Dark Society is Looking for more raiders need 2 healers 2 Melee and 1 Range For group 2. We need people who show up on time and bring what ever they need for the night. means food and flask. we need people who are geared for raiding that means all crafted gear and rep gained epics enchanted and gemed. and know the fights we will attempt.

We raid Tuesday and Thursday is our main days. We'll also try on Mondays for one last go. Raid times start at 9:30 invites go out at 9:00 we need people who are ready at this time that means online. you can finish a heroic or anything like that if you'll be done before 9:30 cuz thats when we want to be inside least killing trash.

If you are interested in joining use Message Sigmund thats a special i alt code is 0236 send ingame mail if im not on i check my box everytime i log on and thru out the day.

if you dont show up for a raid that you signed for then you will be replaced unless you have a good reason for this then we will understand RL is more important then WoW

thank you and have a nice day.