[A] 3 players looking for a raiding guild

85 Night Elf Druid
[A] 3 players looking for a raiding guild that raids around 8pm pst!

Myself and a couple friends that I have played this game with for a long time are interested in server transferring to find a semi-casual raiding guild to call home. The reason we are looking to leave our current server is there are just not any progression focused guilds that raid in the time slot that works for us. All three of us are a bit older and have the real life thing going from work to wives and kids. We would really like to find a guild that raids 2 - 3 nights per week from around 8pst to 11pst or in that general time frame. Does not have to be 3 hours but that general time slot would be best. We are more than willing to server transfer but, as much as we would love to try Horde, are not willing to server and faction transfer at this time. We all have to many toons and do not want to pay that much for them all to do both.

What we have to offer...

Bricktop - 353 ilvl Holy paladin - Brick knows paly healing inside and out and has very good raid awareness.

Milenka / Darmek - Milenka is a 349ilvl bear tank with offset as boomkin. My boomkin set is not as high yet but it's close I believe I am around 345 ilvl. I have focused mostly on tanking because that is what we have needed so far. I am more than willing to boost my boomkin up the rest of the way if that is needed over tank.
Darmek - Is my holy / shadow priest. Holy I am only around 342 but shadow I am only a bit of rep away from being around 350. I have no problem playing anything the raid may need but by far my best geared options are Bear tank or Shadow priest dps.

Kecik / Leidenfrost - Kecik is a 349ilvl ret pally
Leidenfrost - 349ilvl mage.
He is more than willing to play either toon, whatever is needed more.

So we have 1 healer and 2dps or 1dps 1 tank that we can offer. Kecik and I have been raiding together for a long time. We were in The Black Chaos during BC pushing through Sunwell with BT and Hyjal on farm, that guild ended around the start of LK so we started Onslaught which was one of the first guilds to clear Naxx 25 and start in uldar at 80. We then took a break from the game for a while and came back towards the end of LK. Brick played for a couple years and then stopped for a period of time and came back at the same time as us at the end of LK when we moved servers to play with some other real life friends. All three of us since cata launch have been working together we were clearing heroics within a month of release and have been ready to raid but have just not found a guild to do it with. After a long time of looking we have decided to try a server transfer.

We have current experience in the first three bosses of BwD, first boss in Throne and first two bosses in twilight. That's as far as we have been so far but we learn quick and know how to stay out of fire / hold our own.

Hoping there is a guild out there that fits what we are looking for and wants a few dedicated raiders to help with progression. Thank you for your time in reading my long winded post!
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100 Night Elf Druid
The Squids could probably use all of you. We're currently rebuilding our ranks after losing ppl to Rift. Holy pal, ret pal, holy priest would be perfect for us. We raid at 7, but we're going to figure out days, end times when the guild gets back up to raiding. We went 8/12 before the loss of players.
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85 Draenei Priest
It sounds like you guys would be a great fit for Triton, a level 15 Alliance guild. We also have lost a few of our 10 person team to Rift and are looking to fill out our ranks again. Please check out our website for more information. http://triton.wowstead.com/
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100 Night Elf Priest
We should talk. We can most likely take all three of you.

We raid 12-15 hours a week from 7 to 10 PST. We've been around this server since the days of Molten Core. Stable guild.

I might be hard to find, but feel free to realid me or contact me in game, Eternalwind@gmail.com
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95 Draenei Shaman

Hey Milenka ,

<Satellite> is a casual 25-man raiding guild that operates between 9:00 PM - 12:00 AM PST on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We are currently 10/12 in progression and could use you guys.

We may be a good fit for you, so please check out our big long post on the guild recruitment forums for more information:


Or, come visit our website to learn more and fill out an application:


Or, feel free to contact Eimhir, Weyr, Matchstick, Glorf in game.

Thanks so much, and good luck on your hunt for a new guild!

-- Pel
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85 Human Death Knight
Milenka, if you are still looking and are looking casual. Hit me up in game. Starting our second team and could use all three at whatever spec toon set up you guys would want. We raid two days at 3 hours a night. Try to have fun while we progress. Hit me up on our site.
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