Stop complaining about ZA and ZG

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I wonder if anyone truly reads books with more than a direct story line like A - B - C - D.

WoW is a huge world where many different factions are constantly vying for superiority. Just because something happens in Northrend does not mean it has to affect Kalimdor or any other continent. Just because it affects a continent doesn't mean it has to affect the entire continent. (Ever see a line of houses torn up by a tornado but one right in the middle is still standing with minimal damage?)

For anyone that has read a lengthy series (I would like to recommend George R R Martin: A Game of Thrones series) you will see what I am talking about when it comes to an intricate plot line that has far reaching consequences in the future but may directly affect absolutely nothing in the here and now.

So I will pose the same question to you that the hillbilly posed to the game warden when they were sitting in the middle of the lake in the hillbilliy's boat:

"Ya goina keep bumpin' yer gums er ya goina fish?"

In other words don't get lost in the details of what may or may not be "quite right", just enjoy the game.
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Zarhym, thank you for explaining the remake. It makes sense, I heavily anticipate the lore to come.

Everyone who keeps ripping Bliz for remaking the dungeons, what would you rather they did? Making a new dungeon serves the same purpose; it's a place to get 1337 loot and hopefully further the lore. They did both with this. Why are you complaining?

I can only speak for myself, but in my case I'm disappointed with how the expansion has gone thus far, going back to what I regarded as the rather underwhelming pre-Cataclysm events. My confidence that the revamped ZG and ZA dungeons will be new and exciting enough to overlook the fact that they are in fact redone old content is low.
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Zarhym is skilled in the art of pwning Trolls. Proud of him

And QQ'ers :D
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I like new content, and I like nostalgia content, but I think it is borderline too much.
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Frankly i've started playing recently after shelving WoW for over a year, and don't seem to be into it. Never thought i'd say this but, i'm quiting wow. Might go give some other games a chance and see where that leads. Thanks blizz, i guess, for the fun times.
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Honestly what I'm gathering from the whole "remaking old content" bit is that they're pushing out a lot more content overall by updating old content along with building new content from scratch.

Zul'Aman was by far one of the best designed instances in this game, I welcome the chance to experience it again at an appropriate gear level.
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I loved ZG and personally can't wait to run it again. Nothing wrong with a bit of altered nostalgia. It's not like Cata has been a complete revisit so far.

I'm sure revamping instances still takes quite a lot of work to balance and complete, I very much doubt they take the old code multiply mob health by 100 and be done with it.
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Jesus. WoW players will cry about anything.

If Forum Baby slammed his *%#%@ in the car door again and Zarhym came along and gave him an ice pack, Forum Baby would slap Zarhym in the face and scream "Noob!"
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Old ZG was awesome. This new ZG is better, yes PTR is buggy but im still able to enjoy myself. can not wait for this to hit live

(yet to try za)
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03/01/2011 7:00 PMPosted by Zarhym
We'll have more information to share on the return of Zul'Aman and Zul'Gurub soon. But for now I'll say this: there is a center of troll civilization yet to be seen in World of Warcraft. There was once an ancient empire of troll tribes united. Zul'Aman and Zul'Gurub becoming key points of interest in Cataclysm plays into this. Perhaps something has happened to once again call for the unity of the disaffected tribes. Perhaps a certain tribe with allegiances elsewhere sees this as a very bad thing. ;)

Yes I'm going to be dumb and read between the lines...but i'm picking up the strong scent of a Troll Raid in our near future.
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The amount of QQ over this is just ridiculous. You are upset that they are giving you new content, even if its not entirely fresh? Go play another game where the dev team stops updating it with new content. You should be happy Blizz is doing something new. I am personally excited to see the new instances. They were a blast at the respective levels, and now they will be available to newer players who never got to experience the thrill of the places as they were at level. Most of these people complaining are probably Wrath starters who steamrolled through these places in 5 mans anyways at level 80.
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03/01/2011 7:00 PMPosted by Zarhym
But for now I'll say this: there is a center of troll civilization yet to be seen in World of Warcraft. There was once an ancient empire of troll tribes united.

If you are talking about that I think you're talking about, I may need new pants. Lots of new pants.

Edit: Though it would make me slightly sad if it is the place I'm thinking about and it's a raid.
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03/01/2011 7:57 PMPosted by Flayre
Yes I'm going to be dumb and read between the lines...but i'm picking up the strong scent of a Troll Raid in our near future.

I'll go a step further and consider this a bona fide promise of a troll raid before Cataclysm is through. So excited!
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This would be the first time I post on the forums in a long time (over a year) I mostly just read them and see what is going on with the community.

But when people cry and complain about Blizzard recycling content. I literally just want to reach through the monitor and smack them upside the head.

I love any content that they put out, it will be challenging at first to learn it and do it with people you enjoy playing with. I liked both of these dungeons, even though I have only been around to experience one (ZA) at the proper level. Even then, I still never completed it. It'll feel like an accomplishment to complete these two dungeons at proper level again.

Side note: I've read all there is too read on the lore of WoW. I even don't mind any contradictions within the story itself. Because it is still a story, not everything is going to make sense at first. But once you've finished reading it, and then reflect on what or why that happened. Then you can finally make your opinion. So we have to basically wait till we've hit the last patch of the expansion to make our judgements on the expansion. As we will have a complete view of everything that has happened. Most importantly, why we (the players) did that.
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Oh and on the topic of recycling content. It's only happened twice in the game so far. Naxx and Anniversary-Onyxia. You know, if you go by what "recycling" actually means.
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It makes me giggle how people say "Wow, players whine about everything!"
Ok if you had 8 million (I dunno what it is now, just throwing that # cause I saw it from a blue post somewhere in the archives) then, yes, they're all gonna complain about an aspect of the game. If you combine all 8 mill of these players into 1, you'll get one very very happy and very very angry player all at the same time...

Make sense? Ok lemme try again...

A small population will whine about 1 problem, larger populations will whine about every problem because... it's bigger so there are more people that have different opinions about things. If everybody liked everything in this game... Why are there other players in other MMOs?
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03/01/2011 7:12 PMPosted by Tukor
Damn.. this thread was intense. Clearly shows that Blizzard does read pretty much every thread. Also this was a slap in the face for the QQers.

Not really. After reading his replies twice over, he basically says that there's lore reasons for going back there and a story to continue. If the argument against that was about in-game lore justifications rather than real world reasons for using old game assets, then he'd have hit a home run.

In one post he even referenced an older post by a player that had little to do with the current discussion, which is akin to changing the subject or blasting someone based on their armory in WoW terms :P

His commentary on developers changing projects wasn't very specific, but after the turnover this game has done in community relations staff alone and the Devs who have announced that they've changed projects it's a little silly to imply that the Dev team isn't substancially different from even a few years ago, let alone from Vanilla.

Mind you I'd be curious to know if any devs/artists are working on this patch who also worked on ZG/ZA when they came out :P
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03/01/2011 7:00 PMPosted by Zarhym
Perhaps something has happened to once again call for the unity of the disaffected tribes. Perhaps a certain tribe with allegiances elsewhere sees this as a very bad thing. ;)

No, no... NOOOOOOOO!!!

Zarhym please tell me we aren't going to have my two favorite troll tribes kill each other off!

Why must the Darkspear be the enemy rather than the champions of the Zandalari as they pull the disparate nations back together!?

I have never known such sorrow or rage...

(Do excuse my drama, but while I respect Blizz's decisions in most cases, this little bit has me worried, please tell me I've misinterpreted it...)
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