Loque' Nahak


85 Blood Elf Hunter
Please pose spawn times and such or share storie of your capture!
85 Draenei Hunter
Found him at 4pm, I was shocked to see him sitting there waiting for me but there he was beautiful as ever...and now he's mine. Just happened to go there on a whim and started out by the FP in the middle making my way up past Nesingwary's towards the rocks where the cats sunbathe. And there he was, my Silverdragon alarm went off and scared the crap out of me so I landed, located and within seconds had my newest pet. :D
100 Human Hunter
well, right now im hoping he pops up when i log on after the maintenance, lol. woke up super early this morning, downed a couple red bulls in anticipation of long hours flying a circuit around the basin, then saw that the game is down until 11. not that its up by now, but the fact stands.
85 Draenei Hunter
Check the rare spawn thread folks have been posting when they tame or spot them rares.
85 Blood Elf Hunter
I found him at around 6:33 febuary 23 2011 and i was level 79 by then and i went to check on him with my buddy and all of the sudden i fly over him and it scares the %%@@ outta me i land and in 9 seconds i have loque`nahak. His respawn timer is 6-12 hours he is made to be the rarest pet ever in azeroth i kept looking for like weeks to months and finally i have him ihad arcturis by that time and i accedentaly abandoned him cuz loque scared the @#@!ing %%@@ outta me

86 Orc Hunter
Yeap... been so, overly stupid how long its been... still nothing haha ohwell i still am hoping one time ill tame hime... ;)
81 Night Elf Hunter
Managed to get him around 10pm ish a few days ago. I know it doesn't help you seeing its been a few days (four to be exact) but figured might as well post it. I found it an easier tame then Arcturis. Arcturis I had camped for almost eleven hours because i really wanted a spirit beast at level 74. Though this one, I said I would just fly once around Sholazar each hour. So I logged in, flew over to quest and make the one round and he was prowling around under lifeblood pillar. I was sort of estatic about tamine Loque, and now only Skoll awaits!
I tamed Loque on my mom's hunter last night, she had been wanting him for months and we were never lucky enough to find him, even with the two of us splitting up and searching hours on in within the area. I remember when we would go there to quest reputation for the oracles and he would never spawn. Something, though, told me last night that I needed to camp out in an area and search for him. I looked up online where he spawned, what possible times he could be found but no luck.. It wasn't until about 9 20 server time ( Shadowsong ) that I went to give up and fly back to Dalaran and head to bed since it was pretty late for me. And there he was walking around near Skyreach Pillar with all the bugs right by the river. I tamed him and I felt so fulfilled that I actually got him. c:

Good luck taming! Your best bet may be to camp out at times people aren't normally online. You may just get lucky! (:
90 Pandaren Hunter
Santaclue why do you have more then Five Loques in your stable? You only need one.
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