Best Pet Names (or Just Awesome Ones)

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I want to see what names people pick for some pets, dont have to list all your pet name (you can if you want) just unique or awesome name you thought of for your pets or are thinking of

As for Me I have a Wolf named Ieathipsters, and a polar bear named Pepsi (yes i know its coca-cola) and a devilsaur named Grimlock
85 Blood Elf Hunter
I name my pets after Disney villians. It started with my vargul plaguehound which I named Chernabog because I loved the sound of it, and then when I got Chromaggus and decided to name him Gaston to match Beauty and Beast, I figured I would keep up with it. When I finally get Nuramoc I will call it Yzma and Gondria has been tamed and renamed Cruella. :)

I'm gonna tame the bright blue beetle from Silithus as a tank pet but I haven't been able to come up with a fitting villian to name it after yet...
100 Night Elf Hunter
I have an Orc Hunter on Ghostlands that I've gotten tells demanding that I delete him so that whoever could have the name.

The Hunter? Loktar, with his pet cat Ogar.

But my personal favorite will always be my first pet, a wolf named Trouble.
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85 Orc Hunter
My pvp pet is named anklebiter :P
85 Worgen Hunter
Arachnattack for life.
85 Night Elf Hunter
It was illikepi till i changed it to ىpazío
03/05/2011 7:47 PMPosted by Obidious
It was illikepi till i changed it to ىpazío

I think he said awesome...
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Boar named Rumbletummy
100 Dwarf Hunter
Core Hound - Defective
Cat - Lenovo
Spider - Venomfang
Dragonhawk - Anesthesia
Bear - Growler

The only ones I can remember off the top of my head. I'm thinking of taming an oil-stained wolf and naming it "BP"
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85 Orc Hunter
Raidwipe. Every single wolf.
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<------------ Has a pet named "Amberlamps"
85 Night Elf Hunter
One of my friends had a hunter named Load and named his pet Lock...concidentally he also had the "salty" title =P
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My crab is named Onebadnight.
My shale spider is named Rawrbite, Worm pet= Earthwormjim, Turtle=franklin, Loque'nahak I renamed Frostbite, Wolf/dog=Cujo, silithid=Creep.

And My Corehound is named Babycakes :)

Thats all I remember right now.
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The only ones I can remember off the top of my head. I'm thinking of taming an oil-stained wolf and naming it "BP"

Lol, Awesome.
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I have an armored boar named Aporkalypse.
85 Night Elf Hunter
Wolf - Fenris
Ravager - Yautja (google it)
Devilsaur - Tymbal (because when I first tamed her they still made the thumping sound. Ah the good'ol days)
Dragonhawk - Apophis
Frost worm - Fraenir
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