Ask the Devs - Answers #1

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Q: Healers cannot get Flask of Flowing Water from Guild Cauldron, which means Guild Cauldron is useless to healers. Can I expect any improvement for this? –꼬꼬마샷다 (Korea)
A: We couldn’t figure out an elegant way to determine if healers wanted the Spirit flask or the Intellect flask, so we erred on the side of throughput and gave them Intellect. Healers who would prefer Spirit can just get the normal flasks. We’ll think about another way to handle this. Spirit is obviously very popular among healers, but we don’t want to have a system that pops up a window asking you which flask you want.

An idea, though i don't know how the Cauldron works since we haven't unlocked it yet. But maybe redesign the cauldron. Like have the 5 click-able parts to it, so u can pick which one u like. Don't know if it's possible to make that happen, if you get the idea i'm going at?
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03/14/2011 10:25 AMPosted by Idej
No offense Bashiok (or any blue), but does today's question have to have a PvP topic, given the amount of PvP questions that were in the first answers?

Yes, any questions that aren't on PvP will be ignored/deleted. We'll be changing topics each time though, and hope to not make them so specific that you'll be waiting forever to get in a question.
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Q: Will we ever see a feature like the Appearance Tab - some way to make use of all the different equipment art for items we already have without having to give up on stats in order to do so? If no, then why not? – Welcome (North America/ANZ), Ферундал (Europe [Russian])
A: Having more ways to customize the appearance of their character is something players often ask for and something we’d love to improve. Seriously. We hear you loud and clear on this one. We do have some ideas we’re discussing, but we’re not ready to share them quite yet. Our concerns have always included making sure that the character art still maintains a level of quality even if extensively customized, and making sure that character silhouettes are easily recognizable. Those aren’t show-stopping concerns that would prevent us from ever taking the plunge, but they are concerns.

I do agree with the posts that have been made about this. I have been in a lot of mail gear that has looked like wood or cloth/leather gear and had the same appearance as those gear types even though it was suppose to be mail. So the reason you give about why you don't allow this really makes no sense at all.

I sometimes really hate to even wear some of the gear just cause it looks extremely ugly but it's BiS so I wear it.. Its like when you were a kid and your mom picked out your clothes and forced you to wear something you hated.. I think its about time you let us pick out our own clothes.

Couldn't a solution be implemented the same way as reforging is but instead of changing part of a stat it converts an entire items stats onto another item erasing the previous stats? I know some people that would like to walk around in T4 yet have the stats and bonuses of T11. Of course it would only work on the same armor types and slots Mail shoulders --> Mail shoulders, and you would have to have both items on you to do it. Plus this would allow more the art work you guys put effort into be shown off instead of being tossed aside waiting for its art to be reused like Deadmines and such.

Q: I think a lot of people would like to see some more options for inventory storage are there plans for any of the following? Bank slots/Equipment manager storage/Upgrade backpack/storage for costume, cosmetic, toys/tabard storage. – Shinysparkle (North America/ANZ)
A: We do have some storage solutions in the works. We’d like to convert tabards in particular to something like the current UI to manage titles. We don’t want to just keep giving players larger and larger bags in which to lose items. We’re focusing more on better ways to organize items.

Having tabards work like titles would be very nice, However Holiday items tend to take up more bag space then my tabards. I would really like somewhere to store these other then my bank. I do wonder why you guys tossed in a tabard vendor yet not have it carry all the tabards? Wouldn't it be easier to just have this vendor carry all the tabards available and then have it check to make sure we are eligible to grab the tabard from it without having it cost?

Q: While mining and herbalism both supports two other professions (jewel crafting and blacksmith for mining, inscription and alchemy for herbalism), skinning only support leather working and is less viable. Will you consider adding some small advantages for skinning, for example, chances to get more cooking material, to make skinning more attractive? - 柴德洛夫 (Taiwan)
A: Skinning has its own advantages though. For example, you can skin the same targets you are killing for quests or while running a dungeon, while Mining and Herbalism often require you to go out of your way to gather that resource. Sometimes you get lucky and find a field of recently-killed corpses, just waiting to be skinned.

I think the point of this question was to say whats the point of picking up skinning, Sure there are plenty of mobs to skin and we don't have to hunt for them but most the time we have to take time to kill them and mobs laying on the ground we have to hope the people looted them or they are useless. With Mining you pick it up you could either go for JC or BS and with Herbing you could go with either inscription or alchy. But if you grab skinning you can only do LW as there is really no other choice to pick from.

On a side note when is LW going to get some fun items? I mean sure a leather ball is fun and all but having something else fun to make couldn't hurt.
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So... nothing about totems. That's two years now, without totems even being talked about...

Six years since the totem model has actually been updated. No, I'm not counting the Call spells or Totemic Recall... because that's a temporary fix that ONLY served to fix the initial problem of using 4 GCDs to start battle with (Now it's one... which is still too much imo). I'm tired of feeling like I drag my totems around on the ground with me.

Yeah, this sounds a little bit needy.... but as my direct feedback to the developer Q&A sessions, I have this to say - please stop basing it off votes. It's very likely that while there are pressing issues for specific classes/specs, they won't be receiving a lot of votes due to being a less populous class (read: shaman population vs paladin or druid population), so the system can be flawed. It becomes a popularity contest where the classes that are less popular due to their mechanics being outdated will continue to be less popular, because their mechanics will never be discussed or improved.

I think the point of this question was to say whats the point of picking up skinning, Sure there are plenty of mobs to skin and we don't have to hunt for them but most the time we have to take time to kill them and mobs laying on the ground we have to hope the people looted them or they are useless. With Mining you pick it up you could either go for JC or BS and with Herbing you could go with either inscription or alchy. But if you grab skinning you can only do LW as there is really no other choice to pick from.

On a side note when is LW going to get some fun items? I mean sure a leather ball is fun and all but having something else fun to make couldn't hurt.

I definitely agree on this. As a Skinner/LWer, I'm still very much peeved at how little attention my spec has received since I first played in TBC.

Whatever happened to drums? They used to be SO fun! I loved being able to pop off a Drums of Battle for the melee group back in Hyjal.
Then Wrath came along and we had Drums of Ghetto Kings. Yeah, that's boring. Fat chance of finding ANY group without a paladin or a druid.

Will drums ever be revisited? Engineers get to use glove/belt tinkers after all. Could LWers perhaps get some nifty in-combat use drums that actually make a difference?
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My original question ended up on page 23 of the original thread, but made it all the way to the top of page 3 in terms of popularity.

Does that mean I should ask the question again? Or that it was popular enough, but won't be answered regardless?

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Time for an Rp question in the next thread....
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Why were so many questions answered regarding PvP, and the next installment is restricted to PvP questions? Doesn't make much sense to me.
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Even if it was it would have been spun off in the "Were not working on it now, but may in the future" answer set.

Seriously, if your not going to answer questions directly whats the point?

Its obvious they just picked the easiest questions to answer and spun the rest.


Would you rather they do absolutely nothing at all, and provide almost no insight to their plans and feelings of their own game? I sure wouldn't.

There were a few questions in that list that I didn't really care about, others I read every single word down to the punctuation. I didn't vote on any questions, or ask my own, and I'm still more than happy with what they're doing.

Stop being ungrateful. The devs are trying to get more in touch with the community. You're pretty much never going to see completely solid answers from them, or any company that would do something like this, ever. Why? Because the community will hold them to those words no matter what it was.

Get over yourself. There is an entire community out here, each with their own values and interests in what the devs have to say. Just because none of the questions, or their ways of wording them, caught your interest, doesn't mean everyone else hated it too. I sure as hell wouldn't complain if every single one of those questions didn't apply to me, they're still making an effort.

EDIT: However, I do agree with this:
Why were so many questions answered regarding PvP and the next installment is only PvP questions? Doesn't make much sense to me.

Seems a bit silly, but I'm not complaining.
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Nothing on elemental, again.

I have to say I am disappointed. You mention plenty of other classes, but once again you make me feel like my class is going unnoticed.

And I'm pretty sure there were a good 4 - 5 questions on the state of Elemental Shamans.

Sigh, whatever. I liked the other answers though. Can't wait to hear your opinion on the appearance tab.
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Q: Considering how often changes meant to balance PVE performance for certain classes then creates imbalance in their performance in PVP, and vice verse, have the developers ever considered completely separating the two? – Azunya (North America/ANZ)
A: That’s a common solution proposed by our active forum participants for whom balance may be the single most important concern when they play. You have to put yourself in the mind of a new player just trying to pick up the game though. Already there are a bewildering array of class abilities and talents, many with their own idiosyncrasies or special rules. Now you have to virtually double that if you want all of the player spells to have a PvE and a PvP tooltip. We prefer solutions like resilience and diminishing returns on crowd control that are more global rules rather than virtually every ability having a PvE vs. a PvP coefficient. We want it to feel like one game with a unified set of rules.

If we are to look at the game from a new players perspective, how is the dungeon finder presented to a new player? "DUNGEON FINDER is now available!" this doesn't explain what it does or how to use it.

There are already 2 types of tooltips available for the player to chose from, a third tooltip with pvp information wouldn't confuse or overwhelm a new player. In fact I imagine that a new player would be extremely confused when he tries to CC chain a more advanced player and run away, but his CC stop working for some unknown, unexplained reason. Or his first time in a BG where he's up against the same class, only to hit them for significantly less damage then they are hitting him.

It just makes sense to have spells and abilities act differently in pvp and pve. For example, Smite: Deals <x amount> to <x amount>, Deals <y amount> to <y amount> to player characters. Or, Ring of frost: freezes enemies within <x> yards for <x seconds>, freeze effect last for <y seconds> against players.

It would be easy enough to explain the differences in a quest which has you damage a "Captured horde or alliance player" and then has you damage a normal mob.

It allows the developers to make these spells work as intended in pve and pvp, reduces QQ on the forums, and decreases the number of hotfixes needed.

To conclude, The current pvp mechanics implemented are far more confusing and frustrating for new players than additional tooltip information.
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03/14/2011 10:12 AMPosted by Bashiok
any ETA on the next set of questions we get to pose?


<a href=""></a>

On Tuesdays? I can never keep up with the whats when. I thought it was Mondays but by that count it should be up already.
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