Vanilla/BC player roll call?

90 Human Warrior
<--- Draz
Been around since Vanilla; bounced all over the world so server changes have occured.

Dawn of Death/Malicious

any fellow DoD members out and about
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100 Troll Mage
Someone please tell the story of Generol in early MC days
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90 Human Paladin
I've been around since vanilla as well was under the name Laise for the early bit... good stuff
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100 Dwarf Shaman
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100 Dwarf Shaman
Knew I kept all this tier 1/2 for something
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90 Pandaren Warrior
Day 1 Spirestoner here! and day 2 of when Addiction was Athanitos Aima (sp?)....

wtf nakeydozer? still preaching that raid mod from vanilla nax raiding? are you in this vid?
oh man that bekkton/mikhail/CHOCOCHERRY drama

Can't believe I stumbled across this's been a long time. Feeling nostalgic just looking at all the old names!

Damn, didnt think i would see you around illidias, you featured in the vid below!

Was only famous for this fight versus Lazy.
Not many people would remember this 3v3 PvP Spirestone only tournament.
Still mad I lost to Thunderfury+ Shieldwall in this semifinal match. At least i got to redeem myself at the 2nd tournament VS Letums team, if anyone around still remembers him.
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100 Dwarf Shaman
RDX was the shizzit, even if the learning curve was totally insane.
Classic Naxx nostalgia never seems to fade, even with all the bs raiding made you do in classic/early bc. I mean, the four horsemen is probably the best designed fight they'll ever do, but we basically had to cannibalize the only other Naxx guild on ss just to get enough warriors for the fight. Good times
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87 Goblin Shaman
Someone please tell the story of Generol in early MC days

One part of it was Generol hated Evolved since I think we stole their lockout for one of our cascade runs of MC. There was also griefing going back and forth between Legacy and Evolved people. I recall Shankerz skill being called out and he didn't help his rep either
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88 Draenei Death Knight
I'm still around, been here since Azaris/Fizzwidget
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88 Draenei Death Knight
Arabian Knights/KLS <3
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93 Undead Warlock
Wowzers, I didn't know you were still playin. Nice to see some old schoolers I remember haha.
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100 Orc Death Knight
Barely now, I quit raiding in ToT with my super goodbye post. Got a couple pictures from Vanilla/BC on Spirestone posted in there:

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86 Blood Elf Mage
Was on this server at beginning of bc leading av premades at beginning of wotlk quit until start of mop. Never liked mages much I'm afraid. Good times
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90 Undead Death Knight
I started on this server early 2006 with my druid lazalite. I raided with Vulgar in vanilla then with Agony in Burning Crusade under the name lazaburr. I stopped playing in WOTLK, then got bored and bought Cata and started playing a little bit. Now I play this DK wandering around aimlessly.
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90 Tauren Paladin
does anyone have screenshots from Agony, Malicious, Eminent, Potterybarn's guild (Reckoning i think), The End in BC or vanilla? I lost all my stuff a while ago and would like to find some

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100 Human Warrior
I use to have a ton of screen shots with guilds like, Beast, harvester of sorrow, teen girl squad, Castaways, etc.
Every World pvp event and other random crap. All i can find atm. one guy from Reckoning in the back.
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100 Human Paladin

All I have with Agony peeps...
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100 Undead Warrior
I've been here from 'nilla. Re-rolled this toon as a DK in Wrath (to keep the name), then rolled back, because I hated the DK tank rotation.

Juggalo disappeared because we made him emo quit!

I actually was guilded with Juggalo back in Vanilla, in In-Queue, my very first guild. I think I ran about 3-4 Zul'Gurub lockouts with them before I got sick of his retarded BS and left. Was too bad, they had some good players, but they weren't willing to kick time-wasters like him.
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100 Undead Priest

Played both Alliance and Horde
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