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Many thanks to Olwyn who put down the groundwork for this list. {Special thanks for listing in alphabetical order}

Please use the format below when posting information about your guild.

Entity : http://entity.guildportal.com/
Officers: Olwyn (GM), Undaground, Ragingpwner (Please limit this to one line.)
Types: RP, PvP, 10 man Raiding, 25 man Raiding, multi-purpose, helper (please only choose one.) Also state whether the guild is Alliance or Horde.
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Alliance RP Guilds

aaWOO: All Worgen guild
GM: Zevonia
Level 1

Knights of the Amber Sun: http://www.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?
Officers: Savarin (GM), Ceph, Theolant, Faerine

The Embassy: the-embassy.wowstead.com
GM: Syv
Level 25

Exclamation Point
GM: Halent, Officers: Potzi, Yggdrasila
Level 4
Syv's Editorial: This unique guild not only roleplays with non-members, they provide quests.

The Hammer of Magni: http://www.hammerofmagni.com/index.php
Officers: Valentia (GM), Adanos, Ethawn, Ianthe, Fizzlebottom, Ilari, Ranul

Watchmen: http://swcwatchmen.guildomatic.com/
Officers: Itsu (GM), Hotara, Krugg, Decklin, Sajani
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Horde RP Guilds

<Darkmoon Legion>
Officers: Reenink (GM)
Level 17
Contact: Send in request or whisper an online member. (Usually on at nights)
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Alliance Multi-Purpose Guilds

Ancient Guardians: http://guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=279376&TabID=2344464
Officers: Tereb(GM),Sylvaan,Daftlilman and Taraform

Argent Exodus: http://argent.exodusgaming.com
Officers: Caeridar (Craft by another name) (GM), Redric, Aea, Asan

Awakening: awakening.wowstead.com
Officers: Aaren (GM), Kaen, Akaan, Auradom

<Bad Kitty> http://badkitty.guildlaunch.com/
Officers: Vulpesia (GM), Taq, Lynora, Zeckdorl, Ryphon and Len
Type: alliance multi-purpose (w/ mostly 10man PvE focus)
Guild Level: 25

Clockwork Company: http://clockwork.guildlaunch.com
Officers: Feriya (GM), Arcavia and Inali

Officers: Bátorság, Shorah, Kiyo, Verrückt
Level 1

Einherjar: http://theeinherjar.guildlaunch.com
Officers: Zepidesia (GM), Gwyllie, Maegosh, Meoceu, Daniella, Nase, Glew, Celuarinne, and Mathiaas

Guardians of the Light: guardiansofthelight.net
Officers: Barkan (GM), Bruenorre, Seitekiakumu, Tsukiko, Tulaurne, Tigresarojo, Grimma

Heirs of Ironforge: http://www.hoi.dkpsystem.com/news.php
Officers: Debradrent (GM), Cetus, Colin, Dazzel, Kyralee, Parix, Prinnitemare, Abazaba, Torgony, Raunok, Zephia, Zwen

Indomitable: http://indomitable.dkpsystem.com
Officers: Terragott (GM), Erynghel, Alexx, Sarlat, Savagecoyote, Missmagus

LHC: http://lhc.guildlaunch.com
GMs: Yzreal, Ishikawa
Officers: Valai(There are others, but for the sake of a clean list at the moment)
Guild Level: 24

Maniacal: http://maniacalguild.enjin.com
Officers: Charam (GM), Azerah, Essandra, Obsolition, Semmi, Vayce
Level 25

Old World: http://s3.invisionfree.com/Old_World_Guild/
GMs: Ecian, Ician, Auntpol, Beldaran, Zaffyredawn, Welty

Pfft (Alliance)
GM: Beeswarm (Beewhisper)
Officers: Gwenseren, Kaandre, Kathragg, Pandahlin, Terrafy, Umbriel
Level 22

Reforged: http://deranged.izkewl.com
Officers: Nariane (GM), Sharlotta, Canopic, Badges, Kadd, Chapage, Xovi, Dokc, Drevyn, Disposition

Sentinels of Azeroth: http://sentinels.goblingames.net
Officers: Callisolyn, Sovar, Nieland, Hodgke, Acinonyx, Ferrasper, Tifle, Ursidae, Torbe

Seventh SOG: http://www.guilduniverse.com/7sog
Officers: Blackpoole, Grimflint, Grumblecakes

Silver Fern: http://silverfern.guildlaunch.com
Officers: Lypi (GL), Schadow, Kasye, Mecherdon

SYNERGY: http://synergyswc.guildomatic.com/
Officers: Bryte, Carmellina, Derther, Finaldeatho, Jemada (Council-style leadership)
LEVEL 25 (Realm First)

Tales of Silver Dragon: http://talesofsilverdragons.wowstead.com/
Officers: Koneko (GM), Kaelax and Melany

Tastes Like Murloc: www.tasteslikemurloc.com
Officers: Spiritess (GM), Silvanoshei, Gonisa, Trinreyami

The End is Nigh:http://www.theendisnigh.info/
Officers: Ayunge (GM), Krums, Jaldor

The Knights of Valor: http://wowkov.dkpsystem.com/news.php
Officers: Hornus(GM), Valwyn,Sindalia,Andorian,Sanguisuga,Wragdas

Thunderbrew Guard: http://thunderbrewguard.guildlaunch.com/
Giwwy - GM
Djeserit - co-GM
Olwyn- raid leader
Florenne - banker
Level 25

Thunder Struck : http://www.freewebs.com/guildthunderstruck/index.htm
GM: Hallard
Level: 1 (and slowly growing)

Twilight Vigil: http://thevigil.guildzilla.com
Officers: Satu

VenoMyth: http://venomyth.guildomatic.com/
Officers: Kynari (GM)
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Horde Multi-Purpose Guilds

Arcana Solarie : http://forums.arcanasolarie.com
Officers: Anaerion (GM), Aedriete, Chocom, Tirneb
Guild Level 25

Da Mojo: http://www.feelindamojo.com
Officers: Zortula (GM), Laulu, Iset, Phillipe, Bulldoazer

Deathknell Sentinels: dks.guildportal.com
Officers: Ishotuh (GM), Maujin, Ginrolli, Thryllia

Final Stand: Final-Stand.Guildlaunch.com
Officers: Dreadnight,Tiras,Mears

Fly By Night: http://fly-by-night.wowstead.com/
Officers: Delfine (GM), Rarne, Malfax
Type: Multi-purpose (Achievements)
Level 15

Heroes of Legend: http://heroesoflegend-swc.com/
Officers: Felrond (GM), Elamun, Voyces, Baconnator, Crimsondawn, Eiri, Krulgon, Trypt, Satie

Horde Knights : http://horde-knights.wowstead.com/
GM: Umbele
Officers: Istrol, Goewyn, Galinedis
Level 25

Incognito: http://incognito-swc.gamerdna.com/join
Officers: Blasphemur, Ziro, Tredea, Meatstick, Teufelhunden, Velegost

Mercenaries of the Storm
Officers: Kiritomi (GM), Akaidei, Tomidaria

Reprisal: www.reprisalswc.com
Officers: Feets, Rizzael, Hargs, Mootastic, Jujutan, Thraps

Steadfast: http://steadfast-swc.guildlaunch.com
Guild Level: 25
Leaders: Angellis, Darren, Solivar
Officers: Augar, Chameleana, Jenabelle, Bloodsoaked, Twinyarrow

TAKEOUT: http://takeout.guildlaunch.com
Officers: Taijavu(GM), Sarchasm, Elsebethe, Takaikishi, Dumaine, Gibixx

The Dark Seldarine: http://www.darkseldarine.com/
Officers : Tindae (GM), Aelerion, Gileonbelial, Tritzina

The Gods of War http://thegodsofwarsw.guildlaunch.com/
Officers: Fists (GM), Daniellerose, Goreageous

Undaunted: undauntedswc.guildlaunch.com
GM: Vindexes
Officers: Thorir, Ittykitty, Missaly, Bloodredd, Thireyn
Lvl 25

Way of the Sword: www.wayofthesword.net
Officers: Murderface (GL), Graxgal, Bahun, Roadstar

Wired Cyber Tribunal: http://wct.guildomatic.com/
Officers: Farazyn [GM], Cinica, Graarg, Aredhell, Khelie

Wolf Pack - http://wolfpack.sentrytotem.com
Officers : Bralji (GM), Jiah, Jambi, Krysanthil, Killyen, Hectak, Tiron, and Zoktar
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Alliance PVP Guilds
Cold Blooded
Level 1
GM: Airgear
OFFICERS: Fadory. Eyvette.
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Horde PVP Guilds
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Alliance 25 Man Raiding Guilds

<Bad Moon>
GM: Gnellwyn (MAGE POWAH!)
Regents (include, but not limited to): Bellibutton, Savvior, Localuca, Morgrom, Morliniell
Officers (include, but not limited to): Arcanna, Artemis, Yarrie, Jellibeen

Eleventh Hour : eleventh-hour.wowstead.com
Officers: Nylos (GM), Medkhi

Equivalence: Equivalence.guildlaunch.com
Officers: Nulife (GM), Carnan, Explodo, Nystul, Rorel, Byx, Anchusa

Jaded Souls : http://www.jadedsouls.dkpsystem.com/
Officers: Valtome (GL), Asgara, Akayaa, Nightslide, Wayn

Maniacal: http://maniacal.guildomatic.com
Officers: Nex (GM), Semmi, Charam, Rorken, Josin, Rik, Exaethian, Vaelina

Novus Ordum ( late night raiding guild ): novusordum.guildportal.com
Officers: Sollen (GM), Draiman, Waldaorf, Wolfmage, Endwig

Pantheon: http://pantheonbloodline.guildomatic.com/
Officers: Starroxia(GM), Druimann, Zamzooble, Frostay

Prophecy: http://prophecy.dkpsystem.com
Officers: Tielyn (GM), Kalisia, Bittor, Esedess, Kahlana, Lazram, Sionistic, Kyokurelic, Nerogrim

Relentless Ascension: relentless.guildomatic.com
Officers: Jarexle, Whacked, Lokeen, Horcrux

Symbiosis: www.symbiosis-swc.com
Officers (short top 3 list): Akumamanny (GM), Horu, and Zakuri

Twisted Destiny: http://twisteddestiny.guildlaunch.com
Officers: Insight (GM), Aralah, Crambone, Cloudyskyes, Niteshade, Unleashedfury, Twistedsouls

Velocity: www.velocityswc.com
Officers: Ntayu (GM), Andrastre, Doolan, Leisa
Type: 10 man raiding
Level 25

Volition: http://volition.enjin.com/
Officers: Gnima (GM), Isdra, Koketsu, Jmodex, Leeong, Gremark, Emlock
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Horde 25 Man Raiding Guilds

Crimson Blood Clan: http://crimsonbloodclanswc.dkpsystem.com
Officers: Xaero (GM), Moonora, Czisix, Rosdale, Waq, Yullina, Drisus, Zanthar, Tibola

Du Mintai: http://du-mintai.guildlaunch.com/
Officers: Kyojitsu (GM), Andishar, Coggar, Kargontan

Honorbound: www.hb.enjin.com
GM: Adalwolf, Officer: Katine

Paradigm: http://swcpara.guildomatic.com/
Officers: Diphiniti (GM), Addiction, Morlinde, Oliaga, Tavore, Zamboozle

Officers: Sleazyp, Greenlite, Shemhazai, Kryden, Visago Dawnhoof
25 man raiding
lvl 24
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Alliance 10 Man Raiding Guilds

Ascended: http://ascended-swc.guildlaunch.com
Officers Arcaiva (GM), Asylla , Iconia, Brocs, Kordelia, Yvondith

Blood Bourne: http://bloodbourne.guildlaunch.com
Officers: Shaldranarr (GM), Iyalorisha, Fraeguile, Crafty, Kriad

Catalyst: www.catalystraiders.com
GM: Krystenn

Clarity: true-clarity.guildlaunch.com
Officers: Rizdach (GL), Saric, Casiphia, Larzarus

Enigma: (new web site pending)
Officers: Mert (GL), Galastian, Alexander, Aresabeath

Entity : http://entity.guildportal.com/
Officers: Olwyn (GM), Undaground, Ragingpwner

Evocatii un Phoenicis: http://evocatii-un-phoenicis.wowstead.com/
Officers: Phalyn (GM), Konian, Alleykat, Wunwun

Faceroll --> http://faceroll.invisionplus.net/?mforum=faceroll&act=idx
Officers: Mavrador (GM), Mistabo, Chuggles, Sleeves, Grimhold
Types: 10 man Raiding Alliance
GUILD LEVEL 2 formed on 3/09/2011

Family of Valor: http://www.familyofvalor.com/FoVhome.html
Officers: Fastallia (GM) Marnolkas, Keluun, Amonath, Taicho, Elalia

Forward Resolute: http://forwardresolute.guildlaunch.com/
Officers: Eln (GM), Deaconis, Mikim, Tumblety

Infinitybr -> Brazilian guild
10 man raid's 12/12 - 1/13 - 3/7 (two cores ctc and 1 firelands)
Progress: FL 10m 7/7 Normal mode CtC 12/12 1/13
Guild level 25 casual player mode
GM Ademonium
site: http://infinitybr.net

Intrepid: www.intrepidswc.com
Officers: Tyle (GM), Tasanya

The Legion
GM Dybolical
Officers Heldin Boozze Fallenwizard Arladrees Starin Dalti Kayline
Website www.thelegionswc.guildomatic.com

Lost Heroes: http://lostheroes.guildlaunch.com/
Officers-Crovex (GM) Bilor, Turlangus, Lostris

Lucid Dream: http://www.luciddreamswc.com/
GM: Vaelina
Officers: Rik, Drokner, Barrozak, Nylothic
Alliance level 25

Maniacal: http://maniacalguild.com
Officers: Charam (GM), Nsx, Obsolition, Semmi
Level 25

Old Legends : www.old-legends.proboards.com
Officers: Ferlain (GM), Khazrith, Draugluin, Lucenic

Raids without Pants: http://raidswithoutpants.guildlaunch.com
Officers:Celestiele (GM), Catylina, Shofie

Sons of Liches: http://sonsofliches.guildzilla.com
Officers - Nimoon(GM), Healgoat, Xaido, Keffanna, Sarabel

Sovereign Sages: www.sovereignsages.com
Officers: Suzahnnah (GM), Mathyis, Zinry, Lionheart
Level: 25

The Tribe: wowthetribe.guildportal.com
Officers: Fyesty (GL), Dominé, Garis

Vengeful: http://vengefulguild.guildlaunch.com/
Officers: Crovex, Baelyn, Nightis
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Horde 10 Man Raiding Guilds

GM: Kiobhan
Officers: Bloodgrave (raid leader), Syriana, Sev, Argavayn
Level: 25
Type: Raiding (10), dungeons, leveling, pvp
URL: annihilated.guildlaunch.com

Arcana Solarie : http://forums.arcanasolarie.com
Officers: Anaerion (GM), Lafiel, Aedriete, Chocom, Astraios, Zephyrra, Nobs
Guild Level 25

Deaths Grip
Officers (those that are best bets for recruitment): Wao (GM), Orralmoo, Arhwas, Multivitamin, Hollyheal, Gaela, Linglin
Type: Raiding 10man
Level 25

Deranged: http://deranged.izkewl.com
Officers: Nariane (GM), Canopic, Sharlotta, Dokilar, Drevyn, Badges, Xova, Disposition, Corcle

Web: http://esotericaguild.wowstead.com
Officers:Reiyel, Handredor, Magrathea, Celestri, Manipeth and Follomon.
Level :25

Horde to Death: htd.guildomatic.com
Officers: Bernhard (GM), Anonamoo, Beneficient, Celanni, Holysora, Johallorl, Ortou

Merciless Syndicate www.mercilesssyndicate.com
Officers: Liquidlight (GM), Tsharralghul, Ômlet, Goathor
Guild level 16

Novo: http://www.novoswc.com
Officers: Aeroshin(GM), Dranoz, Razelkrol
Level 25
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Social Guild Alliance
Edited by Syv on 10/22/2011 7:25 AM PDT
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90 Draenei Hunter
Social Guild Horde
Edited by Syv on 10/22/2011 7:25 AM PDT
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90 Draenei Hunter
Alliance Crafts

JC Syv 535 {Draenei} If I don't have the cut... perhaps I can learn?
Edited by Syv on 3/29/2011 7:39 PM PDT
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Horde Crafts
Edited by Syv on 3/29/2011 7:34 PM PDT
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Alliance retro-raiding
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90 Draenei Hunter
Horde retro-raiding

Web: http://esotericaguild.wowstead.com
Officers: Reiyel (GM), Agrotora, Cthu, Rexig, Handredor, Follomon
Level 25

Edited by Syv on 7/30/2011 12:27 AM PDT
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85 Dwarf Paladin
Faceroll --> http://faceroll.invisionplus.net/?mforum=faceroll&act=idx
Officers: Mavrador, Mistabo, Chuggles, Sleeves, Grimhold
Types: 10 man Raiding Alliance

GUILD LEVEL 2 formed on 3/09/2011
Edited by Mistabo on 3/16/2011 3:44 PM PDT
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90 Draenei Hunter
Which of your officers is the GM please?

Anyone that needs that very information right now please look up Faceroll on the Armory.

I'm too lazy...
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85 Dwarf Paladin
Mavrador is Faceroll's GM
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