(H)Centuria - New Recruitment Thread.

85 Blood Elf Priest
With the release of Cataclysm, we at Centuria have openings for some highly skilled and driven players for 25 man raid content. We have had a lot of changes in our roster, due to AFK's, quitting wow, or just never showing up to raids. We want to keep our 25 man raids alive, So if your looking to raid and a new guild, or even guildless, please read.

A lot of our current players came from guilds they were outperforming and simply wanted more, if you feel this is your current situation and would like to be with one of the most stable guilds on the server, please consider applying. Our current major needs are below, but any and all exceptional players will be considered. We hope this to be our first and last recruitment post, so please read carefully:

Current needs:
Rogue -- Any spec
Druid -- Any spec
Tanks -- Any class
Shaman -- Elemental
Warlock -- Demo/Destruction
Priest -- Shadow
Paladin - Holy
DK - Any spec

What you can expect from us and what we expect from you:

We raid 2-3 days a week. We try to maintain a high quality, fun and fair atmosphere which allows for people to have real lives while maintaining progress. We care much more for the well being of our players and their real lives over the content in this game. It's your job to entertain yourself during

How do we maintain this?

1. First and foremost: No drama. If you're a drama queen, don't bother applying. If you've been kicked from previous guilds for being annoying, don't bother applying.

2. Being in Centuria means that you prioritize raiding with the guild, it means showing up to raids, learning encounters, and taking the time to outfit yourself in a way that helps you and the guild in our raids, but we understand that real life takes priority.

3. We expect you to help out your fellow guild-mates. We don't have guild dues and nobody pays your way around here. But it's great to see when people contribute to make our raids better, help each other outside of raids, and make overall play more effective and more fun. Help is why we're here. Participating and being social is not optional.

4. Loot: Think about the big picture. It takes a lot of effort on other peoples' part to get the loot you will be getting and it's not only nice but expected that members that make decisions about loot that take guildmates into account. So far, our loot drama revolves around people passing to others. We do not use gorram DKP.

5. Highly Effective Level of Play: We expect you to know your class and your role. While we might not tell you exactly what your spec needs to be, you need to be able to play your class well. This is not an optional. You need to be a contributing member of a raid. You will fit in well if you're looking to maximize one character.
A. Raid Times: Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday nights from 7pm–10pm server time, with an 80% attendance track for raiders. We require advance notice of absences so we can plan around it.
B. Preparedness: Know the fights, know your role in the fights, and yes, have the consumables needed to perform your role to the fullest.
C. Achievement: There shouldn't be a "#1 anything”, because everyone should be capable of being #1 on any given night, depending on various random factors.

6. Don't be An Idiot.

The guild is run by a council. Norice, Ilili, Canaan, and Longmcgurk are its members. Feel free to ask them questions in game.

Our current pre-requisites for submitting an application are as follows:

* Have read and understand this entire post.

* Able to download and use mods as determined by the guild council.

* Writing, literacy and communication skills above a 12th grade level.

* Age 18+ and show a reasonable level of maturity.

* Wicked sense of humor.

To apply, really easy:
1. Create a user account with your character's name and self register at centuria-guild.com. If you can't make a forums account, keep in mind that spam hosts are blocked.
2. Fill out an application and mail it to Canaan via these forums.
3. We will post it in our members only section for review. It will take some time for members to provide comments, so please be patient. The officers will have you on their friends lists and will try to get you involved in our raids before you are tagged, so please be online and ready to raid on our raid nights.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact an officer via the forums, in-game tell, or in-game mail.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this brief advertisement, and hope to hear from you soon!

Also we would like to congratulate the heroic kills guilds on their recent kills in BWD, BoT, your setting a high standard and we wish you all well.
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90 Goblin Mage
If you are putting in an app please mail it to Norice on our gsite.
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85 Orc Rogue
I am Roznie and i approve of this message!
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85 Goblin Shaman
I love Centuria.
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Yes, thank you Stoopidmage. Forgot to mention that.
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85 Goblin Shaman
I love Centuria.
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03/18/2011 5:27 AMPosted by Kipsofthemud
I love Centuria.

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100 Draenei Mage
I think you've all forgotten one very important issue in your post, so I'll ask the question. What are Centuria's thoughts on the ever important Cake vs. Pie debate? Also, what is your favorite type of cake or pie? I believe the community deserves an answer to these questions.
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85 Tauren Paladin
03/18/2011 9:18 PMPosted by Glacios
I think you've all forgotten one very important issue in your post, so I'll ask the question. What are Centuria's thoughts on the ever important Cake vs. Pie debate? Also, what is your favorite type of cake or pie? I believe the community deserves an answer to these questions.

In all seriousness though, isn't this kind of a silly question? Is apple pie really comparable to pumpkin pie or lemon meringue pie such that you can categorically describe pie as better than cake, or vice versae? Isn't lemon meringue pie really closer to cheese cake anyway? For that matter, for the sake of this discussion are we counting meat pies as pies, and if so can we even meaningfully compare pie and cake?
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4 Human Mage
03/22/2011 12:03 PMPosted by Voodoostomp
Good luck guys, if a certain raid leader of yours quits, let me know and ill come back :P

Having been involved in running a guild for several years, I know I've always wanted to retain or get back players who prioritize themselves above the rest of the guild. Personal demands like "I will not be in a guild with this person" are always made by players worth retaining. How recruitment standards ever got so low to let in trash like you is beyond me.
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4 Human Mage
I left for the same reason people have been leaving the guild for 2+ years, and why more will leave. If going to a 5/12 heroic guild and instantly having a raid spot makes me trash then i can deal with being trash.

I'm merely bumping for the 99% of the guild that are really awesome people. Did that go as well as you thought it would? Nope

The quality of any member of your guild is not determined by their epeen. I'm sure you think you're a superstar, but you're nothing more than an embarrassment to yourself and any guild you are associated with.

I find it entertaining that someone who was in Centuria for 3 months knows why "people have been leaving the guild for 2+ years". Then you act like you're standing up for the guild while inferring that it's fundamentally broken as it is now and not worth being in. Please, oh champion of the guild, tell us this grand knowledge you came by so quickly to know the minds of so many others for years before.
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90 Troll Druid
hello friends ;-)

(that never gets old)

good luck with the recruitment! we're feeling it lately, too.
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100 Draenei Mage
While him being in the guild since the start of July doesn't constitute being in for 2+ years, in fact it means he's only been in about 9 months. We'll assume he xferred off the server yesterday since he didn't establish a leave date, even though I know he didn't let's assume it regardless.

It may just be the annoying people I run into when I leave my house, but people like to talk. It's not all that far fetched to presume that perhaps, just maybe, someone may have brought up the fact that people have been leaving for 'x' reason for a long time when he displayed displeasure towards 'x' reason.

At that point, we can reasonably gather, that he could very well know that people have been leaving the guild for the same reason for over 2 years. On the other hand, I suppose it could indeed merely be an exaggeration intended to emphasize a point. That being that he really dislikes the raid leader, other people have expressed displeasure towards said raid leader, and that if said raid leader no longer was present that he would gladly return to the people he enjoys playing with.

And yes, it is possible that he is talking out his ass. On the other hand, there would be no particular need for him to talk so much in doing so, and he'd have probably not responded to you in the first place.

And since everyone else is being an ass I guess I should too.

Centuria obviously sucks at life because they appear to like neither cake nor pie. And we all know, that a life without either of those is indeed not worth living.
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4 Human Mage
^ Couldn't have really said it better myself. And i don't want to come off as bashing this guild, because for most people it will be a great guild with awesome people.

Let me just say alot of good players, past and present, are held back by one raid leader who wields enough power to potentially make your time in the guild rather unpleasant.

That is about as elegant as i can put it, i am already biting my tongue lol!

I've watched Centuria over the years constantly abandoned by people such as yourself who are always trying to latch onto someone else's success and then leaving when they don't get the loot train they're expecting. You joined the guild in the middle of them working on ICC hardmodes at a time when the game was a total joke and left one month into new progression? Yeah, I'm sure you're real experienced in the mindset of people who've left Centuria over the years.

I'd say it's more like you exemplify the kind of losers pursuing their own self interest which have caused cascading progression problems for the guild, especially after the whole Ides of March retardery. It's that kind of treachery that even allowed losers like you to get recruited out of desperation in the first place.

Sure, many people have left Centuria over the years for many reasons. Some even due to personal conflicts with the guild management. You don't seem to have the class not to come back and smear your feces all over all over a recruitment post after the guild was just starting to get your stink out. You're basically telling people "Oh yeah, I love this guild. btw, don't raid with them, that part sucks" in their raid recruitment post. You're like an annoying little gnat that keeps coming back, even after you've abandoned the server to go get your purps somewhere else.

No, I don't post in these forums regularly, but I'm just so offended and disappointed by your churlishness that I can't help but say something. Your blatant duplicity in regard to your loyalties and your self-centered actions reflect better on the people who you have problems with in Centuria than I'm sure you're capable of realizing.
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85 Goblin Mage
I don't want to get involved, because I appreciate Centuria's longevity, but Voodoo your posts surely aren't helping this guilds development.


ps: Churlishness = awesome word
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100 Draenei Mage
03/23/2011 2:50 PMPosted by Majento
ps: Churlishness = awesome word

Agreed. It's pretty hard to use a word I've actually at least never heard of without going through a thesaurus and finding the most ridiculous thing possible.
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