When to lust?

85 Troll Priest
There is much debate on this topic in pug groups. Lust early? lust late? lust whenever someone fatfingers their lust key?

There are some fights where lusting late is beneficial (Chimaeron / Maloriak / Ascendant Council etc.). But, if you are not attempting these bosses, it is beneficial to lust early. (read: early = lust buff finishes before 35%)


Think of it as intro calculus.

Basically, lusting early reducing the time that 100-35% takes, and lusting late
reduces the time that 35-0% takes.

Let us say that players will do 15,000 dps during non-execute phase. and 17,000 dps
during execute.

Now we take the limit of DPS as time 100-35% approaches 0. We expect to do 17,000 dps
for the whole fight, since the whole fight is now just execute phase.

Alternatively, if we take the limit of DPS as time 35-0% approaches 0. We expect to do
just 15,000 dps, since the whole fight is now just regular phase.

With all the classes that have "executes" (fire mage <35%, shadow priest <25%, dps warrior <20%, assassination rogue <35%, ret paladin <20%) your raid will benefit from maximizing the time that these executes can be used, even if the actual dps increase from an early lust is very small.

Feedback always appreciated,
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85 Troll Shaman
Lust on the pull when possible because that's likely your best and only chance to line up lust with trinkets, procs, and other CDs. The exception is obviously fights with DPS burns at a certain point (last phase of Chimaeron and Maloriak, second phase of Al'akir heroic, etc.) as you mentioned.
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85 Dwarf Shaman
What Shockenawe said, if there is no burn phase for the boss you are attempting, pop lust at the beginning (when everyone is on the boss and not still running to engage) because everyones cooldowns, trinket procs n potions will be up.
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