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Greetings everyone,

I transferred over the last time moves from Moon Guard opened up a few months back, but I had to put the game on hold for other reasons. I'm back now, and I was wondering what the state of Alliance RP is now that we're a few months into Cataclysm and things are settling down a bit more.

Has there been a noticeable population rise so that there is at least moderately widespread RP in the world or in the cities? I'm not expecting Moon Guard levels certainly, but from my experience before my hiatus, things were pretty dead as far as RP outside of guilds. The forums do not seem to be positive indicators either since it is rare to see a recruitment thread for any RP guild on either side. Would be nice to see some activity. Didn't run into very much at all ingame either.

On another note, are there are Gilnean/Worgen guilds out there by chance?

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Hi Robes!

I'm sure more people will respond to this as they wake up. Let's see what I can answer as a fellow RP'er.

RP is still mainly within guilds; to compound that, the two I'm involved in have been doing a lot of RP outside of cities - that makes it a lot harder to just stumble upon! But if you prefer out of guild RP, there is an OOC channel (contact someone in-game if you aren't in it already) to help find it. As well, there is a player-run tavern at the Stormwind Harbor -the stationary boat that has no NPC's on it- open Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and I think one of the two weekend days from 6-10 server (I think). It's usually fairly... ah... "hoppin'", so to speak, and it's a good place to make contacts.

Regarding guilds and guild recruitment, the stickied listing at the top is kept as up-to-date as communication will allow, and most guilds leave it at that - it's up to the roleplayers to show some interest. I know Alliance High Command, Azerothian Militia, and the Silver Legion all have recruitment threads going. There are a couple of listed worgen guilds, but I couldn't tell you how active they are.

Hopefully that helps! You're welcome to whisper me in-game (if you don't see Astrii online, ask someone from Shadow Hall if I am), or any of the contacts listed for RP guilds can answer questions as well. Cheers!
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There has been a population rise and while RP isn't all over every street corner, I know it's almost always going on because people are always chatting about it. While it does still take place in guilds, the guild's abilities to break apart and include other guilds has been improving and I know I've been running into RP more often lately. (Which can be awkward when you're flying on a drake just wanting to pick up fish.)

Take a peek behind the cathedral every now and then. The Blue Recluse and the Pig and Whistle are also two big points, but I've heard of a lot of people RPing out in the world (Which thrills me.) When Ship in a Bottle is open (the tavern Astrii spoke about) it's almost always a hot spot, too.

I'm another one of the people you can get in touch with to find everyone or get more information as well. I do what I can to help out.
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Apologies for the delay in responding, but I wanted to thank both of you for your responses. They were very encouraging and very enlightening.

I'll be on the lookout for anything that comes up. I've been going through the Shadow Hall forums and there are plenty of things in there that peaked my interest (*cough Order of the Black Fang*cough*) and I may very well end up calling on your doorstep.

Thanks again for all of your help!
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Do what I can!

While applications are not technically open, you're welcome to put in an app and when we do open them, you'll be a step ahead of everyone else.
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I love these threads... It always starts constructively then they always devolve into drama.

I swear to hell that some RPers are worse than high school freshmen.

Oh well.

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I'm pleased to see more people are coming to Farstriders to RP.

You can also talk to me in game, and I'll tell you about Sanctified. I'm generally always on in the early afternoon, server time. We RP outside of cities as well, so you can't find us unless you know where to look.

I hope you find something suited to you. Even if you don't come to us, I'll be happy to RP with you in game.

Have fun!
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