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I started in mmo's playing in the pre-cu SWG days as a member of . Shortly after the NGE released, like many others, I migrated to WoW, where I raided most of the pre-bc content, up to and including 40 nax (alliance side).

At the release of The Burning Crusade, a co-worker recruited me to join his horde guild on Dalvengyr, where I re-rolled as an Orc Hunter and eventually became the Raid Leader. Throughout BC, we raided everything from kara-black temple (didn't complete it, first two in BT, first 2 in Hyjal).

When Wrath came out, myself and a few of the other officers had a difference of opinion with the guild leader at the time and the direction the guild was taking. As a result, we splintered off to form a new guild (the other guild died out shortly after), where I became a recruiting officer and pvp liason. During this time, the guild took a different approach, instead of an emphasis on raiding, we decided to recruit players who more or less fit our laid back playstyle. As a result, our guild was not very big (10-15 ppl usually online at a time), however, we were extremely close. Our average age ranged from 23-50.

Shortly before cat, the guild fell apart, and I decided to migrate back to my WoW roots, moving most of my toons to the alliance where I can still be found, unguilded, and usually in search of a good converstation.

I'm an avid pvp'er, not the greatest, but I hold my own. I have alot that I can offer a guild. I have 10 toons, 9 of them are 80 or higher, my lone toon below 80 is a 74 warlock. I have JC and blacksmith maxed out at 525 on my paladin and warrior respectively. My mage has 450 tailor/chanting, and my lock has 450 alch with mats to hit 525 once I get off my butt and level him to 75.

What I'm looking for is a good network of players that enjoys playing the game. As I said, I have alot that I can offer the guild like my experience, maturity (I'm 25 y/o), and what I would consider decent skill. The only thing I expect from the guild in return is respect and a pvp buddy or two :). If you are looking for someone to fill a raid spot or to increase your numbers, then I am not the player for you. While I would like to join a guild, I'm just as fine being on my own.

If you think I would be a fit for your guild, please respond to this forum or shoot my an ingame /w. I will be on rovak, kavor, ànklebiter, or twilleon.

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sure hit us up some of our guys could use soem partners
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