I'm going back to my Belkin Nostromo.
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