New Runetotem guild List 09/20/11


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TY Sound. AS noted is edited to three lines. :-)
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Please remove Holee from Attitudes officers. ty
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Guild Name: Knowledge
Guild Master: Iezmages/Brownbagger
Officers: Asylim
Guild Level: 9
Faction: Horde
Focus: PVE
Focus: Newly formed 10 man raiding guild with raids Tues-Thurs 6-10:30 Server.
85 Troll Priest
Guild Name: Beyond Insane
Guild Master: Holee
Officers: Behavior, Tromil
Faction: Horde
Focus: PVE and PVP
Notes: Broke off of Attitude, focused on killing endgame content and progressing at a fast pace.
Guild Level: 1
Edited by Holee on 4/9/2011 3:16 PM PDT
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Guild Name: Blood Heretics
Guild Master: Tonachick
Officers: Drackmere, Staris, Darkedged, Unclejoe, Bobmackenzie
Faction: Alliance
Focus: PVE (and trying to get some PVP off the ground)
Notes: Been going and going since 1/14/2006
Guild Level: 18
Edited by Darkedged on 4/10/2011 8:55 PM PDT
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Nice new list!

Guild Name: Titans of Gore
Guild Master: Venkmann
Asst. Guild Masters: Goffnor
Officers: Viator, Dawgma, Eastleigh, Nhymakhaea, Firehawk, Fleshtear
Faction: Horde
Focus: PVE, some PvP
Notes: Titans of Gore has catered to members of The Older Gamers since February 2006, supporting any style of play. New members are always welcome!
Guild Level: 12
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Everything should be updated.

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Guild Name: Exiled from Hell
Guild Master: Apok
Officers: Bulma, Corn, Geas, Monfire
Faction: Horde
Focus: PVE
Notes: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Monday from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. CST.
Guild Level: 25
85 Worgen Death Knight
Guild Name: Illuminati
Guild Master: Gaidynne
Officers: Mezzy, Furybringer, Icel, Nekotachi, Bujubonton, Deevine, Discoteque, Oramus
Faction: Alliance
Focus: Currently raiding 2 groups. PvP - Arena
Notes/History: 2 Raid groups, 3rd group potential.
Original group Founded 2006 while members in Afghanistan.
Older/Mature players welcome to pst me invite possible (VETERANS WANTED). Enjoyed getting (City Attacker) the other night in Ogrimmar from you hordie types. ;-)

Guild Level: 23

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Beyond Insane has been absorbed into JINX. Please remove from list. Ty
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Guild Name: Is Out Of Mana
Guild Master: Andolen
Officers: Stickabush, Thisorthat, Stroboyds
Faction: Alliance
Focus: PVE & PVP

Notes: <Is Out Of Mana> is celebrating our three-year anniversary! IOOM is a guild of busy, mature WoW players banded together to enjoy our favorite game. We raid, we level alts, we collect pets and achievements, and some of us even fish! We excel at bad duck jokes and are obsessive about bacon. We pride ourselves on on our slow but steady progress *without* DKP or long lists of raid requirements. We don't obsess more than necessary about gear, we don't tell people how to spec or what to play, and we don't do drama. We are a relaxed, comfortable home for over-worked and weary adults who want to escape from the real world for a while and enjoy the game.

Recruiting: Closed at present, but will always consider exceptional applications. We are extremely choosy in adding new members. :)

Guild Level: 19

Edit: Stroboyds has officially retired from WoW, so please remove her from the officers list and add Necrobacon in her place. Thank you!
Edited by Caterpillar on 4/23/2011 4:40 PM PDT
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Guild Name: Collateral Damage
Guild Master: Shioko
Officers: Daymoon, Valerius, Greyloft, Arfavan, Ragedisorder
Faction: Alliance
Guild Level: 14
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hey caterpillar could you redo the notes part to be about three lines? A paragraph is bout all i can manage to fit for each guild or the whole thing runs out of room.

Thanks in advance!

Everything else should be updated, if I missed anything please post asap.

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Can't be left out!!!!

Guild Name: New Dawn
Guild Master: Dorchah
Officers: Foxflower, Decimation, Spineshank, Kissybear, Laurena
Faction: Alliance
Focus: Primary focus is 10/25 man heroic progression. Mature, relaxed, focused, fun. Run personal/guild 25/10/5 achievements and also decent PvP on offtimes.
Guild Level: 17
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Guild Name: Insomniac Knights
Guild Master: Rohethin, Queblar, Nitar, Glimo (Co-GuildMaster model).
Officers: Paparoy, Loutre, Nutsnbolts, Xanderon, Calet, Myoldman, Saberwine.
Faction: Alliance
Focus: PVE, some PvP
Notes: Many in leadership positions age 35+. A few members 60+ in age. Just recruited 500th member. Plenty of friendly people. Raid old content for achievements, mounts, etc. in addition to newer content when possible. Planning raids on Horde cities soon!
Guild Level: 18
Edited by Paparoy on 4/27/2011 1:19 PM PDT
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you ever gunna update guild levels? =]
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I figured I'd do it shortly after most of the main raiding guilds hit 25 or thereabouts since most hardcore guilds have already hit it and the more casual guilds are only a week or so out themselves.

Mostly it's just tedious to do it repeatedly so I was planning on waiting till I had more to do in a single post before updating.

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Please remove Braquely from the list of officers with Exalted. And, of course, we're Lvl 25 now.
(small edits)
Guild Name: Illuminati
Guild Master: Gaidynne
Officers: Mezzy, Furybringer, Icel, Shadowbox, Bujubonton, Deevine, Discoteque, Ünderoath
Faction: Alliance
Focus: Raiding - 2 groups. PvP - Weekly Rated BG's top Arena types with us too.
Notes/History: 2 Raid groups, 3rd group potential. Original group Founded 2006 while members in Afghanistan. Older/Mature players welcome to pst me, invite possible (VETERANS WANTED). We dislike you Horde types, and are prepared to go to the mattresses (we hunt in horde cities regular)... but appreciate this thread being put together.
Edited by Gaidynne on 5/19/2011 11:01 AM PDT
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