Whats the best way to get to the Plaguelands?


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I'm trying to get there to help me level a bit faster but I'd hate to somehow travel all the way from Stormwind. Any suggestions? :(
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Take the tram to ironforge
Travel from ironforge to the wetlands to the north
Continue moving north through Arathi Highlands
Go northwest into Hillsbrad Foothills
Go north through to Alterac Mountains
When you get to Alterac, you should be able to follow a river to the North, which will take you to the Western Plaguelands.
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Raelidoria's got it, except you don't need to go through Alterac, I don't think. As you head into Hillsbrad via the road, you'll come across a large river. Follow this north. It'll eventually become wooded on both sides, and then there will be a path that branches off to the left. Take the left path, and that will lead you right into the first quest hub in WPL.

If memory serves, you'll want EPL, though. If you're heading there, well...you could follow the WPL directions and grab some flight paths along the way, or instead of taking the left path, continue to follow the river, which should drop you off around the Caer Darrow/Scholomance area. That's still in WPL, but it's considerably closer to EPL.
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Even faster way:
From Arathi Highlands, take the tunnel in the mountains in the north into the Hinterlands.
Head towards Aerie Peak in the northwest.
East of Aerie Peak is a path through the mountains which will take you to Caer Darrow and Scholomance.
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Tritha gets award for "Most up-to-date answer."

Cata added a new tunnel through the mountains, which takes you from Northern part of Arathi Highlands to Aerie Peak, in the south-western part of Hinterlands. (Grab the FPs in both areas.)

About 150 yards east of Aerie peak is the path north over the mountains and into southern EPL.
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Thank you all. :)
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The fastest way to get there now is to actually go to booty bay. Stay with me

In Booty Bay, near the Alliance Flightmaster, there is a mage with a quest that is avaible of mid to late 30s. Simply accept the quest (which asks you to help in western Plaguelands) and the quest giver makes a portal for you. I know this works for alliance as I did it on my priest, but I am not sure about horde. I guess it isn' as big a deal to them either though...
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*Sojimule is correct, i checked it this morning and it is recent as of 2013. He is below the flight trainer. If need be, turn on your low level quest tracker in mini-map options.
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*Sojimule is correct, i checked it this morning and it is recent as of 2013. He is below the flight trainer. If need be, turn on your low level quest tracker in mini-map options.

Yes, he is. But that portal only works one time and only for people with that quest. For everyone else, that solution won't work.

This thread is also from 2011, shortly after cata debuted when all the world changes were made to the game. After 2 years, the OP either knows how to get there or has given up on it. Either way they're not going to come back and see this now.
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Thread locked as it is from 2011.
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