[A] The Flaw of Mortality - W&Sun 6-9p 10m

The Flaw of Mortality [A] – is recruiting some good players for our core raiding team. We’re a mature social raiding guild that focuses more on having a good time and not getting worked up if we don’t down a boss. Currently our needs are 1-2 tanks and 2-3 DPS (preferably shaman, mage or melee - heal or tank OS is also a bonus). After our first week of raiding, we’re at 6/12 (three in BoT and BWD each) with the majority of the group not having done the fights beforehand.

What you must have:
* Vent
* Some raiding experience (doesn’t have to be Cata)
* Raid ready gear (preferably ilvl 350)
* Knowledge of your class and some of the others
* A decent maturity level and sense of humor. We don’t want kids, we want adults.

Our raiding times:
* Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30 PM server (most are on by 5:00 PM server)
* We will also try and run some extras on Sunday afternoon if people are around

What we offer:
* Guild repairs for raids
* Guild vent
* A relaxed raiding atmosphere
* Equal rolls on loot with priority not going to specific members. If you’re there, you get to roll.

If you’re interested, whisper myself (Adorno), Biggio, or Luthair in game or shoot me an in-game mail. We hope to hear from you.
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Update: Really looking for a good mage or enhancement shaman.
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We are now providing flasks for guild raiders during guild raids.
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After our second week, we are 8/12 (have not done Cho'Gal, Nefair, or any of TotFW). We had some great pug players with us last night to fill a couple of spots, thanks to them.

We're still looking for a second solid tank and for DPS a shaman.
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Bump for a good mage or shaman.
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Still looking for that good mage or shaman. We have 9 on our raiding team, need that solid 10th.
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100 Worgen Druid
Bump for level 10. Almost have mix master too.
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85 Dwarf Shaman
Currently working on getting my gear up for my enhance set, I just came back after a break that lasted a few months. I've had a pretty large chunk of experience tanking as a DK through naxx, ulduar, toc, and icc with a casual guild. I figure if I posted it would help me remember to PM you once my gears up in strength.
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We had our best raid to date on Tuesday night, downing 5 bosses in BWD in just over two hours. Great job guys. Still looking for a mage or shaman (especially), we had a ton of mail pieces get DE'd.

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Guess what?

People care about your %*%%ty guild!!!!

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Thanks for the bump.
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100 Draenei Death Knight
Bump for new information and recruitment posting!

Always in need of dps, but now we are in need of a tank!

Current Progress: 8/8 Normal, 1/8 Heroic.

Raid Times: Wednesdays and Sundays 6:00 - 9:00 P.M. Server time.

Vent is a must, as well as >386 equipped ilvl with experiance.

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90 Tauren Paladin
If you want I can edit the first post, otherwise just startup a new thread :)
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