[A] Aff/Demo Warlock 350ilvl LF Raiding guild

85 Worgen Warlock
Killakitty- Alliance Non DKP Guilds Only please 8) pushing for 25 mans but 10s (if solid consistent group)

1. Character Name/Class/Spec: Killakitty/Warlock -Gorgonnash any spec currently AFF/Demo pref Aff but flexible

2. Battle.net Armory Link:
New Reroll Main currently playing:
Retired main :

3 My schedule - I am avail after 8pm server (PST)M-Thur. Might be able to adjust hours a little earlier depending on the raid week.

4. Stable computer and connection? Yes. Rarely disconnect and always comeback.

5. Working Microphone? Yes. although i don't prefer to talk unless i need to during a raid. I'm comfortable talking just dislike cluttered vent.

6. Log of current dps? Current 10 man guild took 1 log and it was after i have been 85 for like 24 hours. I am doing the dps i should be doing with my current gear. ilvl 350 - Im working on my tier pieces and sadly these $h!t pugs i have been getting in don't go past the 1-2 bosses so the valor points are coming really slow. I did get a semi late start as alliance on this server. Leveled my professions from 0 high enough to get both the bonuses from them. Enchanting/Tailoring no gathering prof for me 8)

7.Why am i looking for a new guild?
My horde guild fell apart after a 5% chogall wipe a couple months ago LOL 5%!! i decided to bang out a few levels on my alliance lock and check out the experience over here with some awesome friends. My guildies are freaking amazing love um to death unfortunately they are kinda big deals irl and are away from the game from time to time with their circle jerk conventions and such.
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85 Worgen Warlock
8. Raiding experience In BC? WoTLK? Cata?
I have played a Warlock since bc. Have a few other alts but this is what i enjoy and keeps me playing. My first character was a gnome warlock-> switch to horde for a few years and now im coming back. 8)
I have experimented in every role in the game Healing, range. melee, and tanking <Shudders> For guild roles i was a recruiter/officer for my wrath guild for a couple years, officer and co -gm for guild on a dying server and around Icecrown time we decided to all transfer to a high pop server and finish out the xpan in another guild. i am enjoying WoW as a peon 8) a lot less stressful and i find myself not dreading logging on to deal with QQ.
Burning crusade = My guild didnt choose go into Sunwell after BT
Wrath= Glory of the Raider 25 & Drake , Ulduar we didn't kill firefighter or 1 light during progression in 25 (have it on 10 man), Totc 4/5 heroic during progression went back and killed him later on. ICC= have both 10 and 25 man drakes during progression
Cata= 9/12 Chogall at 5% which is so stupid but yeah. Haven't seen Nef but have watched a few warlock pov videos and have read up on the abilities.

9. Am I able to accept sitting out for a boss or a raid on occasions that dictate a specific comp or when asked?
Sure. I understand i need to be flexible and do whatever is best for progression.

10.Am i able to take and improve upon criticism?
I am always trying to improve my game. Id rather it be said to my face then be the one the guild talks #*** about LOL. Im always studying logs of other warlocks from top guilds or those who rank insane dps and compare it to what i am doing on the individual bosses. I read different websites, forums, blogs, dps charts, logs, meters, simcrafts, and askmrrobot to try to stay current on the info out there for my class and the raids in general. YOU HEAR THAT GUYS! SHE CAN READ SHE MUST BE ABLE TO DPS! Well im not saying im perfect but i do try my best to preform dps wise or handle special tasks.

11.What kind of raider can we expect you to be? Give a brief description of your attitude towards raiding in both progression and farm content. Solid. Reliable. I enjoy progression. I'm use to having to wipe on a boss for hours/ weeks/months in order to get a kill. Yes it gets exhausting and this content doesn't seem THAT hard, but you wont ever hear me complain about it. I enjoy raiding its why i play this game. Farmed content is what you have to breeze through to get to the exciting stuff. Never takes that long to do anyway so its no biggie

12. Since i don't have any commitments in game right now i tend to afk more often. If i don't reply to a wsper send me in game mail or just post your info here. Please don't reply if you have tons of flakes in your guild. Im looking for a solid dependable guild to plant my roots in.

TL:DR? Aff lock lf 25 man raiding guild NoN DKP loot system 8)
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