Healers Have To Die

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I don't see much of a point in the addon unless it's a large 40 vs 40 BG and everyone is close together, even then it wouldn't help much. You either know what the healers casts look like or not, they're pretty easy to spot.

I'm a healer most of the time in BGs and I don't see it making that big of a difference.

Unless it turns you into a Tauren, PvPers who aren't smart enough to kill the healer first still won't. Everyone knows Alliance targets the cows first.

Even if most people aren't smart enough to target the healers first, a big red cross over one target is pretty obvious in it's meaning. Even if they never did a single PvE group fight and have never seen a raid marker in their entire life, it would still naturally draw the eye to that particular target and make it much more likely to be targeted.
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03/10/2011 10:51 AMPosted by Reefermadnez
Do you understand what a lie is?
Would you rather I believe that you're stupid enough to actually believe what you say?

I mean, sure, all right. I can do that if you like.

Re: that red cross: I have literally been jumped by packs of idiots who ran ten yards RIGHT PAST THE FLAGBEARER and arglebargled onto me, letting him plant the flag and score a victory... more than once. This is pretty new.

I thought this was hysterically funny, if there's a time I don't mind dying it's when silly people ignore the correct target in favor of the marked one because the addon tells them to.
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03/10/2011 10:50 AMPosted by Syncline
Odds are a healing priest in an unrated BG IS Shadow. I almost never see holy priests in them, in part because the lack of resilience as one is gearing up means that forgoing shadow's extra CCs is fairly suicidal.

I don't see many Holy Priests in an unrated BG, but I see some Disc Priests still.

Healers are getting rarer and rarer, and it's not hard to see why.
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03/10/2011 10:47 AMPosted by Ramkir

If you can't spot the guy casting the green/sparkly spells, you're bad. End of discussion.
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03/10/2011 10:48 AMPosted by Reefermadnez
and thats why i ask, how do you trick the addon?

For example, you can trick it into marking you as a healer if you are a prot paladin by casting FoL. Which you probably would do anyway at least once or twice. It marks hunters who mend pets, boomkins who self heal, paladins, shadow priests, etc. You can't trick it into NOT marking you. You can however trick it into marking people who aren't focusing on healing.

so now to take away an advantage i have to rely on having cert-en classes around me healing? a hunter is very easily picked out as not a healer, as is a warlock or even a shadow priest if they still have self healing. a paladin could be mistaken for a healer. but that means i need a paladin around me?
i don't always have a paladin.
which is why if the add-on has a threshold i am so worried.
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03/10/2011 10:54 AMPosted by Reefermadnez
And also, this is your standby argument.
Pot kettle, etc.
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Odds are a healing priest in an unrated BG IS Shadow. I almost never see holy priests in them, in part because the lack of resilience as one is gearing up means that forgoing shadow's extra CCs is fairly suicidal.

I don't see many Holy Priests in an unrated BG, but I see some Disc Priests still.

Healers are getting rarer and rarer, and it's not hard to see why.
There have been a decent amount of them when I was the only person who would heal (no priests or paladins or shamans or healspecced druids), and when I do see priests, it's all shadow.

Including me, shadow's too versatile not to spec into imo. With the focusing going on, I need to disperse (and I have it glyphed), I need to single-target and aoe fear (though I use this more to freeze people around the flagbearer or someone being mowed down), etc.
03/10/2011 10:58 AMPosted by Reefermadnez
Pot kettle, etc.

...? Again. LOLWUT.

You're saying my standby argument is to resort to ad hominem attacks then? I have not called you stupid or silly or a liar once.
You are amazingly dishonest and selective. Do you really want to go around this all day? I don't mind, it's not like I can't post between BGs.
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.... Unless it turns you into a Tauren, PvPers who aren't smart enough to kill the healer first still won't. Everyone knows Alliance targets the cows first.

Hmmm....I always thought it was because I was slow to Moooove it.

Anyway, the argument IS NOT who dies more. It IS, is it fair to employ something that targets specific players in BGs? The answer is, No.

To try to question whether Healers die MORE because of this Software is like Cigarrette companies saying, "They would have died anyway." (they just helped get them there)

Again, is it a FAIR tactic? No!

Don't use it then.

My opinion: If you think it's OK to employ something like this in a BG until Blizzard breaks it, then you lack the maturity to make good sound decisions on your own.
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Guys, you can also CC a healer, or ignore it and focus the damage on weak Dpss. Sometimes is better than just trying to kill them... This addon just help noobs suggesting what they should do.

You really want to play like bots? Its funny to run around with a lot o dps behind you as your team captures their flags, bases, etc.

Use your brains, not addons (or... not only addons) XD
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Reefers whole arguement seems to keep coming down to DPS saying 'prove it'. Prove it makes you get targeted more... which he already knows we cannot quantifiably do because of the randomness of human behaviour, human consciousness, the randomness of battleground groups, and all the rest.

So the use of this addon can and will ALWAYS be justified in that vein. And he is sticking to that, as they all will. Maybe he wrote the app?


I dunno, I have seen a very recent and very noticeable change in the amount of attention I get in random BG's. Going from normally having 1-2 sharp minded folks picking me out of a crowd for annihilation each skirmish to 5-6 attacking me almost instantly when in range... in a sea of 20... in a pug battleground... with no guildies among them...

Right... can't prove it. It must be ok.

And I highly doubt it is the result of some kind of mass, skill-level awakening on the part of pug battleground groups. It hasn't happened in the entire time I have been playing WoW. The pattern has changed, and it coincides with the popularity of an addon that specifically allows players to instantly, from a distance, pick out and target a certain class automatically?

Right... can't prove it. It must be ok.

Damn you OJ Simpson! You've doomed us all to an infinite loop of legal loopholes, reasonable doubt, and lazy DPS...
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The many folks saying that this addon improves their kill count of healers are also speculating, correct? Oh, wait. They're talking about using this addon to do exactly this.
You have conveniently ignored the last many pages. You are STILL doing it.

Not only are you a liar, you're just nasty.

again... o_O...? LOLWUT. I have not lied one time. Do you understand what a lie is?

I won't call you a liar because I am not psychic: i can't tell what you actually believe or not.

I can, however, tell you that you are wrong.

And instead of just SAYING I am wrong would you at least please point out WHY I am wrong.

I haven't ignored any of the pages in this thread. You all are ignoring the things I have been saying.

I point out the differences between a raid marker and what this addon does and you retort with "pffft that's no difference."

I point out that you are merely speculating that you are being killed moreso now because of this addon and your retort is... Well nothing. Noobody has said anything about that yet other than "of course we can't prove it." which was the point I was trying to make anyway.

I ask for even one example of something I said that is false and you reply with "people already did that." when no one did.

There are 22 pages sprinkled with posts explaining why you are wrong. You just refuse to accept any of them, and then claim there are none.
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1. only works for you
2. only works in nameplate range
3. only works with nameplates turned on
I already responded to this post when you made it earlier. You ignored it, and then demanded that it be rebutted. You keep doing that, and not just to me by the way, which is dishonest.

I will reply again: 1: If multiple people have this addon (and it's geared to be used by groups) that is moot.

2: which is, what, 40 yards, and this applies to the big red raid-mark like cross above healers' heads.

3: The audio cue ignores nameplate stuff and can be used to mark a healer way, way past that.

It was designed to function LIKE a raidmark without technically being one.
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03/10/2011 10:42 AMPosted by Reefermadnez
That was exactly the point I was trying to make; you can't prove it. It's speculation. In this thread, we're about one step away from "no one in BGs has any skill. everyone uses this addon." Did all the players who just innately know to kill the paladin with the glowy hands (That's me, btw!) stop playing? Did people suddenly stop communicating in /bg?

Now you're understating the power of inductive reasoning. You can't say "prove it objectively or I won't believe you, and I know you can't prove it objectively". While we're at it, actually, prove God, objectively.. same *%%*. A powerful positive correlation, which I'm sure will exist as this addon becomes more and more popular, can easily be considered proof. We get head hunted enough.. we don't need add ons like this to help the retards.
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