Tone down Tol Barad dailies

29 Human Mage
The dailies used to be a ton harder.

They're easier now that the mobs don't respawn instantly upon dying.

It makes me mad when I die in Tol Barad, but that usually only happens because I got too aggressive, pulled multiple mobs, and went oom. Pull them carefully, understand that deaths will happen, and collect your gold.
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84 Night Elf Druid
Get better gear and it gets easier.

That's not a slam - both my 85s that do TB on a semi-regular basis (Boomkin, Fury War) had a ton of trouble at first, but as they've improved their gear (through Heroic drops and Justice pieces), it's gotten a lot easier.

My warrior in general has an easier time of it, because those choke points where 3 or 4 mobs aggro at once are easier to deal with with a melee char, but it can be done.

03/03/2011 12:33 PMPosted by Malistra
Also, I noticed that when you die in the zone you don't have to run back to your corpse, which means you have to re-fight everything (due to the high spawn rate) just to get back to where you were.

You can still run back to your corpse if you want. You just have to decide how worthwhile it would be to res at partial health amongst the mobs, or full in a safer but distant place.
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85 Blood Elf Warrior
It's been said:

TB is easy, even in iLvL 333 gear.

Get heroic gear and it's a cake walk, takes less then an hour even at high play times to do all the daily quests back-to-back.

If it's still too hard for you, I suggest you learn your class a bit better, and utilize things other then your normal 1-2 spells.
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85 Dwarf Paladin
03/03/2011 12:50 PMPosted by Tsoran
Only problem I have with it them is mobs chase you way too goddamn far.

This! A thousand times this. I know of no other region in WoW that I've played where the NPC will chase you to the next continent, not only that but many of them have abilities that slow to down so you cannot run around them (WTF is that crap Blizzard?).
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90 Night Elf Mage
You're complaining that respawns are happening too quickly? Damn, maybe I should transfer to your realm.

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85 Blood Elf Warlock
I have no trouble in TB and TBP dailies. OP, we have LOTS of cc ability, shouldn't have problem there.

But I will never do it again for my healy priest. It takes too long time to finish quests there.
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85 Blood Elf Warlock
03/03/2011 1:57 PMPosted by Gibletts
On topic though, the only real hard one is Problim, just because some classes cant solo him.

Every class can solo him.

No. Not my healy priest after he became immune to CC.
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85 Blood Elf Warlock
Have you guys played a Warlock since the nerfs?

My Lock went from my best "farming" toon, to my worst, in that last patch. Granted, self healing may have need some nerfing, but to go from my best to worst, was overkill.

umm... I didn't even notice the difference for daily. More serious things, yes, but but...
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90 Human Warlock
I dont think a warlock should have trouble there.
Sometime the respawns are crazy, just pull away from the spawn point when you kill it so you can run

It depends on how fresh of an 85 you are, even as a warlock it can be easy to get overwhelmed at times, especially when a lot of people are out doing dailies which pushed the respawn rate up. In some areas just 2 mobs can easily surpass the self healing, and getting a third can lead to death.

Tol'Barad is just poorly designed as a zone. Compare it to Quel'Danas, both are broken down into smaller subzones with each quest objectives in it, but the QD areas were overall much larger, and they overlapped as far as quest objectives go, so if one quest was over farmed, you could work on another in the same area. The TB regions are very small, which means they need high mob density and fast respawn times to meet the demand of being the primary daily quest hub. The Cell Blocks on the South Island are particularly bad because they are exceedingly small.
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100 Human Mage
Didn't the patch make it to where named mobs reward quest kill credit to everyone that touched it? The one thing I completely hated about TB dailies was fighting for named mob spawns and being unable to group for it thanks to the LFD queue.
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85 Worgen Death Knight
03/03/2011 12:42 PMPosted by Triiste
Many times down in the dungeons there I can stand in one place and kill all 10 of whatever I need to kill, then I dont get time to loot and have to make a run for it. Not fun at all.

I've had this problem. When mobs respawn so fast you can't even loot the ones in front of you, then something isn't right.
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85 Blood Elf Priest
03/03/2011 1:47 PMPosted by Dinadan
Only problem I have with it them is mobs chase you way too goddamn far.

This! A thousand times this. I know of no other region in WoW that I've played where the NPC will chase you to the next continent, not only that but many of them have abilities that slow to down so you cannot run around them (WTF is that crap Blizzard?).

Lol alot of times those Spiders will chase me all the way back to Hellscreams Reach camp, so i just run into the portal, then port right back to the camp and see the spiders just chilling in the camp like they run the place.
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Community Manager
The rewards and benefits for doing Tol Barad quests are quite nice. Players jumping straight into the zone when hitting 85 (either in quest greens or some dungeon blues) will certainly notice it's substantially more challenging than Twilight Highlands.

The balance of the zone partially relates to its sustainability as repeatable content for players at all levels of the end game. When I first started questing there I was in all questing gear and definitely noticed the challenge, but I liked it. As I started gearing up I saw how much better I was faring while taking high damage, managing unpredictable spawns, etc.

The basic point is that, because there are some great rewards there a lot of players are working toward, the questing needs to be more difficult than a place like Twilight Highlands so it doesn't feel incredibly trivial by the time you have a 329 average item level.
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