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Hey man

I just wanted to thank you for carrying me through Hellfire Ramparts the other day. I know that place is serious business and my gear was bad and I had no business being in there. I just wanted to kill some time and do my thing. I know the gear in there is so crazy and you were working so hard no only carrying me but that rogue too. You were just complaining so much and I understand your pain. Now had you not been such a @*@* about everything I probably would have explained that this is my first priest and I was still learning the class but you were too busy showing everyone how cool you were and telling everybody how bad they were and I totally thought it was awesome how you refused to move till people left the group. One day when I finally live up to your standards I wanna be cool just like you and make ridiculous demands when I feel like I am being shat on by the undergeared lowbies. I guess until then I'll just have to be me or go back to my PS3 and play a real game. I just thought I would share my gratitude and my thoughts with you. I really hope you aren't that way with everyone cause then that would show why you play an MMO...Cause you are socially maladjusted imbecile that takes out their frustrations on other people cause they are too scared to confront people in real world.

Maybe I'm just a cynic

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85 Gnome Death Knight
dude! dident you know? wow exists only to entertain blazinelf!

extra BUMP for the sad individual who cant carry a nub
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85 Orc Death Knight
so u was still learning 2 play ur class by time u made it to hellfire instances? talk bout a slow learning curve
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100 Pandaren Hunter
04/17/2011 05:37 PMPosted by Isafedleafs
so u was still learning 2 play ur class by time u made it to hellfire instances? talk bout a slow learning curve

3/15/2011 = Post before you.
4/17/2011 = You.

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85 Orc Death Knight
only month, not that long duh
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