Best Pet Names (or Just Awesome Ones)

85 Human Hunter
>Want to name my Monkey "California"
>That name is reserved
>.............. But it matches my name so well :(

My Spirit Beasts name is MITTENZ
70 Draenei Hunter
Cats name is Lan and my birds name is flybynight.
86 Blood Elf Hunter
Ankha: Frostbite ('Cause why not? >.>)
Blue-green Ravager: Hospitals
Ban'thalos: Banthalos
White-blue cat: Frostclaw
Jormunger worm: Goodies
Kirix: ...Kirix
Olm the Wise: Olm
Wolf: SilkySam
Sporebat: Tentaclebat. (Was gonna be TentacleBeast but it ended up being TentacleBeas. -_-)
Terrorpene: ..Terrorpene.
Zaricotl: ..Zaricotl.
Karkin: Karkin >.>
Cat - Catnaros
Bear - Tanksauce
Wasp - Beedrill
Spider - Spidey
Monkey - Atlas
I love Catnaros though.
33 Night Elf Hunter
I have a tiger pet named Tigris
100 Human Hunter
Loque'nahak - Kyouki = Chivalrous Spirit
Skoll - Otokogi = another word for Chivalrous Spirit
Core Hound - Hinote = Flame, Blaze, Fire
Devilsaur - Kyouran = Fury
Terropene - Okibi = Blazing Fire
Skarr - Bankotsu = Brute Courage
Rhino - Ikaru = To be angry
Ban'Thalos - Saitoku = Intelligence and Virtue
Boss Silithid - Souran = Controller
Shale Spider - Yochi = earth, world
Jormungrr - Jormungy = place holder name
Chimaera - Arashi = Storm, Tempest
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I name all of mine after foods. I started with Pickles way back in BC and it just caught on. Off the top of my head I have Skittle, Pepperoni, Peaches, Pickles, G*@#*s, Guacamole, Dorito and Licorice.
100 Night Elf Hunter
The pets I tend to use more often are named after jokes with my guildies.

RoboInky (Skarr): Friend of mine has a nightsaber named Inky, and a couple people commented while I was debating over names that he kinda looks like a "robotic Inky". And RoboInky (my main pet) was born!
There's a green model in MoP. I shall get it and name it Stinky. :P
100 Dwarf Hunter
Beetle: Fry
Serpent: Coboris
White Gorilla: Thunderfist
Red Gorilla: Bor
My undead hawk from W Plaguelands: Skullwing
Tiger: Bangladeshi
Scorpid: Sandsnapper
Boar: Goresnout
Fox: Ragetooth
Worg: Sabertooth
Bone Spider: Shadowsting
Firefly wasp: Solarbolt
Polar bear: Seismetis
Tallstrider: Timberclaw
Carrion bird/vulture: Frostwing
Bloodhound: Magmaw
Ravager: Deathripper
90 Pandaren Hunter
Loque- Pride
Skoll- Wrath
Karoma- Luna
Ankha- mystique
Ban'thalos- Envy

Sambas- Leonardo
King Krush- Alphonse
Chrommagus- Oblivion
Arcturis- Adiemus
Terrorpene- Raphael
85 Goblin Hunter
Firefly (Wasp) named Serenity.
90 Dwarf Hunter
Just whatever comes to mind when I tame them. My mains are Michael(wolf), Johnmulligan(ugly outland thing), and I use Baby(rhino) sometimes.
A long, long time ago, back before the land was shattered, I some boars name 'PorkMissile' and 'Dinner.'

Gave me laugh.
I have a Raptor called SpicedHole, it gets some "whats" here and there.
I also have a Northrend eagle called LIBERTYUSA.
95 Tauren Paladin
Pentakillin is a sick name i use for a few of my pets
90 Orc Hunter
Spirit Bear - Pedobear
nuff said
97 Night Elf Hunter
Wasp - FapFapFap
Purple Raptor - Barney
Purple Tortoise - Donatello
White Tiger - Tommy
White Devilsaur - Grillz
Blue Quillen - ReggieMayne
Purple Quillen - Grimace
Ravager - Bootydo
Core Hound - MushMouf
100 Orc Hunter
I got chibee and named it MachoGrubba.
90 Night Elf Hunter
Gorilla - DonkeyKonga
wolf- laxatives
cat- stupidcat
silithid- mucky
90 Undead Rogue
Ghost cat named Vancleef (after the best NPC that existed or ever will exist in wow)
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